Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Can you say 'Noodle'?

Hi Guys.
     I ask the question "Can you say Noodle?" because that is exactly what I am.  lol..  I can not believe that after I loaded my Monday Fun-Day card over onto  the Farm Fresh Challenge Blog that  I completely forgot to post it here on my little old blog.  I swear it's a good thing my head is attached our I would loose it.  As you might have guessed it's been a busy week so far and I just figured that I would skip one day on my blog and then post something for everyone tonight before I started to watch Glee.  When I logged onto my blog at first I thought that my blog had been deleted again only to discover that I just didn't do it.  Gggrrr!!!
     So with that said I am just going to pretend that it is Monday morning and I am so excited to share my Monday Fun-Day card with you all.  lol....  It is Margie's turn to come up with an idea and she picked the "Rule of Three"   I love the rule of three and normally I would go with three buttons or brads or even gems,  but I decided to go with my paper's pattern and highlight the ornaments that are hanging on it.  I used my Heirloom Ornaments by Spellbinders to cut out these small little ornaments then I added them to the paper.  The ribbon was already draw on the paper, so it was super fun to play with.   I did manage to add in 3 pearls as well because I just couldn't resist.  lol...
     Sorry for being such a noodle guys.  I hope that you are all having an awesome week.  I can not wait to see what you come up with.  Be sure to head over to the FFF challenge blog and play along for your chance to win. 
     Have a great Wednesday and I will talk at you later.
Hugs, Lisa G

stamp-CC Sasha-TGF
cs-Neenah & Dark Chocolate-PTI
dp-Lost & Found-Christmas-MME
trim-from Mercy
Spellbinders-2011 Heirloom Ornaments
Copic Markers

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Merry Christmas - FFF Challenge blog, Joni's CASE

Hi everyone. 
     I hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving if you celebrate it.  We had a great day, but we didn't have turkey or stuffing as our stove has an element that is out and we still have one more week before the part gets here.  That's ok, we'll make up for it come Christmas.  lol...
     So if your looking for a fun crafty idea this week you should head over to  the Farm Fresh Challenge Blog today. You will see that Joni has picked a great book card that Nancy Cappelen made. So today for our Friday Spy-Day we are going to CASE it.   At first I wasn't too sure what I was going to do.  I was going to make a card and put some kind of tag on it or in it, and so I pulled out a piece of heavy weight chipboard that  needed to be cut down.  That is when it hit me that this was big enough to make an awesome door hanger with.   I wanted it to be easy to really use and yet look somewhat perfectly made.  (I know, I am weird and OCD all in one) So I pulled out my oval Nestability and used it to cut the hole for the door knob.  I then went about adding all the little details to the front.  By the time I got around to taking my pictures I had decided that I wanted to give it to my Brother and his Family as they will be here from out of town tomorrow, and I thought that would be something of a little get together kind of gift to give them.  I didn't want to leave the back of it unfinished, so I pulled out some PTI paper and cut it to size.  Added one of the Merry Tags from a TGF set that was sold last year and put it together.   I am so happy with how this turned out.  I can't wait to get off work so that I can head up to see them at my Mom and Dad's and give them my little Holiday/Season's Greetings kind of gift. lol...

Lucy helping me to take a
picture of it hanging on the door knob.
I just couldn't help it, I had to
share this with you.  lol...

     So if you haven't already be sure to head over and see what the rest of the DT has come up with.  I am sure you will get loads of inspiration from all of them.  If you don't want to head that way here is a list of everyone.

     Ok guys,  I am heading off to bed.  I hope you all have a great Friday.   If you are crazy enough to head out to any of the Black Friday Sales drive safe and please remember that those of us that can't or simple don't want to do it love to see your haul videos afterwards.  lol...
Talk at you tomorrow.
Hugs, Lisa G
Nancy's Great Tag/Book Card

stamps-Cheeky Chat & Merry Tags-TGF
Big Christmas Wishes-AmyR-ATS
cs-Neenah & scarlet jewel-PTI
dp-be Merry-MME
Spellbinders-classic ovals-lrg, classic circles-sm & ribbon tags trio
hollies & date circle- embossed stickers-WeR Memory Keepers
gold swirls- hooks-Elegance Collection
fibers & ribbon-stash
Copic Markers:
hair-YR20-YR21-YR23-E33 (Amy's combo)
shirt & barrettes-R37-R35-YG95-YG93
pants & boots-BG05-BG45-E27-E25


Hi guys.
     I hope that you are all in the middle of a fantastic Thanksgiving Day Celebration with your families.  I just had to pop in really quick and tell you all about my little scare.
     OMWord, I was visiting blogs and wishing everyone  a Happy Holiday.  When I tried to sign into the FFF Challenge blog it told me that my own blog and Google account had been deleted.  I tried everything to get it to come back online and then I couldn't get into my accounts as well.   My M&Ms then told me that someone has been hacking into accounts and causing all kinds of trouble.  Have you ever had this happen to you?  I can honestly say that I just wanted to cry, but Madison was feeling so bad for having forgotten to tell me before this happened. (I tried to explain to her that there wouldn't have been anything she could do anyway, but she still felt that it was her fault.) 
     So as you can see for now I am back online and all is well.  I just wanted to give everyone a heads up because I truly do not know what the problem was or what happened.  It really freaks me out though, as there isn't anything I could have done to make it change.  Really I guess I just wanted to share with those that would understand the feeling. 
     So my friends, have a great evening and I will talk to you later. 
Hugs, Lisa G

Eat More TOFU!

Good morning all. 
      I just wanted to pop in this morning and wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving.  I have had such a busy week so far and so when I came home tonight I sat down and relaxed for just a little while by coloring up Mr. Tom Turkey here.  He is in the mood to celebrate,  but he doesn't look like he wants to 'BE' the meal.  lol...
     Anyway, as I said I am so tired that I can hardly see. So with that in mind I am going to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving.  I hope that you are able to be your friends and family and have a great day .  I am going to stop here and head off to dream land.  Best part about tomorrow is that both the M&Ms and I have the day off.  Yay!  I might even be lazy and sleep in until 7am.  lol...We'll see. 
I will talk at you tomorrow.

 Hugs, Lisa G

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sparkly Wishes and a Monday Funday sketch by Margie...

                                                                                                                                           Are you ready to have some fun with us this week?  Be sure to head  over to  the Farm Fresh Challenge Blog and check out this awesome sketch that Margie has come up with for us this week.  I just know that you will all want to play along.                                                                                           

     Yes, another weekend has come and gone in a flash.  For some of us it has been with snow, others with loads of Sunshine.  Awww the sunshine and warm weather,  I remember it fondly.  lol....  Well, I'm not really complaining as it is that time of year when you really want that snow for the ambiance.  It did snow here a little over the weekend, but really none of it has stayed for very long yet.  Mostly it just means a trip to the clothing store to get the M&Ms some warmer jackets that meet with the standard teenagers needs and wants.  Stop laughing, I know you know what I mean.  Gggrrr!  Sometimes I think they are harder than men.  lol
     Ok I am done with the teenager and hubby bashing, so let me get into my card for today.  I wish that I could say that I really went to town on this sweet little card,  but come to find out I only colored her hair and added a little more color to her cheeks and face.  You see she has been sitting in a zip lock baggie for a year now along with the papers that go with her outfit.  As I was running way behind this evening I decided to finally pull her out and get her onto a card.  (No stamped image left behind is my motto) So after touching up her hair and face I cut everything out and added a cute little saying to make my card complete.  At that point Madison walked into the room and asked me why I was using her little Anya that she had colored last year.  "What, what do you mean you colored her?  I thought I did."  Well, come to find out Madison had colored all of her and had me help her to get the hair the way that she wanted.  Needless to say my sweet Madison wanted me to make sure and let you all know that this is her coloring and NOT mine.  So my fellow bloggers here is my card with Madison's colored image of Beanie Anya.  All in all I think this turned out cute and it really was a very quick card to put together.  lol.... So be sure to head over to the Farm Fresh Challenge blog and play along with us for your chance to win.  Thanks for stopping by.  Hope to talk at you all tomorrow.  Wish me luck and a ton of patience as Jerry and I are going out to finish up our Christmas Shopping today. 
Hugs, Lisa G

stamps-Beanie Anya-TGF & sentiment-ATS
cs-GP & the paper studio & Aqua Mist-PTI
dp-? stash
Spellbinders-lacey circles & fleur de lis rectangles
Copic Markers

Boo !

No, I haven't lost track of time and still think it is Halloween.  I just thought I would pop in a couple pictures of our sweet, but very silly kitten named Boo.  She just loves her Daddy and she is very much a Daddy's girl.  (That is perfectly fine with Lucy as Lucy is my cat, and never lets Boo forget it. lol)  Anyway, usually you will see Boo running from one end of our house to the other.  If she isn't doing that she is busy sleeping in Jerry's arms or on his chest.  I received a package the other day in the mail, and I hadn't gotten around to breaking down the box yet when I was able to catch a couple of pictures of Boo enjoying a well deserved kitten nap.  lol... I wouldn't be so mean as to show you Lucy trying to squeeze into this little box.  She wants to remain the dignified cat that you all think she is.  heehee  RIGHT! 
Ok guys, just a quick Hi.  Talk at you later.
Hugs, Lisa G

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Breaking Dawn and a Friday Spyday with April's pick...

TGIF everyone.
      Can you believe that today the fourth movie of the Twilight Saga comes out in theaters?  It seems like just yesterday my friend handed me her new book to read during my lunch break.  I was halfway through lunch and headed down to Hastings to purchase my own copy.  I confess I was hooked that fast.  It was Twilight of course, and little did I know at that time how much money and very late nights I would spend due to this fantastic author named Stephenie Meyer'.  lol...

Congrats. Mercy!!!!

     Anyway, because the new movie is coming out today and we are all pretty much fans of the whole thing April has picked out an adorable card from the TGF gallery for us to use this week.  I think you will all agree that Mercy's card is just so awesome.  I for one had all the intentions of making Breaking Dawn/Twilight card when all of a sudden I realized that I was actually making my DH a Christmas card.  lol...  I don't mind however as I was able to use Mercy's basic blueprint ( I kind of turned mine on it's side.)  to come up with this card.  I love how it came out.  I was telling my DH that I had made a card for today, but that this one he would not be able to see as it was for him, when just about that time our son walked by and said, "Oh, you mean that card right there that you finished last night?"  lol...Yes, as always Jerry has already been given his Christmas card and it isn't even Thanksgiving here in the states.  lol... Oh well, what can I do but make him something else later on right? 

     Well I have rattled on long enough.  I had better get a move on so that I can get to Saturday.  I have Monday off and Jerry and I are going to get our Christmas Shopping done.  Please keep your fingers crossed that I won't give everyone their gifts before Christmas.   heehee   It is going to be so hard, but I really really feel like I want to get everything done now and not the night before Christmas.  lol..
     Have a great weekend everyone and be sure to check out the rest of the dt's awesome cards.  Then come on over and play with us on the FF Challenge blog.  Talk at you later. 
Hugs, Lisa G


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Better Late than Never...

Good morning all.
     I am so sorry for not being around this morning.  Super busy at work , it  seems to be my mantra lately but that's ok.  Before we know it Christmas will be here and with just a little bit of luck life will calm down for just a few moments so that I can enjoy my M&Ms and Jerry for one whole week.  :O)  Yes,   you read correctly.  I am hoping to have the last week of the M&M's Christmas Vacation OFF.  I can not wait!!!  I have never ever  ever taken that time of year off  to be with them and I am just soooo  stoked.  I don't care if Santa doesn't leave me anything in my stocking, I am just sooooo Happy about getting the time to spend with my family. 
     Getting back to my title this morning... It if better late than never when it comes to my September page of my 'Greeting Farm Calender.'  lol.... Yes, I forgot about my little project until this last weekend.  I however am very proud to say that I am back on it and I can  not wait to share the rest of the year with you all.  So without further ado,   Here is the sweet Miss Anya from the 'Miss Anya Lounge' set.  As you can tell I wanted to go with a football theme so I did a little body switching within the set, but I promise no one was hurt or destroyed in the process.  Just waiting for their turns.  When I was coming up with my calender page of course I had plenty of input from my peanut gallery here.  Jerry wanted his favorite team colors, the M&Ms wanted the local and soon to be their HS colors but I had to go with one of my favorite teams.  I have no idea why,  but I love the Green Bay Packers..  If I lived in Wisconsin I would soooo be a CHEESE Head!   Now my secret is out... lol....

 As the month of August starts the school year these  days I wanted to bring in the fact that September bring about the football season in the schools,  as well as the Professionals.  I also wanted to keep this mostly papers, so  I grabbed the Autumn Splender 6x6 pad and used the different prints to represent a football field for Miss Anya to show her team spirit on.  A little bit of white Sharpie and the field was good to go.  Easy Peasy.
     Ok guys, I am off to bed.  Just got through watching Glee.  Won't go into that just in case you haven't  watched it yet.  Hmmmmm.   Talk at you later.
Hugs, Lisa G

stamps-Miss Anya Lounge-TGF
dp-Autumn Splender- WeR Memory Keepers
Spellbinders-Wonky Rectangles
Momento Ink-Tuxdeo Black & Desert Sand
hemp cord-Crafter Square
Copic Markers:
Green Bay Uniform & headband-YG97-Y17

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Monday Fun-Day #7 with Margie

and A Twi-Color Combo..

Good morning all.
I hope that you all had a great weekend.  We are kicking this week off with an awesome Twi-Color Combo for our Monday Fun-Day over on the Farm Fresh Challenge Blog.   It is Margie's turn to host this week and as she is a huge Edward, ummm I mean 'Twilight'  Fan she decided that with the latest movie just around the corner that today would be a great time to add a little Red, Black and White/Silver into any of your cards or projects.  Don't have any Twilight stamps from the Greeting
Farm?  No worries it's just the color combo that we are looking for. 


As you can see I went a little overboard with the whole idea.  I just put in my 'New Moon' DVD and had a great time coloring  Bella and Edward.  I was working on Bella when the scene were her and Jacob are trying out the motorcycles for the first time came on and she was wearing  a plaid jacket,  so I decided to try and make one  myself.  I think it came out pretty good.  lol...
When it came to Edward's turn I really wanted to go with his whole skin and eyes  thing.... I am happy enough with his eyes, but for some reason in my pictures his skin looks really pink and it truly isn't.  GGggggrr.. Yes, I am very very picky...

I didn't make his skin sparkle as it wouldn't be a sunny day if
Bella was wearing a jacket. 

Anyway, you don't have to be as obsessive as I am to play with us.  Just head on over and give it a go.  We really enjoy having you all play along and if you win you get a great gift to boot.. As you can see I used some great ribbon that I had, but I ended up covering most of it on the front of my card, so I put  some of it one the inside to help show the feeling that I was going for with this card.  Be sure to head over to the Farm Fresh Challenge Blog  to add your creations.  You can also  check out the cards from the rest of the Design Team:
Have a great Monday everyone and I will talk at you later.                                                           Hugs, Lisa G

stamps-WS-Edward & Camille-TGF
cs-Neenah, black and red-AC Cardstock & silver-ColorBox
Spellbinders-labels nineteen & Borderabilities-Deckled Scalloped boarder
black lace-Creative Classics-Wrights
craft ribbon-stash
Copic Markers:
pants & shoes-B99-B97-W6-W3

shirt, sweater,pants & shoes-B99-B97-YG99-B95-W8

Saturday, November 12, 2011

We Wish You A Merry Christmas,

a very early one  indeed...
Hi guys.
      I know that I used to take pictures of our loony kitty cats and share them with you all, but I spent half of my afternoon yesterday making what I thought would be a really simple card.  lol......  What can I say, I just could not get this card to do what I had in my mind to do.  I wanted to use some of this beautiful paper from MME called Holly Jolly.  I just thought it was so pretty and I had my new Holiday Anya.  Again,  she is just so perfect and reminds me so much of Holiday Barbie that I set out to make this the 'Perfect' Christmas card.  Plus I wanted to try out some new skin combos with my Copcis. But....OMWord, as you can see it is far far far from being the perfect card let alone one that I would send to anyone,  lol..  I did finish it,  but I was going to just put it in a drawer when both the M&Ms and Jerry insisted that I post it on my blog. 

     So,  here it is.  Not the worst, but by no means a good one,.  On a Sunday that I hope not too many people will see as I really am just  not happy with any part of my finished card, 
      I will quit complaining now and tell you the fun part of my day.  We were lucky enough to go on our walk and be back just before the temperature dropped about 5 degrees and started to rain.  I thought it was cool enough when we did walk, but boy or boy did it get cold right before the rain.  I would have sworn it was going to snow.  I guess we'll see what tomorrow brings,. I am hoping that the snow holds out just a little longer as I am really happy to still get to walk outside at the moment. 
     Just so that you don't have to suffer too much over my 'beautiful' card I will share this picture of Boo from Friday morning.  She was playing in Mitchell's room early in the morning and she knocked over his little carrier that he puts his books in to protect them from everything. (Yes, he is obsessive over his books.) So he had his books on his end table and Boo decided that this would be the perfect time to cuddle up in his bag.  She is so silly and we just love having her.

I don't think Boo liked my flash at this point..  lol
      Ok guys, I am going to go see if I have any talent what so ever today and try to get some of my design team cards done for the week.  Have a wonderful Sunday and I will talk at you all tomorrow. 
Hugs, Lisa G

stamps- Holiday Anya-TGF & sentiment Handy Christmas Greetings-AmyR Stamps-ATS
cs-Neenah, Pure Poppy-PTI & kraft-the paper studio
dp-Holly Jolly-MME
ink-Tuxedo Black-Momento
Spellbinders & MFT-open edge die
sheer ribbon-details & Accessories
stickles-xmas red & diamonds
dress & holly-E19-G99

Thursday, November 10, 2011

TGIF That means Friday Spy-Day.....

Good morning everyone.
Elena's awesome card....
      I am typing this on my laptop while I am trying to get my pc to let me load the pictures of my card that I made for the Friday Spy Day over on the Farm Fresh Challenge blog.  Margie picked an adorable card from 'theredhairedgirl'  this week and it was so much fun to CASE this card, as you can use it for just about anything.  If you are wondering what I mean, be sure to head over to the FFF challenge blog and get a look at the awesome cards the girls have made.  OMWord, they are all just fantastic and I can't get enough of looking at each and every one of them.  lol....
     When I first got a look at Elena's card my first thought was of spring, and summer all together.  Then I thought that I would like to use some of my Christmas papers (as I have a ton at the moment, sssshhhhh...) and see what I could do to that.  Well I of course had to grab Summer from the Roll Call set and give her a warm outfit, so Paul gave up his warm gym suit so that Summer could walk out in the cool air and check out all the early Christmas Lights that some of her neighbors have already put up.
    I kept her hands in her jacket pockets so that she would stay warm and I think she looks just adorable with the little bit of a mouth that I drew in for her.  (Thanks Amy for all the tutorials over the last couple of years.)  Then what do you know she looks like she has been out on a walk with her rosy little cheeks, lol... I love how it turned out.  I even fussy cut the lable off the back of the paper pad to use as my title on my card.  Not too bad for a fun little card of a cure little girl that no matter what gets her walks in.....   Now, if I can get this computer to let me get my pictures in I will get a move on and get this day started so that I can have my weekend off to play.   :O)  lol...
     Have a great day everyone and I will talk at you later.
Hugs, Lisa G

stamps-Roll Call-Summer & Paul-WS Collection 1-TGF
cs-Neenah & the paper studio
dp-Holly Jolly Christmas-ep
stickles-holly, xmas red, broken china, orange peel & frosted lace
Spellbinders-classic ovals large & classic scalloped ovals large
Christmas bulbs-CC Designs-die
Copic Markers:
gym suit & shoes-R37-W1

Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty, Little Ball of Fur...

Happy Kitty, Sleepy Kitty, Pur pur pur.....

Good morning everyone. 
     I am going to be taking a short day off from my blog this week.  I got home late last night and just curled up the couch with a warm blanket until it was time to go to bed.  It seems that even though we set our clocks back one hour this last weekend Lucy did not.  Yesterday was the fifth day in a row that she decided to wake me up at 3:30am.  I would then get up and let her out of our bedroom, climb back into our nice warm comfy water bed only to have her start meowing at our door to be let back in.  As  I am a push over,  I would let her in and then she would want to play on my end table (I can not stand that) so out she would go again.  Luckily for Lucy she would settle back down to sleep about 4:30am...  As you all know I get up between 5 and 5:30am most mornings, so this has not been an ideal way for me to spend an hour in the early mornings.  So with that very very long explanation I decided last night that I would just do nothing and let myself enjoy it.  :O) 
     I will be back tomorrow with a new card that I made as we have a great card for you all to  CASE this week,  and I can not wait to share it with you all.  I hope you all have a great day and I will talk at you tomorrow.   Until then I wanted to share a little snapshot I took of Boo the other day while I was cleaning my desk.  I think I must have worn the poor little girl out. lol....
                                                           Hugs, Lisa G

Boo, all tuckered out...

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Retro-Fresh is going Blue/Berry!

Hi guys,  I hope that your week is going good so far.  As most of you know today is our November Retro-Fresh Challenge over on The Greeting Farm's Farm Fresh Challenge blog.  We are going Blue/Berry... What does that mean you ask?  Well it simple means that we are challenging you to make a card/project using Blue and Berry colors.  Think pinks, berry sorbet or melon mombo....  :O)  
When I got the calender for today's challenge I knew right away what paper pad I wanted to use.  I had just gotten my new 'be Merry' paper pad by MME, and I love, love the color combos and the fact that it is  non traditional Christmas colors.  I also needed to make a thank you card and I just new that Beanie Anya was the girl for me.  lol.. She is dressed just perfectly to go with the papers and yet not really be a Christmas card. I was thinking  more of a winter / I am happy the snow is not falling yet, kind of card.   I truly had so much fun with this card and my Anya stamp.  It just really gets you back into the mood to use those stamps that you love and had to have and kind of forget when the newest ones hit your mailbox.  lol...
Ok guys, be sure to check out Jessica's post for this months challenge over on the FF Challenge Blog.   She has a link that will give you a list of all the qualifying stamps for this one.  Thanks for joining us with all the fun.  We really are having a great time seeing everyone's cards and projects. 

Don't forget that the December Guest Designer contest ends 11/10, so make sure to get your entries into Jess before the big reveal of Phase 1 on our Facebook page on Friday, 11/11 !

What's more? Please join us at 7pm CST on Friday, November 11th in our SCS Forum for our First-EVER TGF "Customer Challenge and Chit-Chat" night! Our first night will be a Movie Theme event so pop some popcorn, grab your favorite candy, and join us for LIVE chatter, trivia, and a challenge with our first Customer Hostess to be revealed shortly! :O)
If  your not able to join us for the live chat no worries- we will be doing these at different times of day to include our overseas friends when we can.  Challenge will be open ALL weekend, too, so there will be time for EVERYONE to play!  We'll wrap up about 10pm CST or whenever we conk out-but for now, get ready to join us for a night at the movies!

See you soon!   Hugs, Lisa G

stamps- beanie Anya & sentiment from 'Roll Call'-TGF
dp-be Merry-MME
Spellbinders-standard circles small, lacey circles & ribbon banners
Cuttlebug embossing folder-swiss dots-PC
sheer ribbon-details & accessories
Momento inks-Tuxedo Black & Desert Sand

Monday, November 7, 2011

Merry Christmas to ewe...

Hi guys.
     I hope that your week is off to a great start.  Wow were we busy at work yesterday. OMG!  lol....
I am glad however that my DH is so understanding and has no problem with me coming home from a hard work day to sit down and color for just a little bit.  He is very good about cooking dinner, so all I have to do is visit with my M&Ms for a while and then I can unwind with a little bit of coloring.   hehe, You'd think I was still a kid.  Seriously though it does help me to unwind and then I am good to go with any homework problems that are still lurking in their binders.  lol....
     As I am still feeling a little under the weather I decide to use a couple of these cute little CC Design stamps that I purchased from ATS.  I just love how cute the ewe looks sitting on the Christmas tree ornament.  I then pulled out one of my MME paper pads and before I knew it my card was ready to go.  I am trying out a few new techniques and ways of coloring, so please don't look too close as I am still practicing. 
     Ok guys, I had better hit the sack so that I can be well rested to go to work tomorrow and provide people with their medications.  lol..   Hope you all have an Awesome Tuesday, (don't forget Glee tonight!!!)  Talk at you tomorrow.
Hugs, Lisa G

stamps-C.C. Designs-"Merry Christmas to Ewe" & Ornament Ewe-ATS
cs-Neenah & the paper studio
dp-the merry days of Christmas-MME
sheer ribbon-details & Accessories
pearls-from Susana(thanks Susana)
spellbinders-standard circles small
Momento ink-Tuxedo Black, Rhubarb Stalk & Desert Sand
punch 1"-ek
Copic Markers
silver stickles

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Monday Fun-day over at the Farm Fresh Challenge Blog...

Good morning everyone. 
      I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend.  We started ours off with a visit from my Cousin and his Wife (the M&M's Godparents).  It is always fun to have them come over and visit.  My Mom and Dad came over as well and we spent the better part of the evening chatting and have a great time just enjoying with each other.   I am excited for Christmas to get here as we have plans to go to their  house for the week after Christmas and enjoy their ranch/country home.  It is going to be so much fun!  :O) 
     The bad part of my weekend was waking up Saturday morning with Jerry's cold.  It would appear that he was nice enough to share it with me..  :O)  I sure felt like someone had punched me in the chest.  I tried to be up and get some crafting done, but all in all I ended up spending most of Saturday in bed with my cat/dog Lucy at my legs keeping me company.  I did feel a little better yesterday,  but I am still taking my DayQuil and NyQuil to help me get over this. lol....
     So as you all know it is Monday and over on the Farm Fresh Challenge Blog that means Monday Fun-day.   I am the one hosting it today and so I came up with the idea that we need to make a card or project using no design paper and one ribbon.  You can do what ever you want,  just don't grab any of that beautiful DP that I know we are all buying and hoarding right now.  lol... 
     Sound like a fun challenge to you?   Be sure to head over and check out what my fellow team mates have come up with and then give it a go.  Just have fun with this one.  heeheee...
     For my card I really wanted to pull out a couple of my newest paper pads, but I resisted the urge and used one of my Spellbinders Edgeabilites instead.  I then inked them up with similar colors and made my own paper patterns.  I hope you like. 
     Well guys, I am heading back to be bed.  I can't wait to see every one's cards and or projects.  I hope that you all have a great Monday and I will talk at you tomorrow. 
Hugs, Lisa G

stamps-I Heart Sweaters Anya & set-TGF
Spellbinders-Wonky rectangles & Edgeabilities-classic postage stamp
sheer ribbon-details & Accessories
Momento inks-Dandelion, Cantaloupe, Tangelo, Desert sand, Rhubarb stalk, Rich cocoa & Tuxedo black
Copic Markers: