Saturday, December 8, 2012

Desperately in need of your Opinions!

Hi guys. 
     I sure hope everyone had a great week.  Mine was way too busy and as I am sure you have all noticed that meant no blog posts/cards for the week.  I am however already on my third card today, so I should have plenty to share with you this coming week.  :O)  Always makes me very happy. 
     Anyway, I so so need you guys to let me know your opinions on Cardstock.  I can not believe that I would ever have this problem but it seems that I am in danger of running out of colored cardstock.  When I first started making my cards I had some of the Stampin-Up cardstock, but found it took too long and really too much trouble to get any.  Then I purchased some of PTI's combo set.  I do love their colors, but I'm not sure if I like that it is not have any kind of texture.  As you've seen from past posts I do use AC Cardstock as that is the only cs that our bookstore/craft store stocks.   My problem with the AC Cardstock is that their colors really don't look that rich to me.  lol... I know I'm complicated.   I have seen on YouTube that alot of people like MFT's cardstock.  I have never used it and it seems a little spendy without knowing if I'll like it. :O( 
     So this is were you guys come in.  What cardstock do you like the best?  Do you like the flat or the textured kind?  And of course were do you get it from?  Is it available online?  I really really would love to know as I am going to get me something come Monday and I would be so open to trying anything. 
     Thanks so much for all you help.  You guys mean the world to me.  Have a super weekend, and I will talk at you later.
This isn't one of our babies, this is just how I am feeling about me Cardstock dilemma at the moment.  heheehe
Hugs, Lisa G


Amanda R said...

Well, since my cardstock is only used for card bases and for matting I use the PTI stuff. Such a nice heavy weight. Doesn't matter if it is textured for those things, to me anyways. Good luck and let us know what you find out! I don't have any of the MFT so can't help there.

Chrissy said...

Hi! Lisa.I use Bazzil 12x12 sheets, cut them into 4 and away I go...but then I go to the cheap chinese shops and on a good day they have these long sheets of card and I buy them out..I use anything and everything I can find, not too worried.My card base card is cheap too, but a good weight, and again, anything I can find..


Danni said...

I'm not much help really but had to throw it out there that I love SU's cardstock and as of yesterday I signed up to sell SU and their shipping has really gotten super fast. Just throwing it out there...but I haven't really tried any other types except Bazzill and I only tried their textured and really didn't care for it much. Good luck!

Barb said...

Hi Lisa! I recently switched over to Bazzill Card Shoppe CS from Papertrey Ink. I get it from Simon Says Stamp (free shipping to Canada after $75 in goodies - which doesn't take long with our hobby! lol). I bought a ream of Neenah Solar White CS from SSS last month and love it. As for other neutrals like black and kraft, when my current PTI supplies are used up I'll be buying SU from my local demo who keeps stock at her home.

Barb said...

Thought this might help ya a bit :) Jennifer McGuire talks about her favorite cardstocks.