Sunday, February 14, 2010


Happy Valentine's Day everyone. Wow it is finally Sunday....Yay! I have to tell ya last week was one Crazy week. I received this award from the wonderful and VERY TALENTED Angela and I am sorry to say that it has taken me this long to get it posted. The rules for accepting this award are to put the stand on your blog within a post and to nominate at least 10 other bloggers. You also need to let the nominees know that they have received the award and link back to the person that you received it from . So, as I said Angela sent me this wonderful award and you can see her talents here. You are going to love her awesome abilities with Copics. Thank You Angela for the award. That is just too sweet of you. Be sure to give a great big Congrats to Angela as she has just recently been asked to be a part of Sweet Pea Stamps DT.
Ok, have a great day everyone. Here are my nominees:

  1. AMY Y

  2. AMY R

  3. CINDY

  4. DAWNY P

  5. GABBY

  6. KIM

  7. KRIS

  8. LYSA


  10. PAM

I know that you will love each and everyone of these talented ladies. I can spend hours just checking out their blogs and all the wonderfulness within. Have a great day, Lisa G


Lysa said...

Aww.. thanks Lisa! Big Hugs to you!!

Angela said...

Don't feel bad Lisa it took me like 2 weeks to find the time to post it after Sarah gave it to me!! It takes a while to go get all the links and link them to all 10 pepole you nomimate!! I love seeing what you create everyday!! And you so deserve this award!! And thank you for all your sweet comments you have left me and hae said on your blog!! Just too sweet.

kris said...

oh sweetie! Thanks for passing on your blog award!! =D hugs, Kris