Saturday, May 18, 2013


Go morning everyone.
     Sorry I haven't been around at all this week, but the invitations are due the beginning of June, so it has been crunch time for me.  :O)
     Luckly I do have a three day weekend, so you would think that I would have spent all day yesterday working on them.  Wrong!  lol... I took one look at my desk/corner and knew I just could not in all good conscious work on them a minute longer without doing some cleaning,
     Well we all know that when you clean your craft room/desk or whatever you use that it isn't a small undertaking.   I wish now that I had been brave enough to take before pictures to share.  I didn't, so too bad,  lol...  Suffice it to say it was a wreck of colossal proportions and it really needed an upgrade.
     I ran to Walmart and bought some contact paper and redid the entire top of my desk (after a ton of scrubbing to get the fact top off)  and moved a ton of things around.  I then had Jerry help me put a back to my white block section so that I could put it in the Bermuda triangle of corners so that I could use it and no longer have everything fall down behind and under my desk.  I also used a few things I had out in our garage to make (what I just love) my new Washi tape wrack with. Isn't cute?  Yes, those are new hairbands holding up the rods.  heehe  (Use what you got, right?)
     I don't know about you guys, but as I use my desk/corner as both my craft table and my make up table in the mornings I forget that I don't have a whole room to spread out in, so I tend to buy things (that always get returned) or want things that would just be too much for my small corner of the craft world.  So instead I try to adapt something that will work for me and make me happy at the same time.
      I just love how it all turned out and I think it was so worth the 7 hours it took me, :O)   and I really just wanted to share it with you all.
     So, if you've hung in this long I really appreciate it and I hope that soon I will be back to visiting you all again.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone.
Hugs, Lisa G

The M&Ms when they were 15 & 3 months old. lol... Love my little M&Ms!

Does anyone remember knockers from the 70's?  Those are mine hanging from my very nice lamp. Hey, it's my corner. lmbo

That is my ever present glass of water, I take that glass everywhere with me and as it has a lid it won't ruin a brand new
6x6 paper pad that I just bought. But hey that's a whole separate  post. ggrrrrr.......

Those are Madison's works of art and I LOVE having them on  my desk!!! 

What do you think Mom? I improvised.

Hopefully I will be able to always find my camera now.

Isn't that the coolest glass. I wish it was a
diet Coke, but what's a girl to do.
Bought that at the Dollar Store
just for this use. lol

My M&Ms bought these for me last Christmas and I finally finished labeling them all LAST NIGHT! lol

THANKS EVERYONE for checking out my weird side.  You all mean the world to me.


Denice said...

What a nicely clean work you don't have any excuses as to why you're not creating! LOL! Lots of fun items to play the washi tape holder!

Tress said...

Your space looks organized and ready for you to create in once you get a spare moment. My heavens, I haven't seen or been reminded of knockers in years! What a blast from the past! Thanks for the brief trip down memory lane.

Amanda R said...

This looks so neat and tidy, makes me hang my head in shame to see mine!