Saturday, March 3, 2012

Paw Paw-Razzi Time...

Good morning all.
       It is yet again time to see who our cameras have caught on film this week.  While checking things out we were able to catch a couple of the youngsters  together.    It would seem that both Boo and Casper, (Did I tell everyone that Amelia turned out to be a Casper?  Long Story) love to play with each other.  They spend most of their mornings from about 9:30am until well after 11:00am running from one end of our house to the other.  They just love hiding from each other and then Casper will run out and jump right on top of Boo.  Don't worry Boo is very limber and always ends up dropping Casper onto his back.  It would seem however that romping around all morning also makes for some very tired little rascals (as Jerry would call them).  It also seems to wear out our older more mature cat in the house as well. Apparently watching the two little rascals run around and make a ton of noise wears poor Lucy out!  lol...

Boo's favorite spot to sleep in under the warmth of my lamp.  I don't have a clue why she
needs for her front legs to hanging off the edge., but "She must be comfortable... She's sleeping" as my Mom would say.

I guess this is way more comfortable for cats than people as I know my arms would be just about numb by now.  Look at
my little lady.  She always crosses her legs.  Never know who might see you.  lol...

Yes, that is Boo's tongue.
Our little boy whom I think should be named
Bambam as he isn't afraid of anything.

Casper had seen the Vet and gotten his shots.  He was very sore and he only wanted to sleep on Madison's PJ top.  I guess Boo felt bad for him as this day they just slept together.

Sleeping by the front door is Boo's favorite spot.  She doesn't
seem to mind sharing with Casper.

      So because I am surrounded by the very strangest of the strange when it comes to our little family of fur.  I thought that the Paw Paw-Razzi should catch a few of them when they are totally worn out.  Besides, it makes it a lot easier to take their pictures.   These silly cats are not posed, they just seem to really love to sleep in the weirdest ways possible.  :O)  Casper has such light blue eyes that if he has them open and I use a flash they glow so pink it is just freaky.  I know you can photo fix it, but I don't like that effect any better than the pink eyes.  lol.... Yes, I am OCD just about everything and that would include taking silly pictures of our cats. 
     Ok guys, I am going to head to bed.  I have a lot more things to get done tomorrow. So I will talk at you later.  I hope you enjoy our sleepy crew this week. 
Hugs, Lisa G


Chrissy said...

Beautiful fur babies...that is what I miss, my fur baby....I have my hairy baby [Harry] but he is too big to sit on my knee, but still trys and manages to get all the front end up there and one back leg, then the front bit falls off the other side..poor Harry..


Amy said...

It's like it was just meant to be that Casper came along and join your rascally family! Such cute fur babies and your pics are awesome! Enjoy your day! :)

Amanda R said...

LOVE that picture of Boo sleeping, too funny! And Casper is so adorable, I love his coloring and I see he has made it all the way into the house. You might have to make Jerry or the kids move into the garage soon! Glad all seems well with the kitties.

Lissa said...

All of your cats are gorgeous! Casper is just stunning! That face! When I'm crafting, I have the dog at my feet and usually the cat on my lap (or smack dab in the middle of the work table). I love hearing about all their little purr-sonalities. ;)