Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sundays with Cats....

Good morning everyone.       I hope that you are all having a great weekend.   I can not believe just how fast time goes by.  I guess it's just because I worked a half day Thursday, had Friday off and it always seems like "Wow"  I have so much time.  I am so going to get a lot done and have fun too.  Then before you know it,  it's Sunday morning.  Really I don't mean to sound like a cry baby,  I just can't believe how fast it all goes. 
     Ok, ok  let me get to why you are here this morning.  We are heading out for our long walk,  so I will be quick and fill you in on our crazy cats..  Lucy is always my good girl and she really doesn't sweet the small stuff.  She knows that both her water and food dish will be cleaned and refilled each and every morning by me.  She knows that later each morning Jerry will feed the fish in both tanks and then she will get her treats for the day.  lol.... Yes, she is a VERY spoiled house cat that we all love to pieces.   Even when Lucy was a little kitten she would sit right at the edge of the front door while it was wide open and watch us bring in the grocery and never ever go out the door.  Well, she is no different now.  She watches for me to come home from work and for the kids to walk through that door everyday after school... All the while never stepping one paw outside.. Smart, Smart girl!  
     Sunday on the other hand is a somewhat crazy cat.  Jerry insist that it has been too hot in the afternoons to leave her outside so he has been trying to bring her in and let her sleep on his lap.  She has allowed this quit a few times,  but always with growls and hisses.  She just can't let herself settle for long.  This Friday however Jerry tried once again to get her in and let her have a rest that didn't include her having to watch for things around her.  Well this was the time that she decided to hiss, growl and finally scratch Jerry.  It is very hard for him.  He really loves her and he has finally come to the conclusion that he really doesn't know where she came from or what she has been through before she got here.  He has finally decided to allow her to be the OUTSIDE cat that she chooses to be.  She is happy outside and she is happy to be here.  She is still following us on our walks, so this morning I will have to drive us around the corner and park so that we can walk further and not have to worry about this crasy black and white cat running behind.  Yesterday when we went for our walk she was following us and at one point she actually hid beside a tree hoping that we wouldn't see her.  lol... It really is funny and cute, but we all worry that she might get run over or run into a cat that has a meaner attitude than she does. 
     So,  now that I have put you all back to sleep.  lol... Let me get to my pictures that I have picked to share with you.   This is some of Lucy in Mitchell's dresser drawer while Jerry is busy cleaning his room trying for the 100th time to find Mitchell's lost cell phone.  (I won't go into that as it will just upset me again!)  As you can see Lucy decided that it was a great place to take her nap. 
     Well guys, I hope that you all have a great Sunday.  Talk at you tomorrow. 
Hugs,  Lisa, Lucy and Sunday too...

Of course Jerry said that poor Lucy was thinking that the
Pauperises had come out when she caught a glimpse of my camera. 
Almost doesn't fit anymore.  lol....

Sunday sleeping on Jerry's lap.  He was hoping he could get her to relax, and this time she actually did.   


Amanda R said...

I love seeing your Sunday pictures with the cats, my Lucy loves getting in drawers too, even when I pull one open to get something out, if she is close up she goes!

Amanda R said...

I love seeing your Sunday pictures with the cats, my Lucy loves getting in drawers too, even when I pull one open to get something out, if she is close up she goes!

Chrissy said...

Lovely kitty cats...and I know what hissing and scratching is like, if they dont wanna do it, they wont...and if they do.. do is only temporary.False settlement, once that door is open they're cat was a very outside cat..she never sat on your knee, and very rarely could you stroke her down the back...probably why my arms are