Friday, August 13, 2010


Hi guys, this is going to be uber quick! I will be without my Internet for the next week, as we are changing who we get it through and they neglected to tell us that it would take that long. :( Can you here the tears falling... I will miss everyone. However, I will be making goodies that I can not wait to share with you...See you soon. (hopefully in less than a week!) Hugs, Lisa G


Amy said...

Oh man, don't those companies know how life sustaining the internet is and how no one can live a week without it! ;)
At least you'll have some extra time to make cards! I'll be hoping you get it back quicker than the week though!

my creative bliss said...

hopefully it won't take that long! We changed ours several months ago & went through the same thing except they said a week & it only took a couple days. maybe you will get lucky :) can't wait to see what you make!