Saturday, January 16, 2010


Hi guys. Happy Saturday to you. I hope you all have a fun weekend planned. Of course that can be of your own interpretation. That might mean staying at home in your Jammie's with the family watching movies and getting some craft time in, or it could be off on a big adventure shopping at Hobby Lobby or Michael's or kidding around. I myself am off to work until one. Then my nephew Marshall just bought his first new car yesterday and he is coming by to show his Aunt Lisa his new ride. Marshall and I are both middle children and the older he gets the more we both relate to each other...Do you believe in the middle child syndrome? Where are you in the line? lol....I would love to hear your take on this one.

After visiting with Marshall we have to take our son Mitchell to the local retirement home so that he can get his volunteering project for school completed. He is very excited to go and help out for three hours. He has always enjoyed talking to and being with elderly people...I tend to be very proud of both Mitchell and Madison. They have always been this way. They are always thinking of the lady next door that is in her 90s and lives by herself. They will shovel her walk and do just about anything for her...Just don't ask them to pick up their dirty socks off of the floor in their

On a sadder note our niece Trece is leaving for the Army on Monday, so we are attending a party for her at 7:30pm... I grew up with both grandpas in the service and my Father as well. I remember how proud I was of him and still am, but it has always been something that I worry about as well. Trece is Jerry's great niece and she was our flower girl in our wedding 17 years ago. It is really weird to think of her as being old enough to go into the Army.. We are very proud of her though.
It really doesn't sound like I will get much crafting in today, but tomorrow I don't care if the house falls down...I am CRAFTING!, I am hoping anyway. Busy weekend for sure. Oh well, at least I have next Friday off...Yay me..

Ok, sorry for going on..My post today is not of any stamped cards, but on some miniature cards that I made for my Mom to give with her Valentine clothes she is selling on eBay for her dolls. Each card was cut at 1x2 and then folded..I really had fun making them and using up some of my stash that I have had in the drawer now for over two years. Well, I am off to work again. Have a great day, talk at you later,..Lisa G


Amy said...

Wow, you have a very busy Saturday lined up Lisa! And I'd say you definitely have kids to be proud of!
Love these mini Valentines and a great idea of your Mom's to send them with her sales!
I had to laugh when I saw the Charlie Brown and Snoopy ones, I have those stickers too!

Cindy Haffner said...

Oh these are all so fun, FABULOUS work!!

Kris said...

Wow girl!! what an awesome assortment of Vday cards... you've got so much done... i think total, i have like 5... LOL... TFS!! hugs, Kris