Friday, January 30, 2015

My Style Stamps Bag Challenge...

Hi guys.

     I hope you all had a great week!  Can you believe that it is that tomorrow is the very last day of January 2015?  I know they say as you get older time goes by faster, by my word. Can't it just slow down just a tad?   lol....
     I am going be real quick with this.  Today I went down to the Made in (our town) shop to add six more Valentine's cards to sell., I am so excited to tell you that so far all of the cards I have taken down have been sold.  I am in shock that anyone would pay that much for a homemade card, but I'm not complaining.  :O)  I am so happy and I hope that it continues to be a good thing for me.
     OK, let's get to the reason I am popping into my blog today.  That would be so that I can share the fact that over on Facebook all the MSS girls have been working all week to provide inspiration for all of us and to get us excited about making something crafty with paper bags. Now, don't get worried,  if you're like me you might be thinking."I'm don't do that, I am a card makers."  or something along those lines.  I know when Nicole first shared that with us all I was worried that I wouldn't come up with anything good let alone anything I would want to share with anyone.
     As you can see I found out just how mistaken I was. This project turned out to be just about the most fun and relaxing I have had while crafting in a long time. I couldn't believe  how much FUN decorating gift bags is!!!  Yes, I made my own bags out of printer paper and some light weight card stock. I had a great time decorating them with the Build a Blossom stamp set from MSS.  I had so, so much fun making these,... that I am going to sit down tomorrow and make a few to take to the shop for people to purchase. I think people would like a set of 4 or 5 made to look like they could put candy in them for Valentine's Day.  It's fun, it original and the stamps are fantastic!
     So I ask ask you want are you waiting for?  Head over to our Facebook group and join in on the fun. Check our Nicole's store while your there as she is having a 30% off most everything in the shop  (THIS WEEKEND ONLY - STARTING TODAY!!!) so she will have room for the new and I must say it "EXCITING" things that she has coming in.
     Go have fun, be crafting and enjoy yourself.  Thanks for stopping by.  I will talk at your later.
Hugs LisaG

This is the first bag I made.  I stamped after I folded the bag and I only stamped
 the front.  I love how it turned out, but I had a great time with the second bag.

This second bag was stamped before it was folded up into a bag and I really
love how it turned out.  Noticed how it looks so different, but both
bags were made with the same stamp set!!!

Side view: Stamping all around! 

Back view:  Notice the seam in the paper?  Looks like I bought this bag with
the way it is made and the pattern that is so pretty as well. :O)  

This is the bag made out of  light weight card stock.  I didn't use MSS, but only to
show to you that we really do want to see what you make even if you haven't
been able to pick up any YET!!!  I love how this turned out as
well and I am going to be putting some candy in there for my Sweetheart of a
Husband for Valentine's Day.  
Printer paper-Georgia Pacific & Cardstock- core'dinations -solid core Parisian Nights-Darice-Joann Fabrics
MSS-Build a Blossom & Misc. others for my non-MSS bag.

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Denice said...

Super cute bags, they all turned out really nice...what a fun way to present a gift or treat.