Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Good morning everyone. OMWord, where do I start? Hmmmm... First let me say thank you to all of you for your prayers for Madison. We had her appointment with the heart specialist yesterday, and they did an echo cardiogram on her...Let me just say I don't think she could be in better hands. They where all so kind and very good about telling her (and us) everything they were doing and seeing as they were doing it. Great, great Dr! The wonderful news is that her heart is very healthy! He said that she has one of the healthiest hearts he has seen and that other than being a preteen and having growing pains he really did not see anything to worry about. My goodness, he sat in the exam room with us for over an hour just talking to us and explaining everything he saw and thought might be going on. He was great about talking to Madison and making sure that she understood it all. As he went over the little things everything he said made perfect sense. He was very sweet about not making me feel bad for worrying about her. He also reassured us that if it had been his Daughter and he had gotten so much conflicting information that he would be right where we were. He did kid me about my ability to worry. lol... His wife is Italian like I am and he was joking about the fact that Italian Mommies have the greatest ability to worry. lol. He went so far as to tell Madison to keep her Italian worrying to a minimum. Aside from having to keep a journal about the pains, Madison does not have to go back unless something new comes up.
Alright, if you have hung in this long I will get to my next two topics today...This one is one that I am still giggling inside about. I am one of the very, very lucky winners from the Greeting Farm's Anniversary blog hop that won the entire August release! I really can not believe it...I am just so happy!If I didn't think I was being greedy, I would play the Lotto this week.. heehee
Oh man am I going to have soooo much fun coloring these wonderful stamps... Yay, me! :D
Ok, now onto my project for today. I have been having fun trying out new things these last couple of weeks, and so I decided to make this mug that I saw on youtube. I am so sorry that I don't remember whose blog or video I was watching. Just know that I did not come up with this one my own, but it is super easy to make and this one is just one that I whipped together this morning before we headed to Madie's appointment. (Had to keep busy while both Madie and Jerry took their showers.) Mitchell went up to Grandma and Grandpa's. (He hates Drs even when he is not the patient.)
I used my Mom and Dad set from the Greeting Farm because I just think they are so sweet and I have yet to use them on anything. I do have to confess that the coloring is not that great as I stamped them and put it one the already made mug, then decided that they needed color. lol.... I had no intention to make it a project for anyone to see, but it was just so fun to make that I could not wait to make a second one to share with you. I am going to make some of these for Christmas goodies for teachers, fellow employees and that kind of thing. I can already see what I want to do.
Alright guys, I work today so I better get going. Have a wonderful day all. Talk at you tomorrow. Lisa G.
cs-dark chocolate-PTI & cream-Best Occations
Copic Markers:
hair-E37-E35-E33 (my new favorite!) & C9-C7-C5
clothes-B21-R89 - cup of cocoa template


♥Rach♥ said...

I saw your name on the TGF blog and I was like "Go LISA!" Congrats girl :0)
I'm so glad that your DD is ok, I'm a worrier too and would probably have been sick myself over it by now. Glad you got such a great doc, they are few and far between!

Angela said...

First thing I am SO GLAD/HAPPY.....
that Madison is okay!! I also worry way too much too so don't feel bad, we are Mom's and that's what Mom's do!!
This mug is just too cute and the images are perfect for this!! I can't wait to see what your next one will look like!!
You GO GIRL!! You are on a winning streak!! You deserve it!! It seems I never have time to join in on any blog hopping here lately! Not even my own DT's!! I am trying to get caught up I have 4 cards I have to make tonight when I get home from work so I will have to fly and not spend too much time on each of them!!

Cindy Haffner said...

Glad Madison is doing well, I know how us Mother's worry. Love this so ADORABLE. CONGRATS TGF!!

Amy said...

Great news about Madison, so glad you had a good dr. and now you have some peace of mind!
I was so excited when I saw your name as a winner on the TGF blog hop, Yeah Lisa!
This is such a clever project, and I can see how it would make great little gifties! Thanks for sharing it!

Kim Y. said...

Oh my goodness, Lisa! This is so cool!