Saturday, April 27, 2013

Busy busy, busy...

Hi guys,
     I am so missing making my daily posts and sharing wonderful cards that I just had to make.  :O)  Not complaining, just missing everyone and so can not wait to get life lined back up for us all here at Casa Gobea.  lol
     I got up this morning and thought it was finally time to share what I have been up to off and on now for a couple of months. 
     My cousin's daughter ( I think that makes her my 2nd cousin, but she calls me Aunt and I call her my niece) is getting marries in August and she asked if I would make her Wedding Invitations for her.  I of course agreed and then I found out that she really had no idea what she wanted, she just knew that everything she had seen so far in magazines and all,  she did not like. ***!!!!**????!!! Talk about pressure.  lol...  I think I worried about that for at least three weeks.
      So after worrying I finally decided just to make a card that I thought looked good and see what she thought.  I am very happy and thankful that she loved it and so for the last month off and on  I have been making her invitations, RSVP cards and envelopes.  They are coming along, but every time I put one together I worry that I am going to mess it up.  :O{ 
Anyway just wanted to share and see what you all think.  Over the last two days I have cut and glued 100 envelopes for the RSVP cards and now I am starting to put together the invitations.  I decided the easiest way to make them all was in steps.  I cut out all the fancy dies then I cut out the Spellbinders label and used my glossy pens for the edging and now I have started to assemble them all.  This is truly a labor of love.  I just want it all perfect as this is her Wedding and I would be so so sad to think that these were anything but perfect for them. 
     Ok, so that is enough about me.  I hope that you are all doing wonderfully.  I miss you all and I hope to get some time to come and say "Hi" in person soon.  Take care and have a wonderful weekend.  Talk at you later.
Hugs, Lisa G

I don't know why this card looks dirty, but it truly isn't.  I have since decided to use foam mounts on the first panel to
give it a little more depth.  

Also, the colors look weird, but I am using the Natural White by Neenah for all of these, so  they have a creamy tint to them.  Not white and not deep cream.  Just classic light cream.  lol  Sorry just want you to get the idea of what they truly
look like.


Chrissy said...

Very classy Lisa, and you have been busy..gorgeous invitations, so much detail and work, but well worth the effort, very elegant....and nice to see you over my way this morning...glad you are getting sorted..


Leanne said...

Hey Lisa!
OMG girl, I was MIA for the exact. same. thing! hahaha!! Will be sharing mine maybe next week.
This is beautiful!! I love the details on the windows, the glossy parts and all the embossing. It's very elegant and I have a feeling the bride is going to love them. Wonderful job hon!
Take care and have a lovely weekend!

Denice said...

Such a beautiful're doing a great job on them! Wonderful, wonderful details!

Mary J said...

Stunning, Lisa! I just love how you placed the die cuts!

Sue - bearhouse said...

This is stunning Lisa. I really love the elegant design.
Take care
hugs Sue xx

Nancy Thomas said...

Beautiful, classic and understated. I admire you for taking this on!

Amanda R said...

These are gorgeous Lisa and what a wonderful Aunt you are to do this for her, it will always be such a special memory. I hope she keeps one and frames it to remember how much you mean to her.

Amy said...

WOWZERS Lisa! I can see why these invitations have been such a labor of love for you... they are stunning! I hope they are still all coming together for ya and that all that die cutting isn't driving you mad yet, LOL! :)