Sunday, September 23, 2012

Do you remember Mexican Jumping Beans?

Hi guys. 
      I know that today is usually put aside for the 'Paw paw-Razzi', and well today's post is still something of the same with just a tiny little bit of nostalgia mixed in. 
     I was on my way to work yesterday and decided to stop for gas before work as by the time I get off in the afternoon they are usually packed.  Anyway, when I went in to pay for my gas they had a little display of these Mean Beans.  In my day they were called Mexican Jumping Beans, and I am sure with all the political correctness that is why these little guys are now called Mean Beans. 
     However, I am married to a Mexican and I have two of his beautiful babies so as I grew up with the beans being called Mexican Jumping Beans and my Husband has no problem with that I brought a couple of the cute little plastic containers to show the kids.  I am sure it had more to do with me just being nostalgic of my childhood as I remember my Dad filming with the Super 8 camera while the really bright light was on the beans to make them jump and clink even more.  :O)  I do however hope that no one is offended by what we have always called them.  If you are I do apologize in advance. 
     Ok, long story short the M&Ms were both like "Oh cool Mom, can I go back to my room now?  Talk to you later."  Well not so to my fur babies.  lol... Casper heard them first and he really just wanted to play.  Lucy looked at them like the kids did and walked away.  Our poor Boo was freaked out.  She snuck up to it and when I reached to move it  a little closer she must have jumped two feet.  lmbo... 
     So, for your viewing pleasure the only one caught on film here was our little Casper trying to eat the plastic containers with the poor Mean/Mexican Jumping Beans.  Oh, and by the way we are telling Madison that it is gasses that heat up that makes them jump and not moth larvae.  She is petrified of Moths and I really want her to enjoy these as much as we used to as kids.  lol
     Have a great rest of your weekend.
Hugs, Lisa G


Chrissy said...

That would have made a fabulous video Lisa, I have never seen these beans, heard about them, but never seen any..fabulous photos.


Denice said...

HaHa....we used to get these every once in a while when I was young and the beans would have faces painted on them, lol.

Cute pictures!

ScrappyKsue said...

Oh yeah! I remember these. You totally need to do a video with these and your kitty!

Amanda R said...

I would love to see the cats playing with these! I will have to keep an eye out for some for Lucy and Sinbad too.