Sunday, March 30, 2014



     Well here we are, it is already Sunday night.  What happens on the weekends that make those two wonderful days of the week go by so fast?  I have no idea, but as a working Mom I sure wish I could fix that problem. lol..

 Hi guys.
      I know you didn't stop by to hear me complain about the short weekend I had, so I am going to get right to my card.  I still need to do my nails and that can take me an hour, so here we go.
     Today's card is actually one that came from my wanting to practice some new hair color combos as well as skin tones.  I was smart enough on this one however to already have my papers picked out so that it wouldn't take me forever to match up the colors of the clothes with papers that I have.  I have also been on a kick once again of switching heads and bodies from my Greeting Farm stamps.  I just love to do this and I think it must come from when I was little and just loved to play with my paper dolls and change their clothes all the time.  Or it could come from all those hair cuts that never grew back on my Barbies.  lmbo... I don't know.  I just love to do this.
     I of course picked out a couple of my favorite Creeper Crew stamps.  I really wanted a lot of hair to work with for this color combo, so I used  Creeper Crew Madden and Creeper Crew Noah for his beach bum,  kicked back look.  I have to tell you that I love how Madden's hair came out and I am so going to use this combo again.,
     Once I had my Madden/Noah stamp put together I still couldn't figure out what kind of card I wanted to use her on, so I headed over to The  Greeting Farm to see what the FFF Challenge was for today.  Well, I was in luck as this week they are looking for stitching or stitches on your card or project.  Well, my paper pad just happened to have faux stitches in both the titles as well as on the DP.  Yay for ME!
     So, as you can see I used the title that was pre-printed on the paper pad and some great beach paper to go along with my Madden.  I like to think she has been walking around watching all the surfers and just enjoying a great day at the beach.
     Yes, I am still on an enamel dot kick that I don't seem to want to change for quit awhile, so I pulled out some orange ones to go with the title. I am sad to say that in my pictures they look so different, but in real like I assure that the oranges do match quit well.
      Ok guys, have a wonderful Monday and I will talk at you later.
Hugs Lisa G

Supplies:  It would appear that I didn't take
pictures of my Copics, and I didn't write down
my list.  I will try and add it all tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by!


Amy said...

This is a fantastic alteration Lisa, Madden really does look like a little beach bum enjoying spring break at the beach! And you know, I never thought about the paper doll thing before but I think you may be onto something with that idea because I LOVED paper doll books when I was little. I guess there are some things we never really grow out of, LOL! ;)

Emily Leiphart said...

So cute, Lisa! You've shown such versatility by transforming Madden. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving the sweetest comment!

Grace said...

Lisa! You won at TGF! Congrats !!!