Friday, April 3, 2015

My Style Stamps-DT card....

     Wow, can you guys believe that Easter is this Sunday?  I have been so busy with work, Weddings (My Wonderful Nephew got married on April 1st), Spring Break & a mini Vacation as well as a wonderful Spring Cold that I really just didn't realize it was already here.  lol... Seriously, I just realized it was this Sunday as I was cleaning off my desk this morning and marking things on my wall calendar. 
    However, even though Easter is upon us I have a non Easter card I want to share today because I just really love how this one turned out.  I might have to post a couple more times in the next day or two as I have a ton of cards that I have made for the store that I just haven't managed to get on the computer yet.  Grrrr... What's a mom/crafter/wife to day?  :O)  
     Moving right along...  For your viewing pleasure I have this card I made from the AWESOME stamp set 'Coffee Lovers' from MMS.  I am so glad to have finally been able to pick this set up from Nicole as she sold out of it right away on our release day.  When I got it in the mail I instantly when to town with it.  I know I love me a great Latte and I love to get smoothies just like the next person, but my family LOVE'S Icees. Yes, it can be an Icee it can be a slushy it can even be a Slurpy (my ALL TIME FAVE!), but ultimately they just love them. 
     We all have our own favorite flavors.  My hubby has to have a Coke one, my Daughter and I both prefer the Blue Raspberry and well my Son he loves them all and most times he has to put both the Wild Cherry and the Blue Raspberry together.  lol... I love a kid that knows his own tastes and sticks to them.  So when I decided to make my Icee card I wanted it to have all of us represented on the front of the card.  Then I pulled out the stamp set 'Warm Thoughts' for the sentiment on the inside of my card.  Needless to say, he really love the card.  
     Even though this is a DT card and I used mostly My Style Stamps for this card I do want to mention that I used my LF 'Quinn's ABCs' to get the ICEE on the front of this card.  It was so easy to do and if you 'Google' Icee, you'll find 100s of pictures showing their logo and whatnot.  As I said, it was easy to stamp and hand cut these out as the logo isn't perfect. I know we have all gotten where we love having matching dies for our stamps, but sometimes it's just too much money to get both so I try to not let that get in the way of my creativity. 
     One last thing before I let you go. be sure to check out My Style Stamps Blog.  Carol is ever so sweet and she works really hard to put up all our DT projects, cards and all.  So be sure to head over and give her some love.  Don't forget you can find us on Facebook and play along as well. We would love to see you there.
     Ok guys, if you've lasted this long with me I thank you ever so much.  I know I am a talker,  and can go on and on, so I will wish you all a very HAPPY EASTER if you celebrate it. 
     Talk at you later.
Hugs LisaG