Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Hi guys. I hope you all had an awesome weekend. I had yesterday off, so I spent my time coloring with Madison and Mitchell. We were not just coloring any old pictures I have to tell you. We were busy making Anya and Ian into a magnetic paper doll set. Yes, you read me right.
When I got home from work Friday Jerry had cleaned out the kids' rooms and of course that always unearths old forgotten toys... One of those forgotten toys happened to be Madison's' magnetic Barbies and some other random set. She had spent the better part of her day playing with them. So, after I got the chance to sit down I was watching her and she was really enjoying them. When it was bedtime she was very happy that they had their own cases that you stored them in.
That got me to thinking WOW, I have the Anya and Ian dress me set and that would work so great to make them into a magnetic dress up set. Well, what can I say, Madison liked that idea too. So we stamped out a bunch of images Saturday after work and got busy with it. We ran to the store and to purchase a couple sheets of magnets and then we were set to go. I still could not think of something to store them in though. After all storage is key to anything good. Right? I thought about the metal boards you can buy to keep track when you are dong cross-stitch, but those can get expensive, and you would have to tape the edges as they tend to be pretty sharp. Just about that time Madison grabbed one of my DVD cases that I store some of my stamps in.... Light bulb time! We both looked at each other and just knew that we had found our storage system slash play area for Anya and Ian.
I have to confess that I was going to wait to share these with you until I had found the background scenes that I want to make, but like giving out gifts I just could not wait. So here they are. I have not colored up all of the clothes that I plan to add, but I am sure you will get the idea. I can't help thinking that I have come up with a couple of great Christmas gifts...Yay for me!
Well, I hope you like it. I am sorry, but I did not keep a list of all my Copics that I used as it would have been longer than this post. heehee..... If you get the chance tomorrow you can check out Madison's set over at my kids' blog here.
Have a super Tuesday all. Talk at you later.
Hugs, Lisa G


Angela said...

I am in a hurray as I am at work but I jsut had to leave you some Love!!! THis is the cutest gift!! I thought about doing the same thing for Jazmine but she would have them distroyed in 2 days!! I may have to rethink the idea for christmas gifts for her and my neice!! They would love them!! Glad you had a great weekend with your family!!!

Be back later to see what I have missed!!

Angela said...

Okay that's hurry!!! Man I really need to check my typing!!! I never do just hit post!!! Well you know what I mean!!

Amy said...

Ah, what a brilliant idea Lisa and I think they would make adorable Christmas gifts! There's so many clothes for them, they'll have too much fun!
Have a great week!

♥Rach♥ said...

Wow, those must have been a TON of work but they look awesome, you really did a wonderful job, Lisa! :0)

Beebeebabs said...

Soooo cute thanks for sharing!!!

Leigh said...

Awesome! I can't believe how cute these are. You girls did an spectacular job!

Jamie N. said...

Thanks for all your sweet comments. I love this idea. I saw it in the TGF gallery yesterday and thought this was an awesome reinvented paper dolls. They're just too cute!