Thursday, September 1, 2011


Poor Mitchell.

Always ready for her close up!

Mitchell's over happy smile for Mom.
Can we please just get this over will?

Hi guys. 
     I know that I said I wouldn't be posting for most of this week,  but it would seem that I do have a little time to share a couple of things with you this morning.  I am so happy to say that the kids made it through their first day of school and they were both very happy to see their friends once again.  The new hair styles were a big hit and so were Madison's nails.  She always loves it when I agree to make some kind of design on her nails.  This time we found a great idea on YouTube by several different people, so we kind of just made it our own. We were both very happy with how they came out.  You will notice that they look like pencils.  lol... 
     I thought I would share a couple of photos that I made the M&Ms stand for this morning.  Madison as always was more than happy to have her picture taken and Mitchell as always really didn't want to, but knows that he has to make Mom happy.  As you can see he won't give me a real smile and when I push he gives me this look of  "OMG,  I am going to die if I really have to do this!"  So it the hopes of catching him in a good smile I keep trying.  lol...  Oh well,  maybe next year.  :D 
     Ok guys, thats it for me today.  I hope to talk at you tomorrow.  Have a great day. 
Hugs, Lisa G


Amy said...

The M&M's looked fabulous for back to school! Madison is so stylin' I really love her hair cut and those nails are crazy cool! And OMGosh, Mitchell reminds me of my brother, these pics look just like they ones we have of him in first day of school photos! LOL!
Glad they had a good day back!

Amanda R said...

Madisons hair is adorable and great job on the nails! Tell Mitchell my best friends nephew still has to get a picture taken for the first day of school and he started college this year! His mom said if he didn't let her do it at home she would follow him to the campus and do it there in front of everyone so he might as well get use to it.

Chrissy said...

Love the finger nails...very cool. used to get that done all the time, love nail art...great phots, Mitchell clowning must be a hoot.
Madison is a younger can tell who her Mum is...
Fab photos, thanks for sharing.


Danni said...

If I come over, will you do my nails?? The kids look great! Your daughter is so pretty!!
Glad they had a good day!!

My Dollies 3 said...

Gee, I wonder where Mitchell gets his dislike of having his picture taken...hmmmmmmmmmm. Oh well, love the finger nails. And Mitchell looks so handsome. Love Ya, Mom

Emma said...

Awww what gorgeous pictures of your guys on their first day back at school. Maddison's nails look Awesome, I bet they were a huge hit at school!