Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Hi everyone. I hope that you had a fabulous Wednesday. Mine started off busy, but it was my half day at work so I actually was able to pick up my kids from school and have a couple extra hours with them. Yay Me!!! I have a short post tonight as I was not able to get my card done in time. I thought that I would show you my inexpensive color chart for my Copics. I use it when I am trying to match up my CS or PP with a Copic color. I wanted a smaller version so that if it was damaged in anyway I would not freak out so moving on. I went to Staples and purchased a little 2 ring binder that hold index cards. I then used CC Designs CS to print out a list of the Copic #s and names with a space to color in with the actual marker. I copied the list from a great lady off of splitcoast stampers, but when my computer crashed I lost the file. Sorry, just type in Copic color chart. That should work. I then cut the charts to the size I wanted and made hard copies to keep. I am also able to put some index cards in so I can write color combos(hair colors, skin combos, etc.) and other notes. Hope you like it. See you in the am. Lisa G

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Amy said...

This is a great idea, Lisa! I have a similar system for my copics and skin & hair combos! :)