Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Good morning all. I hope that your week is off to a great start. We sure had some winds yesterday, but the sun was out all day, so who can complain right? lol...
Well I thought that I should finally share my photos of my small haul from our trip on Saturday. We had a great time! It was warm enough that we didn't need jackets and the sun was out until we were heading home. It was a perfect day!
As you all know it was my first time in Hobby Lobby and I loved it. By the way if you live in Washington State I found out just today that there is also a Hobby Lobby in Spokane now as well.. I feel like I have lived on an island for 10 years. heehee.... They have so many paper pads and everything else. They didn't have any 6x6 paper pads, so I ended up buying some envelope /card packs that were on sale. Great deal! Because I was lucky enough to get to take this trip I wanted to purchase a little something for the M&Ms and Jerry as well. While we were at HL I was able to get Jerry some model paint and Madison some polymer clay (the bake kind) to make food for her Barbies.
Once we headed to Michaels I found the perfect truck model for Mitchell to work on. The kids were really pleased to get something from my trip... We had fun at Michaels, but it was super crowded and they were in the process of remodeling to compete with HB. Not a lot of great deals there, but I did manage to stock up on adhesive for my ATG and a few pop dots as well.. Made me happy as I was running super low on a lot of my staples for card making. I reminded myself that you can't make cards without card stock or adhesive so I bought the stuff I needed and next time I will buy some more of the fun stuff. Believe me I can not wait until next time.
After that we headed to Crafters Warehouse were I finally came across some 6x6 paper pads and found the Mabel papers from MME. Love it! By this time it was after 2pm and we were getting hungry so we headed over to the Red Lobster for a great lunch. It was sooooo good!
Well I better get going. Have a great day and I will talk at you tomorrow. Hope you enjoy my pictures.
Hugs, Lisa G


Cindy Haffner said...

Ohh what FUN Shopping!!

Amy said...

Sounds like your had the perfect trip Lisa and got some great goodies! There is nothing like a good shopping trip with a friend or two! And it's nice to know there is a HL in Spokane, if gas ever goes down I might be tempted to make the trip!
Have a great day!

Amanda R said...

Hey Lisa, glad you enjoyed your trip! Just a tip, if you need more tape for your ATG gun, check out the tape depot online, I get all of my tape there, have for awhile now and it is a lot cheaper in the long run.

Damaris said...

I sure do! Nice goodies.

Sharon said...

Glad you had a nice time and found some of the goodies you had been wanting. Enjoy!