Sunday, April 22, 2012

Paw paw-razzi time...

Good morning all. 
     I hope that you are having a great weekend so far.  We have had tons of sunshine with temperatures in the 80s. (No wind for once either!)  Could it be that summer is on it's way?  We'll have to see. lol...
     I am in the middle of making some Graduation cards for my cousin so I thought that I would share a couple of pictures that my friend at work took of her Beautiful cat. 

     Let me introduce you to Mutt.  She is mostly an indoor cat that will go outside from time to time, but very much prefers a more relaxed indoor life.   As you can see she is a sweetheart of a cat that doesn't have a problem with her mommy dressing her up.  hehee... She is modeling her new spring dress and it comes complete with this adorable flower as well.  I am told however, that once she had it on she was a bit worried that it made her butt look too big.  You be the Judge.  I for one think she looks smashing in her green striped dress.  After all not everyone can pull of horizontal stripes. 
     Have a great Sunday everyone.  Talk at you later.
Hugs,  Lisa G


Lisa said...

Hello Lisa!
Mutt is such a pretty little kitty!!! I just love her and she's such a good girl in that cute little dress :):):)

Amy said...

Mutt is so cute in the green sun dress and it's the perfect color for spring! Such a sweetie she is!
Our weekend was beautiful too, I was able to get lots accomplished outside today! :)

My Dollies 3 said...

I don't think it makes her bottom look big. Her hair is just poofy. You know just like Manny from ICE AGE!!!! I think she carries off the style with grace and elegance.

My Dollies 3 said...
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