Sunday, December 11, 2011

Our Week in Review...

*Warning: long post with multiple pictures. lol..*
Good morning all.
     I hope that your weekend has been a good one.  We started ours off with a visit from my cousin and his wife.  They are the M&M's Godparents and we always love it when they come over. It is a great start to any weekend. 
     Yesterday was sure a cold one I have to say.  OMWord,  Jerry and I got up early and ran to the store for some groceries.  We always try to go early and beat the crowds, but this time of year early just really isn't early enough. lol... Anyway, once we got home and had the food put away we could hear the geese on the lake making a ruckus.  We had to run out and check on it as all of us enjoy seeing and hearing them.  It was so cold and foggy that as I expected we wouldn't really be able to see them in the sky.  We did however notice that they were landing in the field over at the school that is just at the corner of our street.  Well you just know that Jerry and I had to take a walk (with Sunday in tow) down to try and get a few photos of them.  As I've said a million times I have always loved living here due mostly to the sound and sight of these magnificent birds.  Anyway, Jerry shot some video of them and I took a few pictures.  In the original pictures the geese are muted because of the fog and cold, but I was able to edit them on my computer to get a few somewhat clearer photos to share with you all.  lol...

     We also were able to finally get Sunday to sleep in a big box with some blankets that we put out for her.  She has such a beautiful coat on her and I am pleased to tell you that she has put on some winter weight as well.  All in all we are very happy to see her doing to well.
     Speaking of cats leads me into the photos of Lucy and Boo.  We just received our little faux fireplace from QVC on Thursday and needless to say both Boo and Lucy are very interested in it.  Boo is even brave enough to sleep on the top of it while Lucy layes out in front.
Sunday getting a little loving from her Daddy. 

See Boo in the background on our little fireplace?  Lucy posing .

     Ok guys, just wanted to do a little share with you.  I have to get crafty now as I have deadlines to meet and kids to play with. lol...   Only 15 days till Christmas and boy oh boy are we counting down in the house.  I still haven't wrapped any of our gifts as Mitchell says it will only make him want them more.  We all know that I am week and I would be more than happy to give them all to them right away.  lol...   :O)  Have a wonderful day everyone and I will talk at you tomorrow as it will be Monday Fun-Day over on the FFF blog and we have a great one for you this week.
Hugs, Lisa G


Amanda R said...

Sunday looks fabulous Lisa! and very content too! We bought one of those little fireplace heaters last year and really enjoy it. We have a real fireplace but it needs some pointing done on the brick and that just isn't in the budget right now so the fake one is just fine. Have a great week!

Amy said...

Great post Lisa, I love it! The geese are really impressive! We don't have the fog but it is cold today and yesterday...we haven't been above freezing yet.
The faux fireplace looks so pretty and perfect by your tree! Love your stockings too! Looks like Boo and Lucy will really enjoy the fireplace all winter long! Sunday sure looks content there on Jerry...your kitties are all so pretty!
Enjoy your Sunday!

Cindy Haffner said...

Hi Lisa your pictures are BEAUTIFUL and so is your kitty. Happy Holidays to you, and I understand about being busy, never seems like enough hours in the day!!~