Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Hi guys.
It is finally Wednesday. I am so happy. Just two more days of work until my "Big" trip. lol... I am sorry to go on and on but I am just so excited. I really can not wait to see the inside of a Hobby Lobby. I didn't even know that we had one in the state of Washington let alone one that is just a mear 60 miles or so away. Yay!
Ok, let me get to my project for today. I don't have a card to share I have a new book marker that I made for Mitchell. Let me introduce you to Tyler ( I am sure by now everyone knows Tyler) from the Creeper Crew Collection 1. Isn't he just to cutest guy? I had to color him up... I just love this set. I think it is my all time favorite one. I do have to apologize however. I know I wrote down all of the colors that I used, but I will be darned if I can find it this morning. Gggrrrr! I don't know what happened to it. As you can tell Mitchell's favorite color is blue and this was made specifically for him. He was allowed to pick all the colors.
The second thing that I wanted to share with you was a great on-line store that I found thanks to Arlene on YouTube (mybutterflykisses12). The awesome store is call claudiaandcompany. I am telling you it is great. I was able purchase some more of my Neenah classic crest paper and they also have 6x6 paper pads. They have a ton of stuff and the best part is that she ships so fast. That is worth everything to me. lol.... I brought up the paper pads as I while I was at I found a new BoBunny paper pad called Vicki B. Well I just had to buy this collection including the buttons that went with as this is my Mom's name. Yes, it is even spelled Vicki B. and I so intend to make something with this set just for her. So, Mom if you are reading this I am not telling what stamp is going to be on your card. You are just going to have to wait to see. heehee.... Anyway, I love this paper. It is just so cute and check out these buttons. They have three metal ones as well.
Well I am gonna get going, gotta work so I can pay for my Saturday of fun. :O) Talk at you tomorrow.
Hugs, Lisa G


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Amy said...

Tyler is looking very cool, Mitchell has a great eye for colors! It's an awesome bookmark!
I didn't know we had a Hobby Lobby in WA, how long has it been there? I went to a Hobby Lobby when I was in Texas, I didn't buy a lot but that was because we had already went to 6 different LSS before that! Sadly I don't think any of those LSS are still in business. Like you said, shopping online is nice but I LOVE browsing a good LSS!

Sharon said...

Oh how exciting Lisa that you'll be going to Hobby Lobby. I've only gone one to one in South Carolina while on vacation there last October. I loved it. I'm sure you will too. The nearest one is 3 hours away from me. Hopefully they'll put one closer to me soon. Love the new creepin stamp set and your card is so cute. I bet Mitchell loved it!

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Lucy =)