Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Haunting We Will Go !!!

Good morning all. 
     I have to start my post off today by wishing a  Happy Birthday to my baby brother Rick!!!  Rick is 38 today and getting ever so much closer to those 40's. lol... I am sure that I have mentioned before how he has always given me and our older sister a hard time about being so much older than he is.  He loved it when we were in our 30's and he was in his 20's.  Used to tell us all the time how old we were.  Love you Rick and I hope you have a great Birthday. (No matter how old you are getting.  baaa  haa ha!)  So sorry guys,  I just had to do it. 
     As you can see I have a very different card for you today.  I decided to step way out of my comfort zone and make a little zombie for a Halloween card.  When I pulled out my Greeting Farm stamp binder Abby of the Creeper Crew was the first one to raise her hand and volunteer to put on some good old Halloween makeup.  Apparently Abby just loves Halloween and she was tickled pink to get the chance to look like she just crawled out of the grave.  What a sweetheart, she had been wearing her favorite pink and orange top along with her favorite pair of faded light blue jeans.  She was good enough to let me get it all dirty and then we colored up her skin and of course she had to put in some contacts that would make her eyes look dull...  lol.. All in all I think she turned out Spooktacular!  I was really just playing around and I had a great time using some more of the fun goodies that Amy sent me in her candy. 
     Ok guys, that's gonna do it for me today.  I am getting ready for another day at work.  I hope you all have a great day.  Talk at you tomorrow. 
Hugs,  Lisa G

stamps - CC Abby-TGF & studio g
cs-Neenah & black-AC cardstock
sheer ribbon-details & Accessories
black flower & felt bats-Amy's blog candy
Copic markers


Chrissy said...

Love the fantastic background papers Lisa, and love the image..her eyes are so spooky.
Great card Hun! really cool.
Happy Birthday to Rick...

Amy said...

She looks quite zombie-ish Lisa, it was nice of her to offer to wear the spooktacular costume! hehehe Awesome Halloween card!
Happy Birthday to your li'l brother!

Amanda R said...

Very creepy looking but in a cute kind of way! That web background and purple bats are way cute but you are braver than I grunging her up!

Wendy Ramlakhan said...

How how cute coloring her as a zombie!! Very clever!!

I'm so sorry Lisa that it's been so long since I last stopped by. Life got a little busy over the summer. I see that your creations are just a fabulous as ever!!


Leanne said...

O my Lisa, I would not want to run into her on Halloween night, she might want to eat my brains! hahaha!! Fantastic job with the coloring, I think you made her zombie-ish enough! ;)
PS - Happy almost 40 to your bro. LOL! ;)