Saturday, April 10, 2010

THANK YOU, thank you, Thank You...

Good morning my fellow bloggers. I hope you that your weekend it going good so far. Mine started last night at about 6:25pm. That would be the time I finally got out of work and headed home to my family. It always puts me in a good mood to know that I will be seeing Jerry and the kids. As you can tell they are my life and I try to remember to thank God for them each and everyday.
Sorry to put a downer to my post this morning, but someone I know had a tragedy this past week with one of their children and it has really made me take a closer look at what is important to me. It is not the fact that at times money seems to be in short supply. It is not the fact that someone put me in a bad mood at work. It is not the fact that I wasn't able to buy the new stamp set that I wanted. It is my family and my friends that mean everything. So, I will get on with it and thank you all for coming to see my little corner of the world and for being so kind with all of your sweet comments.
I have to tell you that Madison and I were coloring the other night in bed and she asked if I would color one of her Lisa Frank pictures. They really are very cute. I just love the huge eyes one them. She has notebooks out and you can download her pictures for free off the Internet. Well, when I got done coloring I decided that there really was not reason that I could use her in a card just like I do with my digi stamps. Sooooo here is my Lisa Frank card. She is one happy girl because she has been on a shopping spree. I think she must have been in L.A. as all of her packages have tissue paper in them just to keep her wonderful purchases safe until she can get them home. Where, I imagine she will spreed them all out on her bed just so that she can admire them once again. lol...
Have a super Saturday all. Please forgive my little speech, I just needed to voice my sadness for this family's loss. Please keep them in your prayers. Thanks so much everyone. Hugs, Lisa G
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Tracey Feeger said...

Thank you to you to Lisa. We do seem to think of the things we don't have and forget about what is already there. Have a big cuddle with the family.

ps. wonderful card.

Cindy Haffner said...

Lisa I love your Lisa Frank card. She is a cutie!!

Hug your family, I know what you mean about important things, sometimes we louse sight of that and need a reminder how PRECIOUS our family is.

Amy said...

Awwww, I remember Lisa Frank... I always loved to get her unicorn folders when I was in grade school. LOL! I think her image makes the perfect card, you did a beautiful job of coloring her too!
Again, so sorry for your friend's loss my heart goes out to them.

Angela said...

Oh Lisa my heart goes out to your friend and their family for their loss!! And I will also keep you and your family in my prayers!! I know these days times get so tuff for so many families!! I wish my husband looked at things the way you do and realize that family is the most important and how blessed he really is!! Lisa, your daughter had a great idea because this is just too cute!! I think I may have to check them out!! I remember when me and my sisters were little we had all kinds if Lisa Frank stuff!! folders, pencils, journal sets you name it!! Hope your days get better and better each day!!

Pam Varnell said...

This is so cute Lisa. Yes, you are right. Family and friends are what is most important. I hope the family you mentioned is coping with their tragedy OK. Big hugs to you my friend!!!