Monday, October 12, 2009


Good morning everyone. Not only is it a cold 19 degrees, but it is Monday...I don't always hate Mondays, but when it follows a Saturday that I have to work it just does not seem to be enough time to get anything done. I am not a person that likes to just sit around and waste I did watch a movie with my hubby then I wanted to work on cards. I ended up working on my computer/crafting area..I had taken over half of our living room and it was starting to really bother me. I did get that all fixed up nice, so I am happy with that. I didn't get one card made though....I did get half of a card started, when my kids found the program H2O on netflix...I ended up watching 3 episodes with them. Very cute show!!! I do however have some Disney characters that I made using my Cricut. I made them for a friend to use in her little girls bedroom. I hope you enjoy them. I am going to get that card done just as soon as I get home from work me luck, Lisa G

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Amy said...

Brrrr! Luckily we aren't that cold, but it's chilly enough for me!
The Disney cut outs are so cute, perfect in a girl's room!
So did you get your card done tonight? :)