Sunday, July 31, 2011


Mitchell & Madison after swimming. They both wanted to dress for the cake and ice cream. I can not tell you how
many times they end up putting on the same color of outfit without even knowing it. 

Jerry insisted on putting 27 candles on this small cake.
Mitchell's 14  & Madison's 13

Lucy enjoying our inpromptu party.

Sunday on her Daddy's lap. She is looking so much better and it no longer freaks me out to touch her back or tail. 

     Wow, I don't even know where I want to start today.  I have a whole weeks worth of sharing that is just running through my head at the moment.  I guess I will start with the most important info and that is that yesterday was our son Mitchell's 14th Birthday and today is our daughter Madison's 13th Birthday!  I want to wish them both the Happiest of Days and tell them just how much that we love them.  They are really good kids and we spent Friday with their Grandma and Grandpa swimming and eating cake and ice cream with us.  We had so much fun and it was very relaxed.  Sometimes that turns out to be better than a HUGE party that I had planned.  :O) 
     Now as it is Sunday and that usually means I share pictures of our crazy cat I figure that I will give you all an update on both Lucy and Sunday (our adopted cat) that lives outside.  Lucy as you can see enjoys being the center of attention whenever we have people over. The kids had both torn open their gifts and Jerry had given them a bag to put the trash in.  Well, Lucy has always had a thing for licking plastic bags.  As you can see she still has this addiction. ?!  I took the pictures to share and then the bags were picked up as I worry that there might be some kind of coating on the bag that could hurt her.  (Yes, I am as weird about the cat as I am with the M&Ms.)  Now, because my kids are as bad as their Mommy as you all know we now have an addopted cat named Sunday.  Last week I shared a couple of pictcures that I took when she first addopted us.  I wanted to let you all see how well she is doing and she has only been her two weeks.  Now when we head out on our morning walks she will either sit on our front porch or our neighbor's driveway and waite for us to return.  The kids are both so happy that she is looking and feeling alot better than when she followed us home.  It is amazing to me, but that first day everytime Jerry or the kids would pet her her hair would just fall out.  Now when you pet her there is hardly any hair loss.  I don't know if that is because she is being fed three times a day or if she is actually getting fresh water three times a day.
      I did make the M&Ms some cards for their Birthdays, but I have to wait until tomorrow to share them as they won't be getting them until today.  :O)  They have to wait for something to open on Madison's day.  Yes, their are both spoiled rotten and I wouldn't change it for the world.  lol...
      Well, that should catch me up for now.  I am off to go on our walk before it gets too hot.  I hope that you all have a great day.  I am also hoping to get around and see everyone's blogs  today.  I have missed talking and seeing everyone's projects. 
Hugs, Lisa G

Monday, July 25, 2011


I put Piper and Sasha together and used my friend Amy's
blond hair color combo.  Love it Amy!

Good morning to you all. 
      I hope that you all had a great weekend.  As you can see I am running behind this Monday morning.  The good news is that I don't have to be to work until 9am,  so I actually have some time to get my post done and do a few things around the house before heading out the door.   :O)
     I had a few questions on where I purchased the 6x6 pads from and a couple of people I couldn't find their email addresses, so I just want to let you know that they were purchased from Susana's custom art and card designs here.  She still has them on sale along with a lot of other things like Kraftin Kimmie stamps.  Oh Yes!  
      I made my card today using one of my newest paper pads and I have to admit that even though I wanted to use it I had the hardest time actually getting myself to cut into it.  I think I am crazy,  it is just sooooo pretty and I didn't want to use it all up.  (Hoarder alert!)  Anyway, I finally pushed myself to get it done and boy am I glad I did.  I wanted to make a card for the FFF WOW Sketch #8 and I have to say that I am very pleased with how it came out.  I did alter the design a little to meet my needs for my paper and stamp, but I like how it turned out.  My Creeper Crew girl (a combo of Sasha & Piper) had gone on a trip to Paris and she is out sight seeing.  Because she is in Paris she wanted to have a sassy little outfit to wear, so she borrowed Pipers outfit and hit the streets excited to see everything there was to see.  :O)
     Ok guys, I had better act like I have to get to work and stop goofing around.  I hope that you all have a wonderful day and I will talk at you tomorrow.
Hugs, Lisa G

stamps-CC Sasha & Piper-TGF
cs-Neenah & black AC cardstock
dp-Lost & Found-Union Square-MME
black lace-accents & Essentials
Copic Markers:
skirt, scarf & shirt-Y15-Y17-YR23-BG78-BG75

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Sunday is looking a lot healther this weekend than when
I took this picture. She was bone thin.

You just know she is thinking"Please let me sleep."

Good morning all. 
     Yes, it is Sunday once again and that means Sundays with Lucy.   However, today that also means that you finally get to meet a new addition to our little family.  Last Sunday on our family walk we had a guest follow us home.  She is a little black and white kitten/cat that has had her tail broken in two different places and as of last week you could feel every bone in her body. 
     You all know what a freak I am about my kids, so of course when this little one came up to us they were allowed to talk to her but not touch.  However she started walking with us and even though we would stop and try to get her to go home she would not leave.  She ended up walking the next 6 blocks with us to our  house.  We also ended up giving her food and naming her Sunday.   I know!  We have checked all week long to see if she belongs to anyone,  but no one is claiming this little gal.  I am very pleased to say however that even though she is not allowed in the house (it is Lucy's house) she has put on weight and you can no longer feel those bones. :O)    You can tell this little one has not had the best start in life, so we are helping her out until she decides to leave. 
     I had promised the kids that if she was still here come this Monday and no one had claimed her that we would take her to the vet to get her some shots and start taking care of her.  Well, it's been a week and as you can see she is still here.  She is so funny,  when Jerry and I work on the pool or get it ready for the kids to swim she will sit on one of the benches in the back yard and just watch.  Even when we are all in the pool making noise and having fun she sits on the bench and watches.  She does love it however when Jerry sits with her.  She will climb on his lap and purr while he pets her.  Can you tell my hubby is a cat person? 
     Now, as for my Lucy she doesn't really seem to care about what goes on outside that door.  She knows the cat is there, but she just walks by the door and goes about her day.  lol...  She knows she has a good life and as you can see she isn't suffering at all.   I was organizing yesterday and had my box of chipboard out when I looked down and she had squeezed herself into the box to take a siesta.  You can tell she got irritated when I started taking pics.  I guess she just didn't have enough energy to get out of the box.  lol... 
Well we just got back from our walk and I need to hit the shower.  Have a great day everyone.  Talk at you tomorrow. 
Hugs, Lisa G

Friday, July 22, 2011


Happy Friday!
     Yes!  I have made it to Friday.  I didn't mention it earlier this week, but we have had two of our pharmacist gone this week to convention and that means that one of our techs had to be off as well.  The state board of pharmacy only allows three techs per pharmacist, so need less to say I have had a very busy and somewhat hectic week.  lol....  However it is Friday and that means just 9 more hours and then I am off for two whole wonderful days!   Don't get me wrong I love my work, but really the only reason that I work everyday is to feed my family and give us extra money so that we can get some of the fun things in life as well. 
      So with that segway let me get to my post this morning.  Once again I don't have a card.  Yes, it is because it has been a full week.  Thanks to my Madison for having something to share yesterday.  I do however have some AWESOME 6x6 paper pads that I purchased a couple of weeks ago that I received in the mail yesterday.  I was so excited when I got an email from Susana's Custom Arts and Cards that she was having a sale of 6x6 paper pads so that she would have room for the new CHA products coming in.  Well, you all know that because I purchase 99% of my supplies online I am behind in the products which means that these are all new to me.  YAY!  I really really had to have the Madison Avenue pad by MME for obvious reasons. lol....  When I was pregnant with Madison we didn't tell anyone what we had picked out for her name. What I didn't know at the time and what my Mom had forgotten until two years later when my Mom and I were going through my baby book was that when I was born my Mom and Dad were living on Madison Avenue.  Like I said 'obvious reasons.'    lol... Yes, I know my minds goes off the beaten path.  Sorry.   If you haven't seen these pads and want to see the individual pages you can go to my YouTube page and see my video I made.  I have been having problems loading it here, so I left it off.  
      Have a super day everyone.   I am hitting the road to get this Friday behind me.   :O)  
Hugs, Lisa G

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Good morning all. 
     I know it's shocking, but I don't have a card or anything that has been colored with Copics to share this morning.  I do however have a picture that my DD Madison colored this weekend using my Staedtler waterclouring crayons.  I have had these for years and they have been lovingly tucked away in my scrapbooking cabinet.  I was saving them for just the right project.  (Ridiculous, I know!)  So when Madison was going through the drawers and ran across them she asked if she could try them out.  I got to thinking about it and I really could not come up with a good reason why they needed to be neglected in the drawer any longer. 
      As you can see she had me print up a copy of Tickled Pink's 30's Lylah.  Isn't she just adorable?  I love how Madison made her look kind of sad and in an alley of some kind.  I don't know, it's a little abstract the way she had colored this, and I really like it. 
       Ok guys,  just wanted to share a little something of my talented girl.  Hope you all have a wonderful day and I will talk at you tomorrow.
Hugs, Lisa G

stamp-30's Lylah-digi-Tickled Pink Stamps
watercolouring crayons-Staedtler

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Happy Wednesday to you all. 
      Can you believe we are already halfway through this week?  Omword time goes so fast and I can not believe that we are already to the 20th of July. 
      However, because it is July 20th that means that my oldest nephew is 23 years old today.  Yes, my sister's little boy (he weighted over 9lbs when born) is celebrating his birthday today.  Happy Birthday Logan.  You would never know that he was such a big baby as Logan is over 6 feet tall and just as skinny as his Dad.  lol...
       So in honor of Logan's Birthday I decided that it was time to put some ink to my WS-Ryan from The Greeting Farm.  Isn't he cute?  Granted not as cute as my Logan.  lol...Anyway, I colored Ryan up and gave him some great dp to play around on.  I wanted to bring out the orange of his jacket with the papers and with the bling.  I really think that this came out really cute and I had so much fun coloring Ryan up.  So, don't be surprised when you see a lot more of him.  lol.... 
Ok it may be Wednesday, but I still have to work so I better get a move on.   I hope you all have a great day and I will talk at you tomorrow.
Hugs,  Lisa G
This is Logan last September when his son Gabrial was born.

stamps-WS-Ryan & Happy Chef-TGF
cs-Neenah & Kraft-the Paper Studio
dp-fine and dandy-true blue-MME
hemp cord-crafters Square
Copic Markers:
belt buckle-C5-C3

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Good morning all. 
     Did you all have a wonderful Monday?  We were so busy at work,  but boy did it go fast!  :O)   I wanted  to start  today with a huge THANK YOU to you all.  It is always so wonderful to come home to such sweet comments. You are very nice and I love reading every word.  It truly means a lot to me. 
     So let me get to my card for today.  I know that you are all totally shocked that this isn't a Greeting Farm Stamp, but  a  couple of months ago I won a great stamp from Ladybug Crafts and I was in the process of cleaning my desk off when I found it.  I was organizing my desk with these three shelves that I bought at the dollar store just for this specific reason.  I buy things or win them and put them on my desktop so I can use them, and before you know it I can't find where I put them.  Now they have a color coded shelf to rest in until I get around to using them.  (Sorry, way off topic!)  Anyone who knows me knows that I love a great leather purse.  So as you can guess this stamp in right up my alley. 
     I also really wanted to use this yellow checkered frame, so I used it to paper piece the purse and as part of the design of my card.   I love how the yellow and the red worked so well together.  I also decided that I could use this card in the Ladybug Crafts, Ink. challenge #35 Summer Birthdays
     Alright guys, I am out of here.  I have to work early, so I am trying to get everything done so that I can have a little time to visit blogs before I hit the road.   lol.
     Have a great day and I will talk at you tomorrow. 
Hugs, Lisa G

stamps-shoes n' Bags-The Gina-LadyBug Crafts, ink
cs-Neenah & red-AC cardstock
"Old is New" this & that-a division of My Mind's Eye, Inc
cuttlebug-Swiss Dots-PC
grosgrain ribbon-details & Accessories
 Copic Markers:
purse-Y28-E29 & atyouSpica-11 Gold

Monday, July 18, 2011


Good morning all. 
     I hope that everyone had a great weekend.  It's back to Monday once again and that means that for today I am running a TAD behind so I am going to get right to it. 
      My card for today I had originally started to color up because I wanted to make my Hubby a card that I knew would remind him of when the M&Ms were little.  lol...   When I was thinking of how I wanted to put it together I noticed that The Farm Fresh Friday challenge was to use two or more stamps from The Greeting Farm on a card.  I was really excited to see this as I had already stamped out these cuties.  I  decided that it couldn't hurt to use this for both.   So I finished up Oliver and Amelia and cut up a frame (this & that from MME) that I had purchased from QVC eons ago.  I love it when I actually put some of my "I just have to have this!" crafting goodies to use after all this time.  :O) 
     Ok, that's all from me today as I am now really running behind.  I just had to sleep in this morning and that is soooooo NOT me. 
     Have a great day everyone and I will talk at you tomorrow. 
Hugs, Lisa G

stamp-OA-Summertime Fun
cs-Neenah & the Paper Studio
dp-lime twist-Fly A Kite-MME
this & that Frame-"woods"-barn wood-a division of MME, inc-QVC
fluid chalk-aquamarine-ColorBox
Copic Markers:
swimsuit & barrettes-RV14-R89-YR07
swim trunks-B99-G14
goggles-YR57-YR14-YR12-G14-G02 & glossy accents

Friday, July 15, 2011


This is Madison's card that Amy made and you should see her eyes in person and her hair just ROCKS!

This is Mitchell's card from Amy and I just love, love how she has colored everything and the embossing on the license plate is so COOL!

Good morning everyone.
     I am so sorry for being MIA this week.  What a week it has been too.  I went out to my car on Tuesday only to find my tire flat.  That isn't such a big deal in it's self, but after my friend at work was nice enough to take me to work and give me a ride home from work I found that not only had the one tire gone flat but we had a second tire blow a valve as we were trying to put air in them all.  I do have to add that my Dad was nice enough to come to our house and put air in all of our tires while I was at work.  He's a GREAT Dad and he is always been good about helping me out with all of my cars.  lol...
     Anyway, by the time it was all said and done we had to go and purchase two new tires to the tune of $200.  Talk about blowing my budget out of the sky for the next two weeks!  Gggrrrr!  So with all that fun and the fact that for whatever reason I have been sooooo tired this week I haven't had five minutes to make anything crafty let alone post it. 
      However I do want to share a little something with you this morning.  It is really amazing to me how much you get to know people in blog land and how much some become really good friends to you in the process.  Well one of those people for me and my family is Amy.  Somehow, when I need a smile or just something awesome to think about she always seems to send me something or just email me and make me feel so much better.  So this time she did something that even means more to me.  She sent the M&Ms both Birthday Cards.  I don't even know how she knew, but she knew.
     So as you can see this post is for my friend Amy.  Thank you so much for being such a sweetheart.  The M&Ms where both so excited to get mail with their names on it.  Then when they opened up the package and all the goodies that you sent along with your beautiful cards they could not believe it.  You are truly so talented and so so SWEET to send my kids cards and goodies.  You really ROCK, and I wanted you to know how much I have enjoyed getting to know you over the last two years.  I look forward to seeing your cards every morning and to talking to you.   :O) 
     Well guys that's it for me today.  I have to head off to work in the morning, so I had better get to bed.
Have a great day everyone.  Talk at you tomorrow. 
Hugs, Lisa G

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Hi guys. 
     No, you didn't fall asleep last night and wake up to the middle of winter.  lol...  The Farm Fresh Challenge blog is having a challenge this week to make a card or project for  'Christmas in July'  and I knew right away that I just had to put two of my favorite things together.     
     As you all know I just love the Cheeky Girls over at The Greeting Farm, so I picked little Cheeky Beach to come out and play.  After all she never gets to put up the Christmas lights or play in the snow.  She does however just LOVE a good palm tree when she is on the beach.  That is why she is playing in the very decorated palm tree that I received from Kris a couple of years ago.  It is actually a Christmas ornament, but I love palm trees and 'Mele Kalikimaka' is one of my all time favorite Christmas songs, so this hangs on my lamp by my desk year round.  lol...
     I was being lazy, so I scanned this into my computer then I printed it out.  So easy, just cut.  Use a some Viva perlen pen-magic transparent on the ornaments that are on the picture add Cheeky and you have yourself a very cute/fun Christmas in July card. 
     Well got to run.  Have work as always.  Talk at you later. 
 Hugs, Lisa G

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Good morning all.
     I am running so behind this morning that I am REALLY going to make this  a quick one.  As you can see I am using the newest addition to The Greeting Farm's family.  I used Blush Babette (love her hair) and the Blush Hello stamp.  I am really having fun with the new background stamps and now I wish I had splurged and purchased the little hearts as well. 
     Sorry guys,  I have to roll.  Thanks so much for all your wonderful comments yesterday.  I just loved reading them all.    Have a great day and I will talk at you tomorrow. 
Hugs, Lisa G

Monday, July 11, 2011


Good morning all. 
     Wow, what a quick weekend.  I am not complaining, but doesn't it seem like time is just flying by.  OMWord!  lol... Oh well,  we had such a great weekend.  Not anything too exciting other than just enjoying the time off  together.  That of course seems to be taking our morning walks and going swimming when I am not trying to squeeze in a little crafty time for myself.   I have to color!  I do however tend to be staying up until 1 or 2 in the morning then getting up at 6am on the weekends.  Sometimes that make for a very sleepy Mom, but I have always been like that even when I was little I would stay up late with my Mom and then head off to school the next day.  lol... Madison seems to have taken after me in the night owl department.  She just doesn't like to get up in the morning.  She is like Jerry in the morning.  You just don't talk to her for an hour after she gets up.  lol...
     I did however get an awesome package in the mail on Saturday.  Yes, my order from The Greeting Farm came and I just had to make some cards with my new goodies.  That leads me into today's card.  One of the stamps that I received was non other than the wonderful CC Piper.  I don't know about you guys, but I just love the Creeper Crew and their awesome eyes.  So much fun to color!  Anyway, I colored Miss Piper up and added some soft colors to her as she wants to be goth, but she really is a girly-girl at heart. lol....I also used up some of the new BG dp 'Out of Print' as I think it added a somewhat  grunge/girl look to the whole card.   After I picked out my papers and colored her up I was not sure how I wanted to put it all together, so I headed over to the brand new Pink{Ink} challenge blog for some inspiration.  Right away I knew that this sketch was just what I needed.  I am not too sure if you need to use TP stamps for this blog, but I still loved the sketch so I decided to use it for Piper. 
     Ok everyone that's all for me today.  I hope you all have a great start to your week and I will talk at you tomorrow. 
Hugs, Lisa G

stamps-CC Piper & Blush Society Bonnie(sentiment)-TGF
cs-Neenah & the Paper Studio
dp-Out of Print-BG
ribbon & lace-stash
Copic Markers:
eyeshadow-R00-YG0000 & diamond Stickles
shirt,scarf & hat-YG63-YG61-YG03-BG53-BG0000-BG000-B000-RV10-RV11-Y13-Y11

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Oh the life of a spoiled cat!  
     Hi guys.  I hope that you are all having a fantastic weekend.  Jerry and I have already been to the grocery store and gone for a walk with the M&Ms.  Now I am trying to get some work done before heading our to vacuum the pool.  :O)  It's nice out today and you can see that the sun is going to burn off.   I love where we live and when we go on early morning walks it smells like you are living at the coast or out camping somewhere.  We walked by one house and OMG,  it smelled like coffee was being brewed on a campfire.  MMMmmmmmm!
     Anyway, let me get to little Miss Lucy.  Yesterday Jerry was out mowing our lawn when Lucy had to have the blinds opened so that she could watch.  When I looked over from my desk I noticed that she had fallen asleep while watching.. lol...  I guess watching all that work really wore her out.  Unfortunately I didn't figure out my camera for the back light setting until after Lucy decided I had bothered her long enough and got off the couch to spread out on the carpet instead.  lol
     Ok guys have a wonderful day and I will talk to you tomorrow. 
Hugs, Lisa G

Friday, July 8, 2011


Good morning everyone. 
     It is Friday and I am so happy that it is.  I know this was a short week, but sometimes that almost makes the week drag.  lol....  Nah, just kidding  it was a good week.  I am just looking forward to have some more family time. 
     When I got off work yesterday it was already over 92 degrees outside.   The M&Ms and I were going to hit the pool when Jerry informed me that I needed to give it about 10 more minutes as we were suppose to get hit with 30 mile an hour winds.  :O(  Don't you just hate a know it all?   I honestly think the man should have been a weather man as he is never wrong.  Those winds were blowing and around here in the Desert that means lots of dirt in the air.  No way to enjoy a swim.  Oh well, hopefully tomorrow. 
      However with some non swimming time I was able to actually start my little project and make a great dinner for us all.  As you all know I love, love  CC Syren from the Greeting Farm.  I would have to say that she is my all time favorite.  I wanted to use the wooden plack that I had sprayed with my Moon Shadow -Bluebeard blue violet from Lindy's Stamp Gang.  So I stamped out Syren and blow her up to 4x6.  I had a confetti mix pack from Crafters Square so I decided to see about making her tail look like it actually had scales.  (Mind you I will never use confetti or glitter again.  I have it everywhere. lol...) I then cut up a crocheted doilie that I had purchased from our Dollar Tree and added some little seashells along with some burlap that I sprayed to make it look like part of a coral reef.  I don't have a hot glue gun so I used some of my Glossy Accents along with some of the awesome red tape that I had purchased from Jodi to put everything together.  Mind you I am a Card Maker/Scrapbooker, so this is all new to me.  :O)   I am pretty happy with how she came out though.  I hope you like her as well.   Have a super weekend everyone and I will talk at you later. 
Hugs, Lisa G

stamp-CC Syren-TGF
Moon Shadow Mist-Bluebeard Blue Violet-Lindy's Stamp Gang
Starburst Spray-Wake Me Up Before you go Gold & Breakfast Club Blue-Lindy's Stamp Gang
confetti pak-Crafters Square, crocheted doilie, shells & burlap place matt-The Dollar Tree
Copic Markers: