Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fuzzy Pumpkin Patch...

Hi guys.
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     So, here we are and it is already Sunday night once again.  Sorry that I really didn't post too much last week.  I was just so busy both at work and at home.  I do however have a few non-card related Halloween projects that I want to share with you before the Spooky Day gets here.  Jerry and the M&Ms are busy working on the front graveyard, I have managed to make a few cards as well.
     Most of you know that I work at a privately owned pharmacy and that makes it just that more fun for me around the holidays.  My two bosses are super awesome when it comes to letting me be creative for certain things that we sell.  One of those things are the Aloe infused cozy socks that we seem to sell quite a bit of.  The best part is that this year they let me make those socks into a pumpkin and put up a little pumpkin patch on our front counter.  I just cut a few tags,  added in some heat embossed sentiments and I tell you these pumpkins are selling even better than the local patch. 
     I didn't take this picture, but I thought it would be a good start for the week.  I hope you all like them.  As a side note these socks are like heaven on earth.  I wear a pair every night after work and they just feel so good without making your feet hot.  I just had to share that...
      Ok everyone,  I will talk at you tomorrow with even more things I have been working on.
Hugs, Lisa G

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In person it looks super cute and I am making a 4sale sign so that everyone knows it.  :O) 
Happy Halloween!



Sammy said...

that's so adorable! And what a great idea, and also great of the owners to let you be so creative at work. You get to create, customers get to see something unique, and the owners sell more. everyone wins :-) x

Regina said...

Wonderful halloween project!

Danni said...

Super clever and creative!! FUN!

Unknown said...

Win-win situation for both you and your bosses:-) what a neat idea to display your creativity and get the company to make more sales:-)

Berina RGA said...

very adorable.. love the pumpkins :)
Moxie Craftie

Amy said...

What a fun display, great marketing idea Lisa! Your bosses are lucky to have such a smart AND creative gal like you working for them. :)