Monday, April 30, 2012

Fun in the Sun

Good morning all. 
     It's Monday!  No, I haven't taken any mood altering medications or drunk anything for that matter.  I am just trying to have a more positive attitude.  lol... How am I doing so far? 
     Ok, back to reality.  I had a fantastic weekend and our weather was just as great.  As you all know I was able to take my trip out of town with my co-worker and spend some hard earner cash on crafting goodies!  We had so much fun and we managed to hit 5 stores and eat at P.F. Chang's (a first for me).  Yummy!  I love fresh cooked vegetables that are still crisp and tasty.  Anyway, the only reason I bring it up once again is that I am very happy to say that I was finally able to get a video of my haul loaded onto my YouTube channel.  You can actually hear me talking this time.  Mind you it took 4 more times today and I was very tired when I finally tried for the last time so please forgive the fact that I sound like I don't even know my  name.  lol...
     So for today's card I decided to use some of my new products.  I pulled out this sweet little Saturated Canary digi and added one of the titles from the sticker pack that I purchased from Hobby Lobby.  I don't know why, but my craft paper on the bottom photographed darker than it is.  I had used some stickles on the paper as well as the sand that I colored so that it would really have that gritty feel to it just like the real thing.  Can you see that I did not even use one little scrap of patterned paper? Omword,  I am swoon.  lol... This is a very simple card, but with everything it took to make my haul video I was in the mood for something really simple and to the point.  lol...

I hope you all have a great Monday.  I for one am going to have a busy week once again.  However busy I can not wait until Tuesday when The Greeting Farm will have all of their new stamps for sale.  I love them all !!!
     Speaking of new stamps that are coming out be sure and check out my friend Amy Young's blog today as she is starting her Sweet November Stamps previews today and I know you won't want to miss out on that.  lol... Ok, I am out of here.  Talk at you later.
Hugs, Lisa G

stamp-Saturated Canary Digi-by Krista Smith
cs-AC Cardstock & Neenah
months of the year sticker pack-The Paper Studio
Spellbinders Nestabilities-Labels seventeen
Stickles-frosted lace-Ranger
Memento inks-cantaloupe, summer sky & desert sand
Copic Markers:
swimsuit, flipflops-YR16-YR12-Y15

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Paw paw-razzi....

Good morning all.
      I hope that you are all having a great weekend.  
     As you all know today was my yearly shopping spree in the big city with my friend. It was such a nice day weather wise,  and boy did we have a great time spending way too much money.  lol.... It was so worth it.
     Once we had all of our shopping done we headed to P.F. Chang's for lunch.  I have never been there before today and as an added bonus we had the cutest waiter.  If your a Gleek you can picture just how cute he was as I only have one word to describe him and that would be 'Blaine'....You see what I mean?  :O)    We order lettuce wraps & fried green beans to start and OMWord....they were both so so so delicious! 
     So, I am trying to make a haul video.  I wanted to make it once I got home, but Jerry kept shooting hair bands at me and Maddie was snickering, so I'm not sure as I am going to make it as I really am in the mood to be creative with all that I purchased.  So for now, until I make up my mind I am going to share a few photos of  Mr. Casper as he is sure to be 'The crowned Prince' around here. 
You notice that he is sitting on top of my ink & Copic containers.  Hence the title of  'Prince Casper.'

Just sitting here enjoying the view.
Oh, hi there

looking for a good escape route...

still looking.....

See Ya!

     He is learning however that when I am around he should close his eyes as it usually means a camera flash is around.  baaahahaaaaa!
     Ok guys, as the new blogger doesn't seem to like me scheduling any of my posts at the moment I am going to go a head and load this one now. 
     Have a great Sunday and I will talk at you later.
Hugs, Lisa G

Friday, April 27, 2012

Wind Thing...

     Good morning everyone.  I hope that you are all having a great day so far.  We are somewhat colder this morning than we have been, but I still refuse to turn back on the heater.  lol... Other than that it is a gorgeous sunny morning here and I am hoping to get some crafting in before the M&Ms need to be picked up from school.
     So let me get right to it.  Today's card I made because I found some of my very old, but most favorite BG papers that I had in my scrap bin from when I had made a mini album for my daughter a few years ago.  I just love the tropical feel to them and I thought it would be fun to use it up on a card with this adorable Kenny Kiernan digi stamp.  I had to put in some of my favorite seam binding that I purchased from Jodi.  I love how the color matched perfectly to my papers. 

     Ok guys, I am off to be creative and to take an inventory of the supplies I need as my co-worker and I are making our yearly trip to the BIG CITY this weekend and I can't wait to hit all the shops and see all of the wonderful scrapbooking goodies that are out there.  :O)  Can you feel my excitement?  I can not wait.  I have been saving for about six months for this weekend.  lol...
Have a great day, and I will talk at you later..
Hugs, Lisa G

stamp-Kenny Kiernan digi
cs-AC Cardstock
dp-sugared-cherished,beloved & luscious-BG
seam binding- Talking twine and trim
gems-Studio 18 & Kaiserscrapbook
Copic Markers:
shirt & shoes-E47-E44-RV91

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

You are my Happy...

Good morning. 
     I am going to have to make this a quick one once again.  Wow, another week of an over the top schedule both home and at work.  lol.... It will all even out soon enough.  I hope at any rate!  lol...
     Anyway, I hope that so far everyone is having a great week.  I also hope that not too many of you were anywhere near those snow storms yesterday.  We were in the 90's, but it looks like late in the week we'll be back into the 60's with a little bit of rain. 
     So, today is April 24th and that means that it is mine and Jerry's 19th Wedding Anniversary.  I have had this adorable digi stamp from  Saturated Canary Digi Esty (sorry can't find her name) for a couple of weeks now and I decided to put her on a card for Jerry.  She looks like she is waiting for her Prince Charming to show up and I know that Jerry with love the feel to this.  I also went for the older looking papers as well because of her outfit.  Then I picked the Post Card paper for the inside as when Jerry and I first started dating he left for a week to take his nephew down to Georgia and while he was gone he sent we three post cards that I still have today.  lol... Mind you he had broken his left arm(writing hand) on our first date.   I know some people say that it feels like they have been married forever, but really these last 20 years (counting from our first date) that we have know each other have just flown bye.  He is a good Man and a very good Husband and Father to our M&Ms and I couldn't think of a better person to have as my Prince Charming. lol....

You just know how much I love to play with their eyes. lol...
Hers are purple like Elizabeth Taylor had.

     I hope you all have a great day and I will talk at you later.
Hugs, Lisa G

stamps-? - Saturated Canary Digi's-Krista Smith
cs-Neenah & AC Cardstock
dp-Anthologie-We R Memory Keepers
dyed seam binding-Talking Twine & Trim
pearls-Kaiser Krafts
Copic Markers

Monday, April 23, 2012

Morn'in all...

Good morning. 
     I am going to make this the quickest post as it is Monday and I already feel like we are off and running this morning.  I was busy this hot weekend making Graduation cards for my Cousins.  I am so happy with how they came out.  I used both my Cricut and my Copics to design these and I also made a little something to put inside them, but I won't show those as they are a surprise to my family.  lol..
     I just have to make them wait. 
Well,  I said quick.  Must run.  Have a great start to your week and I will talk at you later.

Hugs, Lisa G

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Paw paw-razzi time...

Good morning all. 
     I hope that you are having a great weekend so far.  We have had tons of sunshine with temperatures in the 80s. (No wind for once either!)  Could it be that summer is on it's way?  We'll have to see. lol...
     I am in the middle of making some Graduation cards for my cousin so I thought that I would share a couple of pictures that my friend at work took of her Beautiful cat. 

     Let me introduce you to Mutt.  She is mostly an indoor cat that will go outside from time to time, but very much prefers a more relaxed indoor life.   As you can see she is a sweetheart of a cat that doesn't have a problem with her mommy dressing her up.  hehee... She is modeling her new spring dress and it comes complete with this adorable flower as well.  I am told however, that once she had it on she was a bit worried that it made her butt look too big.  You be the Judge.  I for one think she looks smashing in her green striped dress.  After all not everyone can pull of horizontal stripes. 
     Have a great Sunday everyone.  Talk at you later.
Hugs,  Lisa G

Saturday, April 21, 2012

What a week....

Hi guys. 
     I have to tell you that I have missed everyone this week.  As most of you know by now the M&Ms will be graduating from 8th grade in just a few short weeks and that has made for a very hectic schedule on top on the one that I already have. lol...
     This week has been a very Very VERY BUSY week for the four of us and I am not complaining in any way at all.  :O) 
     I just happened to be on the 9 to 6 schedule this week, so that means I get home between 6 & 6:30pm depending.  No problem, except when I have to go get both the M&Ms haircuts for Tuesday and go grocery shopping on top of that.  Needless to say we didn't get home until 9:30pm Monday night. 
      Tuesday Mitchell had the last of his choir concerts and I am so happy that we were able to have both the M&Ms' Grandparents and Godparents come and enjoy it.  We kept that a surprise until that night and boy were my M&Ms happy.  :O)    We also went and had dinner afterwards and I have to say that I am sorry for how loud we all were, but we were having a fun filled old fashioned GREAT time together.  We were so so loud, and it was super super fun to have the time with family.  However we didn't get home until after 10pm, and our Mitchell is usually in bed and sound asleep at 9:05pm every night.  However we didn't complain as their Godparents still had to drive another hour or so to get home.  Mind you we all work and get up at 5 or 6 every morning.  lol.. It was so worth it though. 
     Getting through Wednesday was pretty easy with the exception that the hoses to the pool decided to spring a couple of leaks and of course needed attention right away.  We ran over and purchased a new set. new ones.  Thank goodness they don't cost too much, but the water is still sitting at 60 degrees, and you have to get your hands in the water to connect it all before you can even replace the hoses.  (I ho) I am relieved that the pool is up and running yet again.  Now all we have to do is get some warm to hot weather and we're good to go.  :O) 
     On Thursday the baby cats had to go back to the vet for their check ups and shots.  The good news is that it will be a whole year before we have to go again. (Well, without any emergencies..)
     By the time Friday came along we were all so tired and cranky that we decided to sleep in (8am) before we headed out for our walk this morning.  It has stopped raining once again and so far the sun is shining, so I am a happy girl.  It was so nice to be able to walk and not have the wind for a little while.
     Sorry for going on and on, it just feels so good to post something.  While I was super busy I did manage to make 18 First Communion announcements for my Cousins' nephew.  I always worry that they won'[t look nice enough, but by the time I get my design made up I find it kind of relaxing to make multiples of the same thing.   I have 10 graduation cards to make this weekend, and I am hoping to get a few extra cards made along the way as well.  I hope that you all have a great weekend, and I will talk at you later.
Hugs, Lisa G

I just wanted to share this card with you all.  I actually pulled out my Cricut and used it to cut out the crosses.  I then used my Copics to make it look like gold paper as I had none. lol... Jerry was nice enough to help me with cutting out 18 of these Spellbinder Labels Seventeen.  He saved me some time and I am very happy with how these turned out. All I had to do was emboss them.  Thank God for good husbands.   I would love to show you the inside as it turned out just as pretty as the outside, but it has specific info that I don't think the parents would want me to share. 

Friday, April 13, 2012

Talking Twine & Trim Haul....

 Hi guys.
     I know that it is super early, but I just couldn't sleep any longer.  Yesterday was our once a year big haul garbage day, so after I showered and got ready to go to work Jerry asked if I could help move a couple of the heavier things to the curb with him.  Needless to say, I wasn't paying attention to what I was doing and I ended up putting my back out.  I am feeling  better today, but my back is still bugging me a little and I just couldn't sleep any longer.  :O)   So, I figured that as long as I am up and as of this moment sitting in my desk chair is really the only thing that is comforable, I might as well put up a little haul post that I just got in the mail on Wednesday. 
     I don't know if you have noticed Jodi's etsy shop on my sidebar or not, but her store is called Talking Twine & Trim and she carries a large amount of wonderful bakers twines and seam binding trims..  They are just fantastic and so are her prices.  lol... I was talking to Jodi, and she says that some of her trims she hand dyes to match the twine and some are just the natural colors that she gets them in. 
     I had planned on making a video for you all to see theses awesome trims, but I really didn't feel up to the effort it would take to talk and move around.  lol... You really don't want to hear every time my back pinches.  Not a pretty sound I am sure you would agree.  So, I did manage to get a few pictures of some of the beautiful stuff that I purchased from Jodi and that she was nice enough to send to me as a thank you. 
     That's all for me today.  I wanted to share Jodi's etsy with you all as she is super fast at getting her products out to people and she really does a great job on her packaging and shipping.  I think you will find that her prices are really really good and she is a sweetheart to work with.  So, be sure to check out Talking twine & trim.    You won't regret it.  :O)  

      As of April 24th Jerry and I will have been married 19 years and so I thought that it would be super fun to put up a blog candy.  I am also getting really close to having 150 followers.  So I think that as soon as I hit 200 followers we are going to celebrate both... I have decided that I am going to give away a $25 shopping spree in Jodi's store to one lucky winner who is a follower and posts a comment on this post.  The winner will be picked by on Tuesday May 1st... 
Have a great weekend everyone and I will talk at you later.  Hugs, Lisa G

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

News Flash....

Hello everyone. 
     I hope that you are all having a great week so far.  I have been having a very very busy week,  and it's not over yet. lol... We spent most of yesterday evening up at our local High School registering the M&Ms for school.   I am so not going to dwell of the fact that both my little babies are going to be freshman next year.  I have to admit that I was just a little overwhelmed with all it takes just to graduate from High School these days.  When I was in school you went everyday, you made sure you had good grades and at the end of the four years to got a diploma.   Not so now.  It would seem that even if your there everyday and you get good grades there is just a little more that you need to accomplish before you make it to the next grade let alone get your diploma at the end of everything.  lol....  Oh well, they are excited and I am sure more than a little nervous.  :O) 

     Ok, let me get to my card today.  As  I have been working hard this week and have had something to do everyday after I got home I haven't even been able to stay awake to share even a very simple card like the one that I have for you today.  I wish that I could tell you that I thought up this card all by myself, but I would be lying.  I in fact made this card because my friend AmyR had made one very similar and I loved it so much that I just had to buy the stamps just so I could make it for Jerry for our Anniversary that is coming up in a couple of weeks... lol... I think he will like it, and I am sure that he will get it.  heehee... We laugh every morning and our son asks us if we can have a conversation that does include us laughing. 
     Ok guys, I really am beat so I will wish you all a very happy day tomorrow and talk at you later. 
Hugs, Lisa G

stamps-BoobTubes-Paper Smooches
cs-Neenah, AC Cardstock & dark chocolate-PTI
dp-This & That Charming-EP
Spellbinders-standard circles small
bakers twine- Talking twine & trim-Jodi's etsy
Copic Markers:

Monday, April 9, 2012

Farm Fresh Challenge on The Greeting Farm

Good morning everyone. 
     I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend and a very Happy Easter.  We spent the day with the M&Ms watching movies and Bar-b-qued.  It was a great day and I think I'll need to walk 10 miles each day next week just to wear it off.   lol... The sun was out, but boy was the wind is still having fun yesterday. 
     So, as it is Monday and I am starting yet another week at work I thought that would make this post a small one.  Small as in 'Good things come in small sizes.'  That would be what the challenge this week is over on The Greeting Farm blog and even though my time on the DT is over I thought it would be a lot of fun to play along with this challenge.
     I pulled out my Fur-ever clear stamp set and colored up the little sweetheart with her adorable kitty cat.  I though as it is only a 3x3 little card that I would color it up and put in Madie's lunch for her first day of the last semester of eight grade.  lol... I think she'll enjoy it.  While I was at it I came up with a cute on for Mitchell, but I will post that another day. 
     Have a great day everyone.  Talk at you all tomorrow. 
Hugs, Lisa G

cs-Neenah & Bazzill
dp-Country Garden-BoBunny
ribbon-gift-Ellen Hutson, LLC
Memento Inks-Tuxedo Black & Cantaloupe

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter....

Hello my friends....
      I just wanted to drop in this morning and wish you all a Happy Easter!   I hope that wherever you are this morning the Sun is shining and your are having a wonderful day with family and friends...
Wanted to share a picture of the YUMMY  cookies that my cousin brought for us.  They were made with my Aunt Darlene's
recipe that she used when my Sister, Brother and myself would go over and make cookies with her.   Thanks Lorena...
Talk at you tomorrow!
Hugs,  Lisa G

Friday, April 6, 2012


Hi guys.
      Can you believe that it is already Friday?  Can you believe that this Sunday is Easter?  Wow, where does the time go?  It was just Christmas, right?  :O) Glad it's not!
      So, because it is Friday and I have to work I am going to get right to my card for today. 
I used a new stamp that I finally purchased from Tiddly Ink that I think is just too darn adorable... I also used one of my new paper pads from Basic Grey and just love how this turned out. 
     I was trying to make a more traditional Easter card, but the pastel colors just were not working for me at all so I decided that it was ok to use the papers that I wanted to.  lol... No card police here this week.  heehee  I also used my photo stamp from Lawn Fawn to make this sweetheart look like she is peering out of the photo.  I have to say that I really love this stamp set and I am so happy that I finally broke down and purchased it.  lol...   I would see someone use it and think (cute idea, but I can make that and not have to purchase a stamp) well, you can see where I came out on that thought.
      Ok guys, it's that time of the day so I will bid you all a fond farewell for today.  Talk at you tomorrow.

Hugs, Lisa G

So upset that this is blurry.  I would have retaken it, but I already spent 30 minutes just trying to load my pictures.


stamps-Whatcha doing?-TiddlyInks & Say Cheese-Lawn Fawn
cs-Neenah & AC Cardstock
bakers twine-Jodi's awesome Esty Store
Memento inks-Tuxedo Black, Tangelo, Pear Tart & Rich Cocoa
Copic Markers:

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring Break & Painted Nails...

Good morning all.
     It's THURSDAY!  Yes!
     It's my half day so I will be able to be home by 1:30pm and I am hoping beyond hope that we will get a little sunshine and very little wind.  I have been wanting to go for a walk since last Friday and it has either rained or the wind has been so strong that my wind chimes (they are 5ft long and sound like church bells) have been hitting the side of our house.  So, you can imagine how much I am hoping for a fun walk with my M&Ms at least once this week.
     Even though I have been working all week and still have a couple more days to go,  the M&Ms have been having a great Spring Break!  Mitchell & Jerry have been having Nerf wars (in the house) and Madison has been busy with my friend and her Granddaughter.  Both her daughter and Granddaughter came over from Idaho to spend the week with my friend and  Tuesday they spent most of the afternoon making awesomely yummy cupcakes that were decorated specially for Easter.  Wednesday they were nice enough to come and take Maddie with them to get their finger nails and toe nails painted.  Mind you Maddie has only ever had me paint them, so this was a very special treat for her.  I of course when I got home from work she filled me in on how wonderful it is to sit and have your back massaged while someone is pampering your feet and making them look so pretty.  lol... 
     They turned out so cute that we just had to share  a couple pictures with you all. 
     I am hoping to get my next card up tomorrow, so I will talk at you all later.  In the mean time have a great day.
Hugs, Lisa G

My short 13 year old with her pretty toes and feet that can wear my shoes....  :O)

According to Jerry the M&Ms and I all have monkey feet due to the fact that we can invert all our toes and we
can pick up just about anything with them.  Poor Jerry can't even bend his toes.  lol..

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

It's the Paw Paw-Razzi....

Good morning all.
     In this week's issue we find a couple of the littler felines recuperating from some surgery.  We suspect it's more cosmetic than medically necessary, but the family states that it truly was for medical reasons only.   We'll let you be the judge. 
     It would seem however that baby Casper is back on his feet and busy bugging little Boo who has taken a little longer to recover.  At press time we were informed that she is indeed on the mend, but still taking time to get plenty of rest each day.  As you can see Boo has taken to resting on the Sundeck (ie. my makeshift light box) and of course Casper will only let her do so for a limited amount of time until he has to check out what is going on and then he likes to clean her ear until she gets up and he is left to lounge. 
     Of course if Casper's plan if foaled by human intervention he has no problem helping us to air the dirty laundry (literally) when Jerry is busy sorting and washing.  lol....
    Well it is hump day and I am just having a little fun until I head off to work today.  I hope you are all having a great week so far.  As I have told most of you poor little Boo kept causing her paws to bleed and even had to spend and extra night at the vet's to get them re wrapped so that she would stop bleeding.  Fortunately it has been almost a week and she is off the pain medication and has finally stopped having any kind of problems.  She has however taken to using my light box as her little sleeping spot and she loves when the evening sun comes in to warm her. 
     Have a great day everyone and I will talk at you all tomorrow .
Hugs, Lisa G

Casper can fall asleep anywhere.  Jerry has just started to sort laundry
and when he came back into the room Casper was fast asleep.  lol...

Lucy trying to stay out of the mix.  Doesn't she
just look so exausted?  Poor baby.

young cats- Boo & Casper
adult cat- Lucy
light box-homemade
dirty laundry & baskets by family...