Thursday, August 9, 2012

Just Keep Coloring...

Hello there...
     So sorry for being MIA.  I can't even blame it on the Internet company this time.  I have just been so busy since last Saturday that I have barely even sat down at my desk let alone colored or touched my computer.  It has been a good busy, but a busy busy none the less. 
      I had scheduled today as a vacation day so that we could take the M&Ms to the 'big city' that is just a little under an hour away.  We had a great time and we even got to have lunch at Wendy's.  The kids haven't been there since their youngest cousin was born and she is getting ready for 2nd grade this year, so you might say that really didn't remember it and they sure did enjoy it this time.  :O) 
We were able to find some awesome clothes and great prices at Old Navy.  It is in the mall, and even in the middle of the week I was totally shocked as to how busy every place was.  I have been in our smallish town since 1990 and you really do get used to being in your own little environment.
     So, let me get to my project share with you.  I have finally caved and picked up a SMASH book.  I had originally bought the bigger one, then decided that I wanted the mini SMASH so that I could used it for my Copic reference book.  It is a great size and I was even able to throw it in my purse and have my Copic lists right at hand.  I ended up covering the book with kraft CS do to the fact that I was going to heat emboss some stamps on the front and back and as you all know I am SO SO bad at heat embossing that I messed it up.   :O(  So going with the flow I covered the Kraft book with the kraft papers then I took a second sheet of my kraft paper and printed off the adorable SC digi of this girl in the water with the shark.   I then used my computer fonts and made my title of the book to look like no matter how hard it may seem or how bad you think it looks you really just need to 'Keep on Coloring'.  Yes, I borrow from both the movies (Finding Nemo) and (Jaws) but I really like how this turned out. 
     So, I will keep you posted on all of my pages as I get through them.  I really just wanted to share with you my idea book and the way I put together the covers. 
     Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  Talk at you later.
Hugs, Lisa G


Denice said...

Very cute Lisa, what a great job you did on the cover. Looking forward to seeing your ideas and what you put inside! I've had one of the Smash books for almost a year and haven't opened it...I guess I'm just waiting for an idea?!!
Sounds like you did some Back-to-School shopping...glad you had fun!

Rachel Parys said...

Very cool! I bought some Smash books, but just haven't had time to play in them! Maybe when the girls are back in school I will. Can't wait to see what you do with yours!

Emma said...

Oooh Lisa, this looks fantastic! You know I love the idea of using your smash book as a copic coloring book! I love mine. I love how you are doing a mini one that fits in your bag, Perfect idea! And I can't wait to see some of your pages!

I have just picked up my new desk yesterday and so hubby is going to put it together today, so fingers crossed that my mojo comes back today and I can do some coloring on my new desk today! Hope you get a chance to play over the weekend!