Friday, September 30, 2011

Hi guys.
     It is finally October 1st and I can not believe that I have lasted this long.   I have some AWESOME NEWS to share with all of you.  One night after work in August I received an email from Jessica from The Greeting Farm (my all time favorite stamp company) and she asked me if I was doing anything 'special' between October and March.  Well I replied "no" and ran into our bedroom to tell my husband what I had just read.  Apparently I don't think I am capable of reading when I am excited.  I then returned to my computer and there was another email from Jessica asking me if I would like to be a member of the next challenge team.   I don't even think I was breathing by then.  Of course I emailed  her right way (just in case she had made a mistake,  lol) and told her  that I would LOVE to be involved with anything that had to do with The Greeting Farm.   So as you might have guessed by now,  I am officially a member of the new challenge team for The Greeting Farm's Farm Fresh Challenge Blog.   I am so excited and I can not wait to make a lot of great things with my fellow team members.  You guys are going to so happy with all the things these awesome ladies are coming up just for you.  :O)  
     So as you know this weeks challenge is to case one of Rachel's spectacular cards.  I had a hard time picking just one to CASE.  Rachel is so talented.  So for today, I decided to use one of her awesome easel cards and make my Great Nephew (who just turned 1 yesterday) a card for his Birthday.  Here is my card.  Hope you like it. 

Rachel's beautiful card...

With my own exciting announcement today comes another HUGE bit of news for TGF! The Greeting Farm is beyond thrilled and honored to have been invited as the newest Member Company at SPLITCOASTSTAMPERS!

For those of you NEW to Splitcoaststampers (SCS), it is the single largest online community for stampers and a wonderful place to access tutorials, a vast online gallery, and tons of ways to get involved with their awesome forums dedicated to stamping and much more!

As one of only ten Member Companies on SCS, The Greeting Farm now has our VERY OWN FORUM to encourage ALL of our customers, new and old to get out there and chat with us, while we keep you up to date on the latest TGF happenings :) With over 700,000 unique hits a month, we are excited about the potential to meet NEW Farm friends, but we are mostly SO, SO very excited about being able to have a 'home' to chat with you, get to know you better, and post fun and important information ALL in one place! We really look forward to this being a means of getting closer to our stamping community, welcoming new stampers and getting to spend more time with our cherished current customers, as well!

Splitcoaststampers also offers a wonderful Member gallery where you can upload ALL your photos, even non- TGF cards, to their gallery and use different keywords depending on what you're uploading. Please use this keyword for all SCS gallery posts: thegreetingfarm (no spaces :)

If you have ANY questions whatsoever, please contact Jess and she will be happy to answer them! With this announcement also brings GREAT news for Galleria users! While we love our galleria and still plan to keep it open for your use, we will now offer the option to post challenge cards, contest entries, etc. to SCS as well. We will be using the INLINKZ system from now on for ALL challenges. Again, we will still keep the Gallery open, but you now will have the option to upload there, to SPLITCOAST, or your personal blogs. All entries will be counted as LONG as they are posted to our INLINKZ below each challenge post. Splitcoasts offers a WONDERFUL gallery option and we can't WAIT to see your cards there!

There is a TON more info about this on the Farm Fresh Challenge Blog be sure to check out my announcement there too! Thank you for reading!

I am going to leave off my supply list today as this is already a very long post.  Be sure to head over and check out the rest of the girls.  Your going to love it. 
Hugs, Lisa G

Tea Time !

TGIF !  
     Hi guys.  It is finally Friday.  It is my weekend to work but I have some NEWS that I get to share with you all tomorrow so  I am super happy that it is finally Friday!   Please be sure to check back with me tomorrow so that you can  help me enjoy and celebrate my  news!  :O)  heehee..... I am sitting here with a hugh smile on my face I am so excited!  lol...
     Anyway, as you all know I have been sick this week so I really didn't get too many cards made.  I did however get some new Spellbinder Edgeabilities from Flowers to Flourish, so I just had to play with them.  lol...  I already had the last two girls from Miss Anya Bags colored up and ready to go,  so I added them to my card and made it into a little card to give to my friend.  We don't go for tea, but we sure do love going for coffee.  I am hoping she'll like.  It was really just for fun.   I have to tell you these new Edgeabilities are awesome and I love how you can interchange them with each other. 
     Ok guys,  I am going to get a move on.  Have a great day and I will see you all here tomorrow to share in my Very Big News!  Your going to be so shocked that I have kept my secreat for sooooooo long.  heehee
Hugs,  Lisa G

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dear Santa,

       No, you did not oversleep and it is not  that time already.  I just had a brain hiccup last weekend, and thought that one of the challenges was to make a card for Christmas.  So here is my card for Christmas.  No challenge,  just consider it a really early start to my Christmas planning. lol..   For those of you that know me you know that would never work,  as I would have to give it right away.  lol.... 
     Ok, I am running so behind this morning so I thought I would share this card with you before I hit the road.  I was having fun playing with Lula again and decided to make it look like she just had her hair pulled back instead of in pony tails.  I did however forget to fill in the back by her hoody, but I think all in all it turned out ok.  We'll just say she likes to pull the ends forward.  I also gave her Harlow's outfit because it would be chillier out if it was that magical time of year.  I kind of went overboard with the rub-ons, but as I don't have to enter it in anything so I can live with it as a work in progress.  lol...
     Have a great day everyone.  I will come back tonight and fill in the details of what I used.  I am off to work and feeling much better, so thanks for all your well wishes.  You guys are all just so wonderful.
Hugs, Lisa G

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Life is beautiful...

Hi guys.
     I hope that you are all having a great week so far.  I have unfortunately be home sick the last two days.  I am feeling better this morning, however I just wish that I would stop going from cold to hot in less that 10 minutes.  lol...  Oh well, just happy that my throat isn't sore anymore.  I can finally swallow again.  I can't believe I am typing this, but I am actually tired of ice cream.  Yes, Jerry has been kind enough to be giving me chicken broth and ice cream for the last two days.  No, not pregnant just didn't feel good enough to eat anything else. 
     Anyway I am off to work this morning so let me get right to it.   On Saturday after we got home from our walk, and before I really started to feel crappy I pulled out Lula and Leslie from The Greeting Farm and made up a quick Fall-ish card for a friend of mine that love Owls.  I had gotten this new paper pad from WeR Memory Keepers and didn't realize that some of the awesome papers in the pad actually has these sweet little owls.  I wanted her to look like she is ready for the cool weather that is coming, so I paper pieced her shirt and gave her a matching headband. (Just cause it's fall doesn't mean you don't want to be stylish.)  I also doubled up on my sheer ribbon so that it would look a little darker and really add to that fall look.  I hope that she enjoys her card as much as I did when I made it. 
     Thanks everyone for wishing me well.  Just a cold that I knew was coming as both the M&Ms have had it the last two weeks.  I do have to tell you how proud I am of them because they did not miss one day of school over it.  I miss be getting weak in my old age as I just could not get up and about. lol.. I hope that you all have a great day.  Talk at you tomorrow. 
Hugs, Lisa G
stamps-CC Lula & CC Leslie-TGF
cs-Neenah, the paper studio-Kraft
dp-Autumn Splendor-WeR Memory Keepers
fluid chalk-creamy brown-ColorBox
sheer ribbon-details & Accessories
Copic Markers:

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Spooktacular !!!

Hi guys. 
     As I am not feeling well yet I thought that I would post my card for tomorrow before I head back to bed.  Yes,  I have spent the better part of my day in bed.  I am telling you I can not stand how my chest, nose, ears and throat all feel at the moment.  I got up this morning around 8am and was doing ok.  I even managed to hit a few of my favorite blogs.  Then my Internet went down.  Our cable company was having a problem that lasted over four hours.  Well, after the first hour and the fact that I only had one card made I decided that it was a sign to go back to bed and get some rest. lol...  I hate wasting my time being sick and in bed, (GGGggrrrr!)  but I know sometimes you just are and it truly is the best thing to do at that point. 
     So, I will get right to it so that I can go to bed and hopefully get some rest as tomorrow is back to work for me.  Wish me luck.  As most of you know over on the Farm Fresh Challenge blog this week's  FF Friday theme is  Halloween.  Well, I really wanted to use my Halloween Bride from last year as she didn't see much ink from me.  So I colored her up in a kind of Frankensteins Bride/new age look.  I took some zombie coloring tips from my friend Amy and I was off and running.  lol..  If you haven's already be sure to check out Amy's blog and YouTube videos.  They are both great and I always get so many great ideas from them both.  Thanks Amy.  It was really fun to give her the look of a zombie and play around with some of my older BG papers.  I then dug up (pun intended, lol) some black lace and fibers to make a bow with.  Black buttons and deep purple pearls completed the whole scene I was going for.  I guess it's not to bad for sicky like me.  lol...
     Have a great night everyone and I will talk at you all tomorrow. 
Hugs, Lisa G

stamps-Spotlight & Halloween Bride-TGF
sentiment-from computer freebie
cs-GP & AC Cardstock
lace & fibers-stash
fluid chalk-lavender & olive pastel-ColorBox
Copic Markers:

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sundays with Three Cats !!!

Hi guys.
     I know it isn't technically Sunday yet, but I think that I am coming down with whatever bug the M&Ms have had for the last week or so.  Jerry and I decided that we would let us all sleep in tomorrow, so I figured if I was going to do that I would get my post done now before I head off to bed. 
     We did however get in a good long walk this morning.  I tell ya,  it may have reached the high 80s today but as of 6:30 this morning it was still very cool outside.  I love Fall, I just wish that the afternoons would figure out what season it is. lol...  I know, I know it will be Winter before we know it and we will be complaining about all the snow and cold. 
    So, as for these cats and kitten that we are living with it has been a couple of interesting days.  Boo is just the sweetest little girl.  She is so young and so she will really play her heart out and then sleep for four or five hours.  Awwww the life of a cat in the Gobea house.  lol... Anyway, I think that our walk this morning must have really wore Boo and Lucy out.  As you can see she crawled up on my lap while I was trying to get some cards done and she fell asleep.  While Boo was napping I decided to watch the Flicka movie that Jerry bought for me.  (Great movie!) This whole time Lucy was laying on the floor behind my desk chair and as you can see she too was totally knackered.  lol...   Poor baby however can hear my camera a mile away so she always opens her eyes.  
     Sunday however was starving this morning and as I have finally convinced Jerry that she is better off outside all the time versus being in and out she was more than happy to get a bowl of warm watered down milk and her food.  Good start to her day.  She loves to lay under my Trooper when it gets really hot.  She is quite happy to be outside were she can see everything that is going on.
     Ok guys, my throat is hurting and I am rambling so I think I will turn in for today.  Hope all have a great morning and I will  talk at you tomorrow. 
Hugs, Lisa G

Friday, September 23, 2011

Sweet & Toxic

Good morning everyone!
     Well,  I didn't  get a lot of crafting time yesterday, but I sure had a lot of fun getting into trouble with Jerry.  lol!  We spent our afternoon walking around downtown and then we headed into the one store that always tends to get me (and him) into trouble.   But as I am trying to make my Mom suffer (just a little) for not coming over last night to see what my surprise was,  I will wait and come back to what we did with our afternoon in a little it.
However,  once we got home from picking the M&Ms up from school they got their homework done and we headed off on a great walk.  It was such a nice afternoon and not too hot or cold.  I just love getting in a good walk before we headed back in to watch some of the new shows coming out.  Jerry always has the line up ready to go. lol....  Then I made a quick card with the newest Miss Anya Hat collection.  I had colored all of them up over the weekend, so all I had to do was decide which on to use and what I wanted to do with her.  She is playing around with her new purse and decided it would be a perfect little purse to use as a trick-or-treat bag.  Then Anya  put on her best hair ties that when folded just right look like bat wings. hee hee  She then wanted to have her Ghost friend with her, so out she came.   I love the ribbon and the Ghost stick pin. Thanks to Amy for the awesome blog candy! 
     Ok  guys, that's my card for today.  I hope you all have a fantastic Friday!  Yay Friday!  I can't wait to get up early Saturday and head out on our long walk for the week.  
      So,  have I made you all wait long enough to find out what kind of trouble Jerry and I go into yesterday?  Well... as we were walking around downtown we decided to stop into the pet store.  We usually go over and check out all the little black kittens that no one wants because they have no idea what a great cat they make. Our absolute favorite kind of cats!   Anyway,  they didn't have any black kittens.  They did however have two little ones.  One was a soft cream color, but he was a boy and we didn't want a boy.  Then there was this adorable tortoiseshell  little girl that is all dressed up and ready to go for Halloween.  lol...  OMWord, she is so sweet and she hasn't meowed at all.  We looked at each other and before we knew what we were doing we decided to bring her home to the M&Ms.  I feel really stupid for getting another cat, but then I think of all the times my Dad would call my Mom and say "Honey I met the cutest girl today and she really wants to come home with me." lol   Then we would end up with a beautiful German Shepard when Dad got home from work.  Needless to say the kids  are over the moon about her.  Lucy not so much, but she is getting used to it little bit by little bit.  We have kept them separate until the little one is old enough to get vaccinated.  We did take her to our Vet and got her some de-worming medicine to be on the safe side. Then she has to go back in a week to get her shots.  She only a little over five weeks old, so they couldn't give them to her yet.   These pictures really don't do her justice as she is just as sweet as she is cute!  I told Jerry it was his turn to name her and he came up with Boo.   We all just fell in love with that name, so Boo she is.  She has browns, oranges and black all over. Sunday is still here and we are still feeding her, but Jerry has been trying to get her used to the inside of the house because of winter, but she just doesn't want to be inside.  She howls and hisses everytime he brings her in and then again when she takes her out.  Just not worth it.  I am afraid she is going to hurt him or one of the kids, and that will not turn out good for her if she does. We'll just have to make her a house outside and hope that will keep her warm and safe during the cold winters here.  That too we shall see.  Thanks everyone that stops by and lets me ramble on.  You are all too sweet. 
     Ok guys,  I had better get a move on.  Talk at you tomorrow. 
Hugs, Lisa G

stamps-Miss Anya Bags & Sweet & Toxic-TGF
cs-Neenah, Bazzill and AC Cardstock
dp, stick pin and gingham ribbon-from Amy
fluid chalk-Chestnut Roan-ColorBox
sweater dress & hair ribbons-BV25-BV23-BV20

Boo helping Mitchell do his History homework.  As you can see she was a big help.  lol
A girl can never be too clean. Boo is playing with Jerry and had to stop to clean her back paw.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rats !

Hi guys. 
     I sure hope that you are all having a great week so far.  Tomorrow is my half day and I have to tell you that I am so so so HAPPY about it.  Sure I do have some running around to do afterwards, but still it will be nice to have a couple of hours of  free time.  lol... Yeah right.  :O) 
     Anyway, I just wanted to share a small little card that I managed to make yesterday and finish tonight before heading off to dream land.  I just purchased WS Dahlia from TGF and she showed up in the mail and I had to have a little fun coloring her up for Halloween.   I must admit that I am having fun with all the new paper pads this year, but for some reason my cards just aren't coming out like I envision them.  Must just be a lag in my heart and the weather.  So without a list of the Copics and supplies because I lost it on my very very messy desk. (I am sure I will find it Friday night when  I clean this mess that has become the top of my work station). lol
     Have a great Thursday everyone.  Talk at you later.
Hugs, Lisa G

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Happy Glee Day to you all !!!

     Good morning all. 
     I am going to start off this morning by pretending that we are closer to the weekend than we really are.  lol...  No, I have not lost my mind.  I am just tired and the week has just gotten under way.   However as anyone that has ears and is in the know, knows that tonight is Glee!!!!  I have to tell you that all four of us can not wait until 8pm tonight.  The M&Ms have already promised to have all their homework done long before I get home from work  just so that we can eat dinner and be ready to go.  lol.... Yes, we are all GLEEKS,  and proud of it!
     Ok, I am going to get right to it as we are all dragging along this morning and as you can tell I am trying to get everything in before I head out the door for the day.  First I can not believe that I have 135 followers.  You guys are so great and I just love coming home and reading all of your sweet comments.  It truly means a lot to me.  So thanks so much to you all.   Second, I wanted to Thank Denice for the awesome layout that she made with the new clear fairy stamps from The Greeting Farm.  It was part of a blog candy that she had and I was the very lucky girl to win it.  I just love it and one of my friends' daughters just had her very first Grandchild, so I used this fantastic layout to put her baby pictures in it.  I am taking this to her this Thursday and I can not wait to see her reaction.  All I did was blow up the pictures that she gave me and then put them on the layout.  It truly is so beautiful.  I wish you could see all the wonderful stitching that Denice did on it.  Thanks again my friend, I know that she is going to just love it.  She is going to have a black frame custom make for it so that it can be hung on her wall in her main living room.  :O) 
     Well, that's all for me today.  Wish me luck that today goes by quickly and I get home to see Glee.  lol...  Have a great day and I will talk at you all tomorrow. 
Hugs, Lisa G


Monday, September 19, 2011

To Good Luck !!!

Good Monday morning everyone. 
     Oy, what a weekend!  lol...  I really can't complain as I did have it off and we all did sleep in until 7am on Saturday.  Yes, we watched a couple movies with our jammies on and drank some hot cocoa and coffee while snuggled on the couch with our warm blankets like it truly was a fall morning.  lol... The mornings are really feeling like fall and all day Saturday it did as well.  I am sad to say however that Jerry and I finally made the decision to winterize the pool.  It is a relief to have it done, but there is also a part of me that hates to do it as well.  I love summer and swimming with the M&Ms everyday, but we really haven't even touched a toe in the pool for over two weeks, so it was time.  We are suppose to have a couple days this week that will get back into the 90's, but I truly doubt that it would be enough to get the pool water back over the 70 degrees that it was at when we dropped the water and put the winter blanket on it.   lol...  Now that it is all done, I am truly enjoying the fall weather that we are getting in the mornings.  It was so enjoyable to sit and watch the football game yesterday morning.  It always reminds me of when Jerry and I were first married without any kids and we would get up early and spend the whole day watching games. 
     We did go for a great walk on Saturday evening, but Mitchell really isn't feeling that great still and now Madison is busy keeping me up the last two nights as she can't breath and it is her duty to let me know this.  :O)   To say the least it really wasn't a long walk.  I am just happen to have gotten it in.  As I mentioned before Jerry and I aren't feeling that great, so we really didn't do too much this weekend. 
     Well that just about covers my whole weekend.  We are off and running on yet another week and I really wanted to make a very special person a 'just because'  card,  so I decided that the new Soho Anya with her very laid back/adorable outfit would be just the go to girl I needed.   I also had bought this adorable postcard die-cut that I just had to have, but really had no use for what's so ever.  Light bulb moment!  I could use it as a kind of  'toast' to wish good luck to this person.  I am being very vague as I know she reads my blog and I don't want to let the card out of the envelope until she gets it.  lol...
     We are rather cool here this morning, so I am enjoying my cup of Joe and getting the M&M's and running for another fun filled week.  Wait, that includes me as well.  lol... Aren't I a hoot when I have my coffee?  hehee   I hope you all have a great day and I will talk at you tomorrow.
Hugs,  Lisa G

stamp-Boho Anya-TGF
cs-Neenah & Bazzill
dp-out of print & basics manila-BG
die-cut-WeR Memory Keepers
flowers & gems-e.line-Prima
rub-ons- making memories
fluid chalk-olive pastel-ColorBox

Copic Markers:
scarf, camisole & flowers-RV95-RV93-RV91-V06
jean skirt-B21-0

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Good morning everyone!
     It half way day... Yay!  lol... I know everyone calls it hump day, but I prefer to think of it as half way day just because to me that means only two more days and I am off!  Can you see the huge smile?  I am so tired right now I really can't guarantee what I might say.  I think eight grade just might kill me. lol....  I got home after 6:30pm last night to two teenagers that needed help with their social studies homework and then come Friday they both have a hugh test in science.   All ok, except I am NOT, nor have I ever been a Social studies person.  I am a MATH person!  I never had to study for math, I never flunked a math test,  and I always loved the thrill of figuring out the problem.  However social studies....  When I was in High School my Parents took me and my brother over to Puallup,Wa.  and when we got there the lady at the hotel office asked me where we were from and I told her "Spokane, that's in Washington State."  She smiled at me and politely informed me that so was 'Puallup '.  I'm totally not making this up!   I just didn't care when I was a kid.  No one every told me that in the future I would on a daily bases  talk to people all over the world.  :O)    Thank God Madison is really good at it.  She teaches me so that I can help Mitchell.  lol... They tend to love the math like me, but Madison is really really good at where things are in this world.  She can name all the State capitals.  I am lucky if I can name the States let alone tell you where they are on the map.  lol... Truly! 
     Ok, now that you all know just how dumb I am when it comes to that kind of thing let me just slip right into my card for today.  When I got home I also had my latest order from The Greeting Farm waiting for me.  Well you all know me well enough that there was not way I could wait another day to get my hands on CC Lula.  I mean,  come on she is just so cute and has such attitude I had to make a super quick card after my homework was done..  lol...  As you can tell everyone's Halloween cards are starting to rub off on me, so I colored her up with a kind of punk, hip ready for Halloween look to her.  Then I added in some of the papers from the BG eerie pad because it was still laying out on my desk.   I was kind of in a rush to get it done, so there isn't an inside to it yet.  I'll get to it, but in the mean time I just wanted to share her with you guys.  I swear I used more Copics on her hair and all than anything else on this whole card. 
     Well I had better get a move on.  I have to be at work by 8am, so you might say that I am running behind on what I call my schedule for the morning.  I hope you all have a terrific half-way day.   Talk at you tomorrow. 
Hugs, Lisa  G

PS.  Thank's to everyone that wished my Baby Brother a Happy Birthday.   I am sure he got a kick out of it.  :O)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Haunting We Will Go !!!

Good morning all. 
     I have to start my post off today by wishing a  Happy Birthday to my baby brother Rick!!!  Rick is 38 today and getting ever so much closer to those 40's. lol... I am sure that I have mentioned before how he has always given me and our older sister a hard time about being so much older than he is.  He loved it when we were in our 30's and he was in his 20's.  Used to tell us all the time how old we were.  Love you Rick and I hope you have a great Birthday. (No matter how old you are getting.  baaa  haa ha!)  So sorry guys,  I just had to do it. 
     As you can see I have a very different card for you today.  I decided to step way out of my comfort zone and make a little zombie for a Halloween card.  When I pulled out my Greeting Farm stamp binder Abby of the Creeper Crew was the first one to raise her hand and volunteer to put on some good old Halloween makeup.  Apparently Abby just loves Halloween and she was tickled pink to get the chance to look like she just crawled out of the grave.  What a sweetheart, she had been wearing her favorite pink and orange top along with her favorite pair of faded light blue jeans.  She was good enough to let me get it all dirty and then we colored up her skin and of course she had to put in some contacts that would make her eyes look dull...  lol.. All in all I think she turned out Spooktacular!  I was really just playing around and I had a great time using some more of the fun goodies that Amy sent me in her candy. 
     Ok guys, that's gonna do it for me today.  I am getting ready for another day at work.  I hope you all have a great day.  Talk at you tomorrow. 
Hugs,  Lisa G

stamps - CC Abby-TGF & studio g
cs-Neenah & black-AC cardstock
sheer ribbon-details & Accessories
black flower & felt bats-Amy's blog candy
Copic markers

Sunday, September 11, 2011

I'm Bats About You !

Hi everyone.                                        
     Did you have a great weekend?  We really did.  I know I have said it before, but it went by so fast.  I always think of my weekends as being great as we are all home together and we get to go for our walks and generally drive Jerry crazy for a good portion of the weekend.  heehee...  He is pretty good about it, as the kids and I can really get weird sometimes.  Then there are other times when Jerry and I love to drive the kids crazy.  baaahaa ha!  That is when it's fun...  :O)  Of course they all know the party is over when it comes to picking on Mom.  lol...  Sometimes Jerry can really get both the M&Ms too wound up and then I have to step in and correct all three of them.  I know!  I sound mean, but it is as if I have three kids at times and the oldest is the worst of all.  lol... Love you Jerry.
     Ok, enough about our weird little family.  We had planned on getting up early and going over to the Twin Towers Memorial here in town,  but Jerry informed me that no matter what he tried he could not get Madison or myself to get out of bed.  Hmmmm....  So we decided after dinner that it had finally cooled down enough (84 degrees) and it would still be light out long enough so we went on our walk.  It was so very peaceful and the flag was at half mass and there were candles and flowers there.  We took a moment of silence for everyone then we said the Lords Prayer before heading back to our house.  I am sorry to get too deep here on my blog, but I feel that it is important that our kids know the value of a person's life and the sacrifices that people make.  Thank you for reading this long. 
     So,  if you are still hanging around I will get to my card for today.  I am not sure if I mentioned it last week,  but I was one of Amy Young's candy winners from her newest Sweet November Stamps release.  Well,   I received my goodies in the mail on Friday so of course I just had to cut out Hilda and Vlad and color them up right away.   I just love, love how adorable they both are.  I love Hilda's huge eyes and Vlad's kind of lopsided eyes. lol....  They were so much fun to color and I thought well now that I had them colored up they need to be entered into something special just to show them.  I got to looking around blog land and ran across the Deconstructing jen blog.    I have never played on this site before and I loved the latest sketch # 18, so I thought that it would be great to give it a try with some of my new favorite stamps.  lol...  So here is my Deconstructing Sketch #18 entry.  I hope you like it as much as I do.  I wanted Hilda to look like she is kind of floating along with her little cauldron full of Who Knows What!  Vlad on the other hand looks just a little concerned.  If you noticed the little bat stick pin,  it came along in the candy and so did the black rickrack.  I sewed the rickrack into a flower and added one of the buttons that I also received.  What can I say,  I had so much fun making this card.   If you have never seen any of Amy's Sweet November Stamps (and I can't imagine) you can check them out or just go ahead and purchase them over at All that Scraps.   Thanks again Amy.  I just love them both and I am going to have a great time coloring them...
     Ok guys, I had better get myself to bed.   Tomorrow is  back to work and school for us all.  Have a great day and I will talk at you tomorrow. 
Hugs, Lisa G

stamps-Hilda & Vlad-Sweet November Stamps-Amy Young
sentiment stamp-studio g
inside sentiment-computer fonts-courier new @14, Franklin Gothic demi @20 & papyrus @24
cs-Neenah, ColorBok, kraft-the paper studio & Pumpkin Pie-SU
dp-eerie paper pad-BG
boarder punch-MS
Spellbinders-Classic Ovals & Scalloped Ovals Large
fluid chalk-olive pastel & alabaster-ColorBox
bat stickpin, rickrack&button-All candy from Amy
stickles-frosted lace-Ranger
Distress Ink-black soot-Ranger
Copic Markers:
hair,cauldron & witch's boots-V09-V06-BV29
hat,stockings & skirt-YR16-YR18-YR14
shirt & skirt-YG17-YG13