Sunday, March 20, 2011


Hi guys.
I hope you are all having a great weekend. Jerry is in the process of bugging me, so please forgive me for any misspelled words or whatnot. lol...
Anyway, I am somewhat (ok, VERY) irritated as I have had these pictures of Lucy since Wednesday morning for you all and I only have one good one and the rest look like she has cataracts. Ggggrrr! Don't you just feel bad for me and my major issues? I know, get over it. Ok, as I said I took these pictures of Lucy on Wednesday before I headed to work. Jerry and I were laughing and talking with Mitchell and I think that Lucy decided that she just wasn't getting enough attention so she got into this little box and started her meowing. She is always talking to us. When she was very little (two summers ago) she would love it to sleep in. So much so that even my Dad wouldn't take one to put his tools in as he thought that he would be depriving her of her bed. lol.... Mind you we always have a ton of these boxes in the summer as the kids live off of the Otter Pops. We only had one this last week as it helped the M&Ms when they had bronchitis.
As you can see Lucy really does not fit in her box anymore. She however stayed in long enough for me to take several pictures. I just did not notice that her eyes were so bad as I was using the double flash for red eye. I do have a red eye edit on my computer, but for some reason it isn't helping either. I am only adding the one bad picture as it really does show just how cramped she was and it makes her look like she has chipmunk cheeks. You can also see the little hairbands that Lucy and Jerry play fetch with just about every morning. She actually brings them back for him to shoot across the room for her. Now that I am taking a closer look at the pictures I think Jerry must have quit playing with her and she decided to drop her hairbands and get in the box. Silly cat!
Have a great day everyone. Talk at you tomorrow.
Hugs, Lisa G


Amy said...

LOL! She really is squeezed into that box, such a silly kitty!
I can't believe Lucy will play fetch with hairbands! My cat loves to play with them but would never think of bringing them to me!
Hope you all have a great Sunday! :)

My Dollies 3 said...

Poor,Poor Lucy. I guess grandma will have to buy her a bigger box of otter pops, or at least a bigger box to sleep in. If you don't start being nicer to Lucy I will have to turn you into the SFPCA. Love ya Lisa, Mom