Friday, August 27, 2010


Hi guys. Please meet Maggie. Isn't she just adorable? Let me just say (before I get a ton of phone calls from my family) No, she is not ours... :0( Not that I would not love to have her. She belongs to one of the ladies that works in the clinic where I work. Her Mommy says that she loves to play in the water and the mud as well. I though that you might like to meet her as she is just too adorable. I also have to confess that I could not find the rest of my pictures that I took of all my work from last week, so I decided to share Maggie with you instead.
She is so loved that she has a pink collar and a matching leash too. What more could an adorable Labrador want? heehee Ok guys, have a super great Friday. I am hoping to get those pictures up for the weekend, so be sure to check back later.
Hugs, Lisa G


Anonymous said...

Such a sweetie! I love puppies!

Amy said...

She does look like a sweetie, just makes me want to give her a cuddle!