Monday, April 12, 2010


Hi guys. Can you believe it is already Monday? It seems like the weeks are just flying by... Well at least it will be summer soon and for the kids and I that means SWIMMING! Yay, I love coming home from work and hitting our pool. We have so much fun. I swear the kids and I could all be fish... When Madison was about four years old we lived in an apartment and she would spend a ton of time in our master bedroom bathtub. She would pretend that she was a mermaid and sing while she would play. One time she had been in the tub for quite a long time so I just could not help but tease went in and told her that she should get out because it was not good to spend that much time in water. She could tern into a fish. Well, she of course did not believe this so I assured her that it was true that I had , had an older brother that we lost when he became a fish. She told me no way, her Uncle Rick was not a fish. I couldn't help myself so I told her we didn't talk about him because it was just to hard and that she never met him because we had taken him to the ocean and let him go. No matter what I said she still did not believe me, so I called my Mom (who is really good at picking up on my tales..) and asked her to finally explain to Madison about her lost Uncle. Well Madi got onto the phone with my Mom and I was laughing so hard that I was crying. This only added to Madison finally believing the whole story. When I finally owned up to it not being true I got the inevitable "Mommmmm!" I am sorry to talk about it for so long, but I just remembered it, and even today when I think about it I laugh so hard. She now thinks it is funny also, but you should have seen her face for that split second that she considered that it could be true. LMBO...
Ok, I will finally get to it. My card today is yet another one that I made for the TGF Cares Card Drive. I decided that I needed to make some with Ian for the boys that might need cards also. My goal is to use each one of my TGF stamps to send for this card drive. I really think it is a great cause. I also made this one to use for the Farm Fresh Friday card. I used some old metal rectangle (can not think of what it is called or even what company made it.). I also used brads on this one. I haven't used brads in a very, very long have a ton of them in a ton of colors. I remember just having to have them.
Well, if you are still there I had better get my bottom in gear and get ready for work. I hope you have an awesome start to your week, and I will talk at you tomorrow. Lisa G
stamps-Soldier Ian-TGF
cs-white-GP, craft-ATS
pp-military camouflage-Kaisercrsft
metal frame & brads-my stash
Copic Markers:
goggles & boots-C3-C5-C7-C10-110


Cindy Haffner said...

Ian is soooooo HANDSOME!!!

Pam Varnell said...

Gorgeous Lisa. Love this and it's for such a good cause.

Amy said...

Oh, you are a mean Mom! hehehe but so hilarious... I must admit I've told my little cousins a few stories so convincingly that even my aunts and uncles believe for awhile! ;)
Another wonderful card Lisa and your goal is so worthwhile!
Hope you have a great week!