Sunday, December 12, 2010


Hi guys.
I am just taking a quick minute to share with you a RAK from Sharon that I received in the mail. I was not feeling very good yesterday and I was going to go take a little nap when Jerry brought me in this package. Needless to say I forgot about how yucking I was feeling. lol...
I met Sharon on YouTube a few months ago and we have been talking back and forth. Well, I would never have expected such a sweet surprise as this. She sent me two of her homemade flowers. (Love them!) I am sorry, but they are soooo much prettier in person than in the picture I took of them. She also sent me some Martha Stewart embossing powder along with an embossing pad. I have never ever embossed, so I guess after Christmas I am going to have to buy me a heat gun... I can not wait to try this! Sharon was also nice enough to send me some of the awesome flowers that everyone has been buying off the Internet. I am sorry that I don't recall what the company's name is, but you can check out Sharon's videos and info here.
Well, it is Sunday so I am going to get ready for the day and see about getting the kids up and medicine into both of them. Have a great rest of your weekend. Talk at you tomorrow.
Hugs, Lisa G


Amy said...

What an awesome RAK and so sweet of Sharon! The flowers are so cool and you're going to love embossing!
Sorry you're not feeling well now, rest and crafting should make you feel better! ;)

Angela said...

How sweet to receive some goodies in the mail. Her flowers are gorgeous!! I hope you get time to put your tree up before Christmas is here and gone. It does come so fast.