Friday, October 16, 2009


Hi everyone..I hope you had an awesome Friday...I had a great day at work until my Dad called to tell me that my Mom was on her way to the ER...She fell and ended up breaking 4 of the 5 bones in the top of her foot. She has to see the bone Dr. Monday to see if they want to cast it. Hopefully she will just have to wear the boot they gave her for a little while. She has a brand new blog she makes vintage Teri Lee doll clothes and sells them on her Ebay store..She is worried about getting her orders finished, so keep her in your prayers that everything will work out. Because of all the excitement today I am just not ready to head to bed, so I thought that I would finally post about my" Special "Copic color chart . I showed you the one that I use on a daily basis, but I have this one that I keep with my Copics. I like to keep it in pristine shape(yes, I get obsessive) I was able to get the chart from a great lady at , I printed this one on my CC. Design CS as that is what I use the most to stamp on. I then used chipboard to make the front and back covers.. My best friend used her bind-it-all on mine and hers....I found the color graph from and printed it to add as background with some of the stamps that both my DD and I have colored. I hope you like it, I sure had fun making it my personal book.. Have a great night and I'll talk at you tomorrow...Lisa G


Amy said...

I sure hope your Mom's foot heals quickly!
That copic chart is the coolest thing ever, Lisa!
Have a great weekend! :)

Herrmann Photography said...

Are these ALL of the colors that Copic makes? I'm getting ready to make my first Copic purchase and it could be very useful along side the copic color wheel for me to decide which colors I want to buy. Thanks for posting this! :)