Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Good morning everyone. I hope your day is off to a good start. I am getting ready for work and trying to fight off our sweet cat Lucy from getting into my water this morning. She is off to the vet at 8 to get spaid and she can't have anything to drink or eat. That is not what Lucy wants to listen to. She gets up with me every morning and waits in the bathroom while I take my shower. Then my first order of business is turn on the lights as she follows along and then we are off to the kitchen to get her fresh food and very cold water from the tap. Jerry tells me that I have spoiled her so much that it is not funny. Anyway back to my problem. I went through my whole routine with the exception of her food and water and you should have seen the look in her copper eyes. I felt so bad. She then just laid down right where her bowl usually is and looked at me like "Do you not see something wrong here?" lol....Can you tell that I love my kitty?
Ok, if you have lasted this long let me get onto to today's card. I am not sure what my mood is this week, but work has been more intense that usual yet when I look at my card in the morning as I am posting this I notice that the cards I have made the last few nights have all had bright colors and they all remind me of sunshine and things you think of in the spring or summer....Hmmmm. I don't know. So anyway getting back on track today's card was made with the wonderful Gigi. She is a Wild Sprout from the Greeting farm and drawn be none other than the very talented Amy Young. I love this little WS she always puts me in a good mood. That is why I paired her with the ultra happy paper from pebblesinc. It is a quick card I made last night, but I am very please how it turned out. Sending you all warm thoughts and sunshine. Have a great day, Lisa G
pp-party time girl surprise/orange-pebblesinc.
punch-Martha Stewart
bling!bling! flowers-bead party-walmart
outfit & accessories-RV17-YR12-E57
spicas-02pink & 04orange


Angela said...

Lisa, THis is great!! Your bright cards have made my week beter with all this white around me!! It reminds me that spring is right around the corner!!
Well, I hope Lucky does ok today!! and she still knows she's loved!!Cats are more forgiving than people!! Hope you have a better day today!!

Amy said...

I just had to chuckle over your Lucy story, I know all about spoiling a little four-legged friend and the personality and attitude they share with us... gotta love it! :)
Sorry to hear that work has been intense, here's hoping it calms down for you soon. At least you have been able to get bright and cheery with all your wonderful cards lately! I'm really diggin' Gigi all decked out in sun shiny yellow, she looks fabulous! :)

♥Rach♥ said...

Adorable, Lisa! Love the paper and the little flower gems, they are SO CUTE and the perfect touch! Congrats on being a Sweet November Guest Gal too, the images are just too adorable aren't they?? Can't wait to see your previews! :0)