Thursday, March 31, 2011


Ok guys I am going to start today's post with a woe is me story. I have to tell you that I came home from work last night and sat down to color Sagittarius from the Sweet November Stamps that I purchased from ATS. It was going so well. I was so relaxed and began to cut her out so that I could start constructing my card. I was down to cutting out the little curl of her hair and pulled out the old craft knife to get the job done. Mind you, I have done this so many times on my glass cutting mat it is just not funny. I was down to the last little cut and for some strange reason my finger on my right hand (I am right handed) decided to get in the way. I cut a nice line right down the middle from the first joint to the second joint. I honestly don't know what I did. I think that the knife slipped out of my grasp and slid up the finger... Even now I am not certain what happened. I turned around and asked Jerry to help me as it was bleeding pretty good. I am not mortally wounded, I just didn't want to get blood on my image. She is all done and I very happy with how she turned out. However I couldn't finish my card. Gggrrr! (It will be done for tomorrow's post!)

So because Sagittarius is on hold for a day I want to share a little embellishment that I made to put on my Copic color book that I made quite a while ago. I am going to try it again as I was impatient and the Glossy Accents ended up with some bubbles that I just have to work out.

I feel so bad, I almost forgot the most important thing about today.... It is my DH's (Jerry's) 46th Birthday today. Happy Birthday Jerry! The M&Ms and I all love you very much.

Ok guys, I better get a move on. I still have to wrap Jerry's present and I am so going to give it to him this morning as I can't believe I have waited this long.... lol Talk at you tomorrow.

Hugs, Lisa G

stamp- Sasha-The Creepin Crew Collection 1-TGF
cs-neenah classic crest solar white
metal circle from cinnamon rolls on the weekends (Jerry always washes them for me. I used to use them for paint or glue spots. lol)
Glossy Accents
sheer ribbon-details & accessories
Spellbinders-Nestabilities-standard circle small
Copic Markers:

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Hi guys.
I want to start off this morning by saying thank you to all of you for taking your time to stop by my blog, and for all the very sweet comments that you leave. You really have no idea how much I appreciate it. It truly is one of the things that I look forward to seeing after I get home from my day at work. lol... I also wanted to share that I just noticed that I am coming up on 100 subscribers. Wow ! I am at 91 subscribers right at the moment, and I think that I am going to have to put together some candy for when I hit the 100 mark. :O) I can not wait. I have actually been collecting goodies for just this occasion.

Ok, I will get to my card for today. I really didn't know what I wanted to do for this one. All I really knew was that I wanted to use Noah from the Creeper Crew collection 1. He is just so cute! I colored this cool dude up and the next thing I knew he was out walking on the sidewalk just enjoying that wonderful sunshine of Spring and dreaming of palm trees and the warm breeze. lol.... I loved coloring his hair. It is just so fun to see it come to life. I am actually proud of how it came out. I hope that you all have a great day. Talk at you tomorrow.
Hugs, Lisa
Supplies: stamps-Noah & sentiment-Creepin Crew Collection1-TGF & leaves background-Stampers Best stamped with Memento/tuxedo black on Neenah classic crest solar white kraft-thePaper studio & summer sunrise-TPI dp-Vicki B-BoBunny 6x6 paper pad hemp cord-crafters square Spellbinders-Nestabilities-classic rectangles-large fluid chalk-olive pastel-ColoBox Copic Markers: skin-E50-E51-R00 hair-E50-E31-E27-YR24 eyes-YG63-YG61 pants-B95-B91 flip flops-E39-E43-E44 shirt & beads-YR21-YR31-E39 sidewalk-W3-W2-W0 grass-YG25-YG67 & Olive mulitliner

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Hi guys. I hope your day is off to a great start. I am super busy this morning before I have to head to work so I will get right to my news and card for the day. When I got home last night I found my ATS order sitting on my desk. Yes, I kissed my DH and the M&Ms first and I even said hello to Lucy before I sat down to look like I was casually looking at what was inside the package. heehee.... I was very excited as I was able to pick up two more of the awesome Sweet November Stamps by Amy Young. This time I purchased Virgo and Sagittarius. These ladies are so pretty and they can be used for so many different kinds of cards. (LOVE THEM!) I can not wait till I have all of them. Along with the stamps I also picked up the next MME Stella & Rose -Hattie 6x6 paper pad. Very cute, Love the blues. Last but by far not least I purchased the Kaisercraft Utopia paper pad. WOW, this came with 2 foil papers, 10 specialty and 1 flocked. It also had 4 sheets of die cuts. I usually don't spend over $5 on a pad, but I thought I would give this one a shot. Let me just say "I am sooooo Happy that I did." This pad is loaded with the prettiest papers that I have seen for some time. Love, love it. Ok, let me get to my card for the day. I of course had to play with some of that wonderful MME paper that I have been obsessed with lately and I couldn't think of a better girl to get in the mood with it as much as Friday from the Creeper Crew. She is just a super happy girl (and why not? I mean her name is Friday.) and she is so so adorable. I also see her as a spunky red head, so I used my friend Amy Young's color combo to color her hair. I really love how this curly red hair comes together. You can see Amy's great video here to get a better idea on how she does it. I then put some of the great buttons from Basicgray to add a little kick to the whole card. I have to say that I really had fun making this one and I love how it turned out just like I envisioned it. lol... As you can see I am also trying out some of the different skin tones, and I think I love this one. It doesn't even look blotchy to me. Yay! Well guys have a great day. I hope that the sun is shining on you no matter where you are today. Talk at you tomorrow.
Hugs, Lisa G


stamp- Friday-Creeper Crew-TGF
stamped on Neenah classic crest solar white
cs-kraft-the Paper studio
dp-Stella & Rose-Mabel-MME
rub-ons-card sayings-Makingmemories
Copic Markers:
headband & backpack-B06-B04
shirt & shoes-YG61-C5-C3

Monday, March 28, 2011


Hi guys. I hope that you have all had a great weekend. We had some rain in the evenings, but the days were sunny and you could actually go outside without a coat on. As I mentioned yesterday, I really didn't do much this weekend, but I did get some cards made so I am pretty happy about that.

I am going to get to my card right away as you know how busy Monday mornings tend to be here for my family... I wanted to make a card for the FFF Spring Break challenge over on the Greeting Farm blog. I didn't have the super cute Surfer Anya, (waiting so impatiently for her to be available. lol...) so I wanted to bring the sunshine feel in with just a sweet Anya. I decided to go with non other than Angel Anya. I just wiped away her halo and her wings and she was ready to hit Spring break with her sweet little hand pieced dress. lol... I like the idea of a sweet spring break not the kind that you hit the beaches of Florida with. Sooooo.... I just had to pull out my second Stella & Rose paper pad of Gertie. Yes, I am super obsessed with these new papers from MME. I am expecting the blue pad ( I think it is called Hattie) from ATS any day now and I can not wait!

I have to say that I really like how this card turned out.

Well, I hope that you all have a great start to your week. I will talk at you tomorrow.
Hugs, Lisa G
stamps-Angel Anya-TGF & CC Designs-Spring Release-AmyR-ATS
stamped on Neenah classic crest solar white cs-white-The paper Studio dp-Stella & Rose-Gertie-MME gems-Recollections boarder punch-MS crinkle ribbon-Mae arts-ATS Spellbinders-Nestabilities-Standard circles small & Decorative Elements-Lacey circles Copic: skin-E51-E50-E53-R01 hair-YR0000-YR24-Y32-Y23 dress & bow-paper pieced with MME paper-Gertie

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Good morning everyone.
I hope that you are having a great weekend. I have had the last 3 & 1/2 days off, but it felt like Sunday all day yesterday and I really haven't felt up to snuff this whole weekend. I had so much to do Friday and I just could not get out of bed for most of the day. I will be so happy when the warm/hot weather gets here so that all the cold and flu bugs take a hike. I am really tired of feeling run down. I hate to complain about it, but I am just sick of not feeling good enough to get up and do what I want to do on my days off. Ggggrrr. Grumble, grumble.
Ok, pity party out of the way. I am feeling better this morning and we are getting ready to head to church so I will make this a fast one. I guess Lucy decided that she was having a bad day yesterday as well as she just wasn't her normal spunky little self either. It's always been so cool with her as when I am sick and stay in bed she is generally like a dog. She will lay on the foot of our bed and sleep with me. Well yesterday she wasn't well and so she just wanted to lay in my lap for most of the day (while I tried to get some crafting done) and knead away. It seems that she did adopt me as her Mom as I am the only one of us that she does this to. She will do it when the kids are crying or screaming about something or even when Jerry raises his voice. Jerry says it's because she knows I am Mom and she feels safe with me. I think it's because like the M&Ms I spoil her and I would never yell at her. lol...Yes, I am the softy in this household... Even the cat knows this. heehee...
Lucy did get some playing in yesterday. I was taking a break and trying to clean up my desk a little when Lucy decided to lay on my paper trimmer as usual. I had purchased some clearance underwear for the lace that it had on it. It was a 6 pack for $2 and it had all sorts of different colors of lace. I cut the lace off of all of them to use for projects in the future. You can't get lace like that for such a cheap price so I figured why not. They are brand new and clean so not a bad idea. Anyway, Lucy of course had to play with the lace right after I finished cutting the material off of them. (I didn't really like this color, so I let her play with it for a little while.) She finally got tuckered out and just took a nap. lol...
I also wanted to share with you guys that I received an email from The Greeting Farm this last week. They picked one of my cards to send to them for the 'a Card for a Stamp' program that they have. I am so excited! I had sent them a few of my cards by email before Christmas and I had just decided that they didn't like any of them so I was going to give them away. Boy am I happy that I hadn't gotten around to doing that yet. I am waiting till Monday to see if I win the new Surfer Anya from the blog hop and if not then I think that I will pick her as my stamp. Yay for me!
Well guys, I have talked on forever. I just wanted to fill you in on our week here in the Gobea house. I have been working on a few things for this coming week so I will talk at you tomorrow. Have a great Sunday.
Hugs, Lisa G

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Good morning all.
I hope your day is off to a great start. As you can tell I am running behind once a gain. I'm gonna blame it on no new Glee last night. Just can't function without my Glee. lol...
Ok, ok I am just not prepared. You caught me. I do have my card all ready to go for today so I am going to get right to it.
I was checking out CA&F and really wanted to play along with this week's Mystery Monday. I love the whimsical design to the card. I had already colored up my stamps and knew what papers I was using, so I thought "what the heck this will work perfectly for it."
I was having fun Saturday playing with Cheeky here and wanted to give her a nice hardwood floor and a lamp to to use while she was busy talking on the phone. I think she looks like any teenager that is busy talking it up with her BFF. lol...
Ok, I got to run. I don't even have a list of my supplies, but if you really need to know just shoot me an email and I will get it for you. Have a great day.
Hugs, Lisa G

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Hi guys.
I hope you all had a great Monday. I had so much to get done yesterday and I am still not feeling up to snuff, but I was able to get it all done with the help of my DH. We also attended the M&M's Spring Concert and it was so good. They did have one girl that fainted towards the end, but I am happy to say that she is doing ok and just got overheated with the lights and all. Poor thing. I felt so bad for her. I think she was more embarrassed than hurt. All in all it was a great time and when we walked out there were puddles everywhere. We must have had a good down poor while inside. I wish we had seen it. I love rain like that.
So, I am off to work again and getting back into the daily routine after my two and a half days off. lol...Kidding. I do have to mention that it would be so great if there was a new Glee on tonight, but we have to wait until April before they air a new episode. :O( I'll try to get by. lol... Glee is pretty much the only TV that I watch and even then Jerry is the one that makes sure that it is on. I couldn't even tell you what channel it is on. heehee
Ok, I have rambled on enough. I will get on with today's card. I was going through my stamps this weekend and I noticed that I had not yet gotten around to coloring up Miss Harlow. She is just so adorable and she has so much attitude that I felt she demanded some strong nature kind of papers with her. I just had to use my absolute favorite new Copic colors E87 & E81. As I said before I love, love these two new colors. They come out with a greenish tint and they just ROCK! Harlow even decided that she wanted to wear some eyeshadow that would highlight her beautiful face. lol... Sorry, just being weird again. I am trying to be sure and use the goodies that I bought on my trip last weekend. After all I don't think they should just sit in the drawer, so I am being really good about adding them when they fit the project.
I hope that you all have a super day. I will talk at you tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by and leaving such nice comments. They really mean a lot to me.
Hugs, Lisa G
stamps-Harlow-Creepin-Creeper Crew Collections 1-TGF & CC Design's AmyR-Autumn stamp kit_ATS
cs-Neenah & kraft-the Paper Studio
Spellbinders-Nestabilities-labels seventeen
bakers twine-Cappuccino-The Twinery-ATS
boarder punch-MS
fluid chalk-Colorbox-olive pastel & chestnut roan
Copic Markers;
jacket & hat-E87-E81(both new, LOVE!)
shirt & shoes-Y38-Y35-C3-C1

Monday, March 21, 2011


Good morning everyone.
I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Ours was great, nothing big just a nice relaxed day and a half. lol...
As you can see I am running so behind this morning. Sure I don't work this morning, but I still have a ton of things to get done and the kids to get to school. So let me get started. I was in the mood to color up my new stamp from Sweet November Stamps. She is so pretty, and she reminds me of a princess. Well, that got me to thinking that in the Spring one of the best things is to open up your windows and smell the fresh air and possibly some new Spring flowers as well. So that is exactly what Aries is doing. I wanted it to look like she has opened her window and just below that window is a flower box that is just blooming with pretty little flowers. (We won't think of the bees that there would be if Summer was here. lol...) I have to say that I really love how she turned out. I also really love my new paper pad of the Stella and Rose -Mabel by MME. OMGoodness, I so wish I had purchased two. Almost out of this one.
I also have to mention that I finally got the new Copics in the mail on Friday and I love them. I am so loving the new E's and the BG's as well. I remember last year when it was the big thing to get the quadruple 0's in all the colors and I thought who cares really, well now I see. heehee...
Ok, guys I better buggy. Have a great day. I hope wherever you are that the sun is shining.
Hugs, Lisa G
stamps-Aries-Sweet November Stamps-by Amy Young-ATS & CC Design's -AmyR's Sentiments-ATS
cs-Neenah & cream - The Paper Studio
dp-Stella & Rose-Mabel-MME
Spellbinders-labels sixteen
flowers-My Moments
sheer ribbon-Details & Accessories
Copic Markers:
hair-YR0000-Y32-Y23-YR24 & E23(NEW)

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Hi guys.
I hope you are all having a great weekend. Jerry is in the process of bugging me, so please forgive me for any misspelled words or whatnot. lol...
Anyway, I am somewhat (ok, VERY) irritated as I have had these pictures of Lucy since Wednesday morning for you all and I only have one good one and the rest look like she has cataracts. Ggggrrr! Don't you just feel bad for me and my major issues? I know, get over it. Ok, as I said I took these pictures of Lucy on Wednesday before I headed to work. Jerry and I were laughing and talking with Mitchell and I think that Lucy decided that she just wasn't getting enough attention so she got into this little box and started her meowing. She is always talking to us. When she was very little (two summers ago) she would love it to sleep in. So much so that even my Dad wouldn't take one to put his tools in as he thought that he would be depriving her of her bed. lol.... Mind you we always have a ton of these boxes in the summer as the kids live off of the Otter Pops. We only had one this last week as it helped the M&Ms when they had bronchitis.
As you can see Lucy really does not fit in her box anymore. She however stayed in long enough for me to take several pictures. I just did not notice that her eyes were so bad as I was using the double flash for red eye. I do have a red eye edit on my computer, but for some reason it isn't helping either. I am only adding the one bad picture as it really does show just how cramped she was and it makes her look like she has chipmunk cheeks. You can also see the little hairbands that Lucy and Jerry play fetch with just about every morning. She actually brings them back for him to shoot across the room for her. Now that I am taking a closer look at the pictures I think Jerry must have quit playing with her and she decided to drop her hairbands and get in the box. Silly cat!
Have a great day everyone. Talk at you tomorrow.
Hugs, Lisa G

Friday, March 18, 2011


TGIF, my blogging friends.
I am so happy that today is Friday. I do have to work tomorrow for a half day, but I have Monday off as the M&Ms have a concert and I am taking a planned VACATION day off! Little yay here. lol.... It has been so sunny lately and yesterday I didn't have to wear a coat again, so I am in a let's get ready for summer kind of mood. With that being said I decided to finally make a card with the newest of the Cheeky gals from TGF. I actually got her in the mail about week or two ago and colored her right up. I just really didn't know what I wanted to pair her with until last night. I love how she turned out except for her skin. I was going for an overall sun tanned look, but it came out kind like a bad over all fake n bake tan. lol... Oh well, I am continuing on my practice, practice practice mantra.
I am not sure where my brain was, but I guess that I forgot to take a picture of the inside and of my Copics that I used. :O) Long week!
As you can see I am running behind once again so I better get my motor running. (I know, I am in a weird mood today. baahaa ha) Have a great Friday and I will talk at you tomorrow.
Hugs, Lisa G

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Good morning everyone.
This is going to be a super quick post today as I have to work early and I have to go over and talk to the school about how best to help the M&Ms catch up on all of their lost time from being sick... I have so many things in my mind at the moment, I don't even think that I can write a complete sentence . Gggrrrrr! I won't go into details as I just don't think I can handle it at the moment.
I actually colored Sweet Anya about a month ago and I had the papers all picked out. I just forgot about her and she got lost in the confusion that is call my desk.;. lol... This last weekend when I got home I decided that she needed to get her time in the spotlight. I came up with some bling and a new Spellbinder square that I have. I have to say that even though it is a simple card I really like how it came out.
Don't you just love those little ringlets on Sweet Anya? She is just so sweet. heehee
Well that all I have today. Have a wonderful Thursday and I hope to see you back here tomorrow.
Hugs, Lisa G
stamps-Sweet Anya-TGF & CC Designs Sugar plum Spring kit-ATS
cs-Neenah classic crest solar white, Kraft-the Paper Studio
dp-Sugar Rush-BG
Spellbinders-Nestabilities-Lacey Squares
grosgrain ribbon-Offray
faux leather - stash
rhinestones strass-Studio 18
boarder punch-MS
fluid chalk-chestnut roan-ColorBox
Copic Markers

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Hi guys, did you get your Glee on last night? OMWonderful! I just loved last night's show. I am so over the top happy for Kurt. I think he so deserves to finally get his guy. They are so cute with each other. As for New Directions winning.. Yay! I told my DH while they were singing their song that no matter if they win or lose they had already won. Great Show!
Ok, back to real life. I am in a super great mood this morning. I was so excited to see that my package from ATS had come in the mail yesterday when I got home from work. There were only had two stamps in it, but they were my first two of the new Sweet November stamps by Amy Young. I love these stamps! You can use them as the Zodiac girls that she designed them to be or you can use Amy's trick of wiping off parts of the stamp and making these ladies into some of the prettiest girl stamps I have ever seen. If you didn't know it already these stamps are about 5x4 inches and make a great focal point on just about any card you can dream up. That is exactly what I did last night. I grabbed my new Leo stamp (she is both the M&M's sign) and I wiped off her freckles and her fuzzy ears. I love how she turned out. She may be a lion, but she is a very gentle natural girl that loves to have anything from the earth. She doesn't even wear blush, not her just the sweet pink of her natural cheeks. lol... She traded in her gold necklace for a hemp cord to hang her Zodiac charm from. She also picked my new FAVORITE 6x6 paper pad by MME (Mabel from the Stella & Rose collection). Got it on Saturday and I have to say I love this pad. If you like oranges and browns you must buy this one. You will love it.
After I colored her up and put her on my card I got to looking at her and I think I am going to have to make her again only this next time I am going to go with a more Tina Turner look. I think her hair would be perfect. lol...What can I say my mind does it's own thing. I can not believe how fast this card came together. I sat down to color her, stopped to watch Glee and before I knew it my card was done. I think it took me longer to load my pictures than to make this card. lol...
If you haven't purchased any of these stamps yet I am telling you to run (don't walk) over to All That Scraps and pick some up. You will love playing with them all. I was able to also pick up Aries as well, and I can not wait to get some more.
Have super day. Talk at you tomorrow.
Hugs, Lisa G
stamps-Leo-Sweet November stamps by Amy Young-ATS & Fancy Fleurs-TGF
cs-Neenah & kraft-The Paper Studio
dp-Mabel-Stella & Rose collection_MME
corner punch
boarder punch-MS
hemp cord-crafter square
Copic Markers:

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Good morning all. I hope that your week is off to a great start. We sure had some winds yesterday, but the sun was out all day, so who can complain right? lol...
Well I thought that I should finally share my photos of my small haul from our trip on Saturday. We had a great time! It was warm enough that we didn't need jackets and the sun was out until we were heading home. It was a perfect day!
As you all know it was my first time in Hobby Lobby and I loved it. By the way if you live in Washington State I found out just today that there is also a Hobby Lobby in Spokane now as well.. I feel like I have lived on an island for 10 years. heehee.... They have so many paper pads and everything else. They didn't have any 6x6 paper pads, so I ended up buying some envelope /card packs that were on sale. Great deal! Because I was lucky enough to get to take this trip I wanted to purchase a little something for the M&Ms and Jerry as well. While we were at HL I was able to get Jerry some model paint and Madison some polymer clay (the bake kind) to make food for her Barbies.
Once we headed to Michaels I found the perfect truck model for Mitchell to work on. The kids were really pleased to get something from my trip... We had fun at Michaels, but it was super crowded and they were in the process of remodeling to compete with HB. Not a lot of great deals there, but I did manage to stock up on adhesive for my ATG and a few pop dots as well.. Made me happy as I was running super low on a lot of my staples for card making. I reminded myself that you can't make cards without card stock or adhesive so I bought the stuff I needed and next time I will buy some more of the fun stuff. Believe me I can not wait until next time.
After that we headed to Crafters Warehouse were I finally came across some 6x6 paper pads and found the Mabel papers from MME. Love it! By this time it was after 2pm and we were getting hungry so we headed over to the Red Lobster for a great lunch. It was sooooo good!
Well I better get going. Have a great day and I will talk at you tomorrow. Hope you enjoy my pictures.
Hugs, Lisa G

Monday, March 14, 2011


Hi guys.
As you can see I am running super behind this morning, so I am going to get right to my card for the day.
Of course I had to make a card with some of my purchases from this weekend. So I grabbed my Cheeky Howdy and the some of the new ribbon that we picked up at Michaels and went to work. We found this ribbon with the little cherries on it and I just had to get it as I knew that it would make a cute card with Cheeky. I also used a great trick that my blogging friend Amy does. I used the cover sheet to some of my favorite Cosmo Cricket paper - Delovely. I have to say that it truly works out so well and gives it a lot of different colors. Yes, all this color is a little out of my comfort zone, but I really am happy with how my card turned out. lol....
See what you think. Sorry to be so quick, but I have to buggy. Work and sickish kids that don't want to go to school today. Fun,!
Have a great Monday and I will talk at you tomorrow.
Hugs, Lisa G