Thursday, April 29, 2010


Sorry about the dark picture of the inside. I don't know what happened there.

Hi guys. No, you are not seeing things. This is actually a new post. I am sorry to have been missing for the last two weeks. As most of you know our Daughter has been sick. We spent most of Sunday night and Monday morning back in the ER. They showed me the x-rays and I could see how the viral infection has moved to her lungs. As scary as that is I am very happy to say that they gave her some super strong anti-inflammatory meds that seem to have helped her. She is feeling much better. We are hoping to get her back to school Monday. I think she needs that extra day to rest. lol...Moms!
Ok, on to this card. This is one of my TGF cares cards that I made for the drive. I wanted to use one of the Forest Friends. I just think they are so cute. Well I have to get going bedtime and kids call. Just wanted to get something up to share. Hope to talk at you soon. Hugs, Lisa G
stamps-Forest Friends & Fancy Fleurs-TGF
cs-PTI-white & craft
pp-Garden Variety-Cosmo Cricket mini deck
clear flower-ghost shapes-Heidi Swapp
butterfly & gems-bead party
stickles-yellow & orange peal- Ranger
Copics- E13-E15-E18-R00-R20-E000-E0000

Friday, April 23, 2010


This is the swatch that I got my colors from...

Good morning guys.
I am going to make this a quick one. I have to work today, but I wanted to get this card posted before I have to leave. First let say "Thank You" to everyone. Madison is doing better. She hasn't made it back to school yet, and she is still waking up in pain around 2am everyday. I really don't understand any of this. She is taking the anti-inflammatory that they prescribed, but it doesn't seem to be helping at bedtime.
Ok, I said quick so here she is. This is a card I was working on Saturday before all he** broke loose! It is of course one that I made for the TGF Cares Card Drive. I used the awesome Spotlight Anya. (so glad I bought her!) I was playing with the multi-striped stamp and my MS stamp pad and that is how I came up with the colors for this one. I didn't end up using the stamped stripes, but I really like how this one came out.
Got to go. Have a great Friday. Hugs, Lisa G
stamps-Spotlight Anya
pp-Just Chillin-makingmemories
pearls & flower-eline-Prima
gem-Bead Party
Copic Markers:

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Hi guys, I am so sorry that I haven't been around this week. First let me say "thank you" to all of you that have expressed their concerns for Madie and our family. She is doing better. We still have not gotten her strong enough to hit school and the books, but we are hoping for tomorrow. lol... She really is a lot better and very thankful to know somewhat of what is going on.

Ok, I am heading to bed and wanted to drop you all a quick line. I wanted to share with you all of these goodies that the wonderfully talented Angela is giving away. If you haven't already, be sure to check out her blog . You are going to be blown away by just how talented she is. Talk at you tomorrow. Hugs, Lisa G

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Hi guys. I am sorry to say that I don't have a card for you this morning. We spent most of yesterday evening up until almost 2am in the E.R. with Madison. She started to have chest pains and after trying to calm her down they did not go away so we took her in. After several tests, blood work and a chest ex ray they told us that she has an infection around her heart. Needless to say she is a little freaked out at the moment. She can not go to school until Wednesday nor can she run around and play. They want her to stay either on the couch or in bed. They told us that if it gets any worse that they will ship her up to Spokane to stay in one of the major hospitals there. Spokane is about 100 miles away which scared my poor girl real bad.
On a different note I am also having a hard time signing into my blog. Is anyone else? How do I know is I have the new blogger or not?
Well thanks for listening to me. I am gonna go check on my baby. Hopefully I will chat at you tomorrow. Hugs, Lisa

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Hello everyone. Happy Saturday to you all. If you thought that yesterdays post was quick you might not want to blink as this is going to be even, running off to work and I didn't remember to take all of my pictures last night before heading off to dream land. I will try to get back later today with my supply list. Anyway today's card is one that I made for the TGF cares card drive. I started off with an idea in my mind of how I wanted it to look and then it decided that it was going to be a music related card. hehee. That's ok, as I really like how it turned out. Ok guys, have a great day and I will talk at you later. Lisa G

Friday, April 16, 2010


Hi guys. This is going to be Uber quick! I won't even have time to give you the deets today. I have an early day at work, and I didn't change my alarm so I am running soooo behind this morning. I know it is shocking, but this card is NOT a TGF cares card. It is one that I made for a friend that is not having a good time at the moment. Have great day. Hugs, Lisa

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Happy Tax day to everyone. I hope that everyone is having a great day so far. Our day yesterday was wonderful. It got to about 64 degrees without any wind...The lack of wind is a major thing for us here in the basin. lol...Anyway it was so nice we were able to open the windows and take off our coats while we were outside. I just love spring. Everything is so new and the birds sound so happy singing to each other. Today it is suppose to get up in the 70's , so it should be another great day. I have to work all day, but I will get to enjoy it on my lunch.
Today's card in another one that I made for the TGF Cares Card Drive. I am having a great time playing with my stamps. Some I haven't played with for awhile and a couple are new. heehee...Speaking of which, today card is made with Spotlight Anya. She is just so darn adorable! I love her hair and everything about her. I made this card out of teals and greens. It is a combo that I don't usually use, but I wanted to work with this paper. Well, I hope you enjoy her. Have a great day. Just think, it's almost Friday once again! Yay! Hugs, Lisa G
stamps-Spotlight Anya & Fancy Fleurs-TGF
cs-Neenah classic crest & Best Occasion-white
pp-Just Chillin-makingmemories 6x6 paper pad
gems-Martha Stewart
Copic Markers:

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Hi guys. Wow is it late for me today, and you know that means a quick post. I think you can guess by now that this is going to be another card for the TGF cares card drive. I was digging through my stash when I came across this wonderful Angel Anya that I had colored, but ended up not using. I decided that she was just too sweet to leave her in that drawer, so I put her together with some butterfly paper that I also had in my stash and tadaaa....a card is made. lol... Seriously, it was fun one to put together and I hope it will bring a smile to someone. Well, I am out of time. Got to wake up those kiddies. Talk at you tomorrow, Lisa G
stamps-Angel Anya & Mcsplendid farm-TGF
pp-Carolee's Creations-butterfly patterns
Copic Markers

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Hi guys. I am going to make this a quick one today. I have a few things to help my kids with before school, so I better get to it. I hope that you all had a great start to your week. I had a great day at work, but I was so tired that I actually went to bed before 9:30pm.. Way early for me!
It must be because I know I would need the extra sleep so that I will be rested for Glee tonight. Yes, it is finally the season premiere of Glee and we don't have to be anywhere or do any shopping tonight. I am so excited..I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve. Is it 9:28pm yet? I just can't wait.
Ok, ok I know I said quick today. Here we go. This is yet another card for the TGF Cares Card Drive. This time I used My guy Ian as I am sure there are older kids in need of a card as well. I also found my wonderful Heidi Swapp edge distresser this weekend, so I just had to put it to use one this card. I had a great time coming up with this one, and I hope you like it also.
Have a wonderful day, and if you love Glee I hope you get home and get the chance to watch it tonight. :D Hugs, Lisa G
stamps-My Guy Ian
cs-GinaK pure luxury & enchanted evening-PTI
pp-Just Chillin-makingmemories
brad-Karen Foster
edge distresser-Heidi Swapp
Copic Markers:

Monday, April 12, 2010


Hi guys. Can you believe it is already Monday? It seems like the weeks are just flying by... Well at least it will be summer soon and for the kids and I that means SWIMMING! Yay, I love coming home from work and hitting our pool. We have so much fun. I swear the kids and I could all be fish... When Madison was about four years old we lived in an apartment and she would spend a ton of time in our master bedroom bathtub. She would pretend that she was a mermaid and sing while she would play. One time she had been in the tub for quite a long time so I just could not help but tease went in and told her that she should get out because it was not good to spend that much time in water. She could tern into a fish. Well, she of course did not believe this so I assured her that it was true that I had , had an older brother that we lost when he became a fish. She told me no way, her Uncle Rick was not a fish. I couldn't help myself so I told her we didn't talk about him because it was just to hard and that she never met him because we had taken him to the ocean and let him go. No matter what I said she still did not believe me, so I called my Mom (who is really good at picking up on my tales..) and asked her to finally explain to Madison about her lost Uncle. Well Madi got onto the phone with my Mom and I was laughing so hard that I was crying. This only added to Madison finally believing the whole story. When I finally owned up to it not being true I got the inevitable "Mommmmm!" I am sorry to talk about it for so long, but I just remembered it, and even today when I think about it I laugh so hard. She now thinks it is funny also, but you should have seen her face for that split second that she considered that it could be true. LMBO...
Ok, I will finally get to it. My card today is yet another one that I made for the TGF Cares Card Drive. I decided that I needed to make some with Ian for the boys that might need cards also. My goal is to use each one of my TGF stamps to send for this card drive. I really think it is a great cause. I also made this one to use for the Farm Fresh Friday card. I used some old metal rectangle (can not think of what it is called or even what company made it.). I also used brads on this one. I haven't used brads in a very, very long have a ton of them in a ton of colors. I remember just having to have them.
Well, if you are still there I had better get my bottom in gear and get ready for work. I hope you have an awesome start to your week, and I will talk at you tomorrow. Lisa G
stamps-Soldier Ian-TGF
cs-white-GP, craft-ATS
pp-military camouflage-Kaisercrsft
metal frame & brads-my stash
Copic Markers:
goggles & boots-C3-C5-C7-C10-110

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Good morning everyone. I hope that your Sunday is off to a good start. Did you have a fun Saturday? I had a great one spent with the kids and Jerry. We played some card games went to the grocer together and watched the movie Battlestar Golactica... I also managed to make a couple more cards for the Charity Card Drive over at TGF. I don't know what it is, but I am just so happy when I am making these cards and they are all going together so nicely.
I did however make this card to be part of Amy R's Friday sketch. I love to see her sketches, they always give me such inspiration. Like I mentioned last week, check out Amy's blog here.
Ok guys, as it is Sunday and I have lots to do I will get going. Hope to see you tomorrow. Have a great day! Hugs, Lisa G
stamp-Dressy Ebony-digi-TGF
cs-C.C.Designs-Copic quality card stock-ATS & Scarlett Jewel-PTI
pp-lemonade-BasicGrey paper pad
designer pearls e.- Prima
distress ink-peeled paint-Ranger/Tim Holtz
Copic Markers:
dress & jacket-G20-06melon spica-R83-R85-R89-21lipstick spica

Saturday, April 10, 2010

THANK YOU, thank you, Thank You...

Good morning my fellow bloggers. I hope you that your weekend it going good so far. Mine started last night at about 6:25pm. That would be the time I finally got out of work and headed home to my family. It always puts me in a good mood to know that I will be seeing Jerry and the kids. As you can tell they are my life and I try to remember to thank God for them each and everyday.
Sorry to put a downer to my post this morning, but someone I know had a tragedy this past week with one of their children and it has really made me take a closer look at what is important to me. It is not the fact that at times money seems to be in short supply. It is not the fact that someone put me in a bad mood at work. It is not the fact that I wasn't able to buy the new stamp set that I wanted. It is my family and my friends that mean everything. So, I will get on with it and thank you all for coming to see my little corner of the world and for being so kind with all of your sweet comments.
I have to tell you that Madison and I were coloring the other night in bed and she asked if I would color one of her Lisa Frank pictures. They really are very cute. I just love the huge eyes one them. She has notebooks out and you can download her pictures for free off the Internet. Well, when I got done coloring I decided that there really was not reason that I could use her in a card just like I do with my digi stamps. Sooooo here is my Lisa Frank card. She is one happy girl because she has been on a shopping spree. I think she must have been in L.A. as all of her packages have tissue paper in them just to keep her wonderful purchases safe until she can get them home. Where, I imagine she will spreed them all out on her bed just so that she can admire them once again. lol...
Have a super Saturday all. Please forgive my little speech, I just needed to voice my sadness for this family's loss. Please keep them in your prayers. Thanks so much everyone. Hugs, Lisa G
Copic Markers
Lisa Frank pictures-internet
pp-Just Chillin-makingmemories paper pad
rub-ons-makingmemories-Card Sayings
buckle-misc stash

Friday, April 9, 2010


Hi guys. Yes!~ It is Friday... I just know that I can make it through this day... heehee. I hope that your day is off to a great start. I am up early this morning and hoping to get an outfit for Madison put together this morning as today is 80's day at their school and of course I was not told about it until last night at 10:45pm. hmmmmm. I also have to help Mitchell type up a report this morning as he worked on it until really late last night. We finally had to make him go to bed as he was no longer making any sense when he was talking to us. He is my early to rise and early to bed little one. Anytime after 9pm and he just can not function. So, I am trying to get everything done before that magic time when the three of us head out the door. lol...I know it will get done. I just hope with little to no tears. (They are both preteens and tears seem to be a part of our daily routine lately.) Especially my own.
Well, I am really having a blast with TGF Care's Charity Card Drive. I decided that today's card is going to be for a tomboy kind of girl, so I of course used WS-Audry. She is just perfect for the rough and tough kinda sweet girl. I also decided that WeRMemory Keeper's 72 and sunny paper would be just right for the whole thing. Well it is getting to be that time so I will wish you a happy Friday once again and talk at you later. Lisa G
cs-GP & Summer Sunrise-PTI
pp- embossed stickers-72 and sunny-WeRMemory Keepers
Copic Markers:
clothes & hat-G21-G24-E44-E43-YR24

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Good morning guys. I am so happy today is Thursday. Just one more day and it's the weekend. I don't know, it has just been a very snarky week. (Can't think of a better word) The weird thing is that even though my week has not been the best my creative mojo has really been in overdrive.. :D That makes me very happy. lol...I have really been having a good time making these cards for the Charity Card drive over at TGF. That leads me to my card for today. I decided to use my little WS-Charlotte-digi. I just love this stamp. I hope that one day TGF will make her into rubber. Pretty please with sugar on top. heehee...
I colored Charlotte with my Copics and I used Suzanne Dean's suggestions on the colors to use. If you like to watch videos on various ways of using your Copics you need to check Suzanne out. She has videos on her blog and she also has classes that you can purchase that are packed full of info. So if you don't know Suzanne you can check her out here...
Grrrr. I just noticed that Charlotte's checks and mouth area look like they have dirt on them, but it must be how the picture came out. I just took them last night around 9, so the light wasn't that great. She does not look like this in real life. :( Well guys I better get going. Have a great day. Talk at you tomorrow, Lisa G
cs-Neenah classic crest & craft -ATS
pp-lemonade paper pad-BasicGrey
bow easy
Copic Markers:
clothes-YG03-YG25-R32-R89-R85-R83-Spica 15peach & 20chocolate