Monday, May 13, 2013

Just taking a quick break...

Good morning all.
     Can you believe that it is Monday once again?  Oh well what are you going to do right?
I hope that everyone had a wonderful day yesterday.  Jerry and I were able to get in a great walk, and boy oh boy did it feel really great when we ended up going further and making it in a better time than we usually do.  lol... We didn't set off to make a faster time or go further than usual, it just kind of ended up that way.
     Anyway, I haven't made a card today as I am still in the middle of working on the Wedding Invitations.  They are going great, but it does take a bit more time than I had anticipated it would to put each one of them together.  However as I said, they are getting there.  In the meantime I was really wanting to color up something just for the fun of having one of my Copic markers in my hand.  I can not remember where or if it was on a YouTube video that I came across these awesome digital pictures from deviontART that allows you to print them out and color them up.  As you all know I do tend to love enlarging the image and coloring, so as I knew I wasn't going to try and use her on a card that is just what I did.  lol..
     It's not the best coloring I have ever done, but I really really had a great time just listening to music and enjoying adding a little color to paper.
     Ok guys as it's Monday that means the start of yet another busy week for me.  I am hoping to get a chance to color some more, but until then I will be hard at work on all those die cuts that I still need to make for the invitations.
      By the way, that brings me to the question..."if you have a die cutting machine what kind do you use or if you were going to be getting one what kind do you want and why?"  I have the Cuttlebug and I even have the Grand Caliber by Spellbinders ( I think Jerry and the Kids bought it for me last summer on our trip to the Tri-Citites) , but they each have their limitations.  So I guess what I really want to know is if any of you have the BigShot and how do you like it?  Do you have a different one that I don't know about?  Thanks for the help as after all this cutting and embossing I am thinking that what I have isn't working out for my needs. :O)  Could be I 'NEED' to not have to cut anything out for a long time. lmbo.. WHO KNOWS????     Hope you all have a great day and I will talk at you later.
Hugs, Lisa G

Image-The Necklace by Jade Dragonne-DeviantART
Copic Markers:
lips, hearts & hair tie-R97-R93
shirt, bangles & necklace- RV19-V09-C6
misc.-Glaze pen-Sakura


Tress said...

She's so pretty! Looking forward to seeing her on a card or art project! As for the cutting machine, I have a Big Shot and am pleased at its performance. The only note I have is purchase extra cutting plates. Once they get really lined from use, the grooves begin to leave impressions on your cutouts. I found the same to be true for my Quickutz.

Amy said...

Hi Lisa, sorry I've been MIA... I'm hoping to get better about getting around now that things are finally settling down a bit for me.
It sounds like those wedding invites are keeping you busy but I'm glad you found some time to just color and have fun... this little beauty looks gorgeous!
All I have for cutting is a Cuttlebug so no useful tips from me on that front. :)

Mary J said...

Beautiful, Lisa! Can't wait to see what you do with her!

Amanda R said...

Deviant Art is a neat place and this looks wonderful but I agree, sometimes it is just fun to color for the heck of it! I have a cuttlebug and a big shot and prefer the big shot as it is more stable and a larger cutting surface. Just my two cents!