Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hair we go with some more { SMASH }

Hi guys. 
     I was in bed reading my book when it dawned on me that I had not put up my post for today.  So up I am and here is yet another couple of pictures for you of my on going SMASH/Copic book. 
     I decided that having a color wheel reference in my book was a good idea.  I think that for most of us we have it down pretty good, but at times I just want a quick refresher at a glance.  So the first page after my Copic color charts is a very simple color wheel that I found on the Internet and copied off.   Right after that starts my pages of hair combos.  Because I am a bit of a perfectionist and have OCD,  I decided to use this as my eye color/skin color reference as well.  Can't have a good hair color without some beautiful skin and eyes to go with it.  I had decided that I wanted to color all the hair and skin combos on my preferred paper so I have colored each one and then I use my Spellbinders to cut out just the part that I want to reference.  It has made it a lot easier than fussy cutting them and I like the white background so that you see the hair really well.  As you can see however I do tend to use pretty much the same three Copics (E50-E51-E53) for my skin tone over and over, so I dropped that from the lists along the way.  lol... Anyway I have made sure to leave myself plenty of pages for future hair combos as you never know when you are going to come across something new that you just have to try.  heehee... 
     I am also trying to be a fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl on my book so I did use my white pen to hand write on the black paper.  Just trying very hard not to worry how perfect it is as it should be just a notebook reference book and not an OMG, I have to have this perfect for future generations to see. lol... I know I am just loony that way.  What's a girl to do? 
     Ok, as I said I was already in bed so I am heading back there.  I hope you all have a great start to your week, and I will talk at you later. 
Basic, but I like having it here. You can see I am using the SMASH page tabs to show were each section is. 

I do have a separate section for boy hair as well, it's just further into the book so you'll have to wait to see it.

I am planning on adding more hair combos on this page, but for now I put sticky notes on it for new ideas until I get them
colored up.  I really love the library card look to this, so I won't be gunking it up too much.

I just love these two pages and would have loved to have it at the start of my [girl] hair colors, but it is almost
to the back of the book, so I just left it and I will not be putting anything on it as I think it is just so cute and funny!

Hugs, Lisa G


Chrissy said...

Oh! my gosh, this is fantastic Lisa, wjhat a wonderful journal. I need to do this as I get so mixed up sometimes....well, I must do as I only colour to colours of hair, blonde and still mix it up..but have been experimenting and noted it down on scraps and yep!...lost them.Brilliant book.


Rachel Parys said...

Look at you getting all organized!! I really should write down my fav color combos too. These all look fantastic!!