Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Good morning guys.
Wow, it is already Wednesday and I am kind of sad to say that I have only worked about 3 hours this week and don't know when I will be heading back... Because Madison is sick and the health district will not allow me to be at work until Madison gets her test results (could be tomorrow or Friday) I can not be at work. I am happy to be home with my sick little girl, but I feel really bad for the people I work with. It has been crazy busy lately and I hate to think of someone pulling my weight just because I can't be there.
On a much more happy note...Did you see Glee last night? I always have to chuckle to myself as I think Jerry is the biggest Gleek in our house. He was watching and says "You know this one should have been a two hour one." He was also in tears when Artie was walking and Coach Beiste was the one to give him the walking devise. I love my tough and grumpy husband. He has a heart of gold and God help the person that hurts his family in anyway. :O) I have to say that I just loved the show too. I have always been a sucker for Christmas music and I think they did such a wonderful job of the whole show. I really loved it when Sue ended up at Mr. Shue's house. Great, great ending.... Of course now we have to wait for a new episode. :O(
Now, if I may I want to bore you a little with today's card. lol I just had to purchase one of Amy Young's new little snowflake fairies. This is Neva and I just think she is so terribly sweet that you can not pass her up. I purchased her in digi (could not wait for the mailman this time.) from All that Scraps. At first I was a little intimidated to color her as everyone else has done such a fantastic job with these stamps that I didn't think I could come up with something just as good and I didn't want to make her look like anyone else's. Well, I remembered that at our dollar store they had their Christmas cards with popped out embellishments on sale 2 for $1 so and I had purchased a couple because of that and the long envelopes that you got with them. I wanted to try making tall/long cards. So....I used my undo and took off the embellishments to use on my card along with a metallic silver diamond to showcase Neva. I am soooo totally happy with how my card came out both inside and out. I don't think my pictures show just how cute all these colors and everything looks together. Sorry.
I am sure you noticed that the last couple of posts I did I used different colored cardstock to photograph my cards with. I don't know that I am all that crazy about how it looks, so I went back to just using my homemade light box with the plain white cardstock. What do you think looks better? Colored or white? I would really like to get you input on this. Thanks in advance.
As you can see I am not getting ready for work, but I do have to head over to the kids' school later to get all of their homework. Ugghhhh! Then it's back home to take temperatures and give medicine. So if you have lasted this long, let me wish you a happy Wednesday.
Talk at you tomorrow.
Hugs, Lisa G
cs-Neenah classic crest & Bazzill
dp-stash-WeR Memory Keepers? & metallic paper pack-Best Occasions
embellishments-dollar store & Holiday Times
Spellbinders-Nestabilities-classic diamonds
fluid chalk-olive pastel-ColorBox
sentiment-computer fonts-Arial @ 14, Gungsuh @ 20, Edwardian script ltc. @22bld & Curlz Mt @ 20
Copic Markers:
outfit & boots-YG25-YG23-YG21-R29


Amanda R said...

I love your card Lisa! And that silver diamond really shines, very pretty and a great idea to reuse the card from the dollar store. Joe and I are finishing our shopping today so may have to head over there and see what I can find. Great coloring too, the shading is just about perfect!

♥Rach♥ said...

VERY cute Lisa! Love the sentiment with ornament and you did an awesome job with the long card :0) Hope that your daughter is feeling better soon and I can't wait to watch Glee now!

Cindy Haffner said...

Ohhhhh FUN and FAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amy said...

Fabulous card Lisa, love how you repurposed the dollar store card, what a deal! Neva looks fabulous, your coloring is awesome and colors so Christmasy! I loved Glee last night, I'm with you I don't think they could have done a better show...unless it was to add another hour like Jerry thought! :)
I hope Madison's tests come back soon and with good news, at least this break is keeping you from getting run down and more susceptable to illness! But I do feel sorry for your co workers!