Friday, September 23, 2011

Sweet & Toxic

Good morning everyone!
     Well,  I didn't  get a lot of crafting time yesterday, but I sure had a lot of fun getting into trouble with Jerry.  lol!  We spent our afternoon walking around downtown and then we headed into the one store that always tends to get me (and him) into trouble.   But as I am trying to make my Mom suffer (just a little) for not coming over last night to see what my surprise was,  I will wait and come back to what we did with our afternoon in a little it.
However,  once we got home from picking the M&Ms up from school they got their homework done and we headed off on a great walk.  It was such a nice afternoon and not too hot or cold.  I just love getting in a good walk before we headed back in to watch some of the new shows coming out.  Jerry always has the line up ready to go. lol....  Then I made a quick card with the newest Miss Anya Hat collection.  I had colored all of them up over the weekend, so all I had to do was decide which on to use and what I wanted to do with her.  She is playing around with her new purse and decided it would be a perfect little purse to use as a trick-or-treat bag.  Then Anya  put on her best hair ties that when folded just right look like bat wings. hee hee  She then wanted to have her Ghost friend with her, so out she came.   I love the ribbon and the Ghost stick pin. Thanks to Amy for the awesome blog candy! 
     Ok  guys, that's my card for today.  I hope you all have a fantastic Friday!  Yay Friday!  I can't wait to get up early Saturday and head out on our long walk for the week.  
      So,  have I made you all wait long enough to find out what kind of trouble Jerry and I go into yesterday?  Well... as we were walking around downtown we decided to stop into the pet store.  We usually go over and check out all the little black kittens that no one wants because they have no idea what a great cat they make. Our absolute favorite kind of cats!   Anyway,  they didn't have any black kittens.  They did however have two little ones.  One was a soft cream color, but he was a boy and we didn't want a boy.  Then there was this adorable tortoiseshell  little girl that is all dressed up and ready to go for Halloween.  lol...  OMWord, she is so sweet and she hasn't meowed at all.  We looked at each other and before we knew what we were doing we decided to bring her home to the M&Ms.  I feel really stupid for getting another cat, but then I think of all the times my Dad would call my Mom and say "Honey I met the cutest girl today and she really wants to come home with me." lol   Then we would end up with a beautiful German Shepard when Dad got home from work.  Needless to say the kids  are over the moon about her.  Lucy not so much, but she is getting used to it little bit by little bit.  We have kept them separate until the little one is old enough to get vaccinated.  We did take her to our Vet and got her some de-worming medicine to be on the safe side. Then she has to go back in a week to get her shots.  She only a little over five weeks old, so they couldn't give them to her yet.   These pictures really don't do her justice as she is just as sweet as she is cute!  I told Jerry it was his turn to name her and he came up with Boo.   We all just fell in love with that name, so Boo she is.  She has browns, oranges and black all over. Sunday is still here and we are still feeding her, but Jerry has been trying to get her used to the inside of the house because of winter, but she just doesn't want to be inside.  She howls and hisses everytime he brings her in and then again when she takes her out.  Just not worth it.  I am afraid she is going to hurt him or one of the kids, and that will not turn out good for her if she does. We'll just have to make her a house outside and hope that will keep her warm and safe during the cold winters here.  That too we shall see.  Thanks everyone that stops by and lets me ramble on.  You are all too sweet. 
     Ok guys,  I had better get a move on.  Talk at you tomorrow. 
Hugs, Lisa G

stamps-Miss Anya Bags & Sweet & Toxic-TGF
cs-Neenah, Bazzill and AC Cardstock
dp, stick pin and gingham ribbon-from Amy
fluid chalk-Chestnut Roan-ColorBox
sweater dress & hair ribbons-BV25-BV23-BV20

Boo helping Mitchell do his History homework.  As you can see she was a big help.  lol
A girl can never be too clean. Boo is playing with Jerry and had to stop to clean her back paw.


Denice said...

I love Boo's name..congrats, she's such a cutie!

Amanda R said...

Oh you are so lucky! I would love to have another cat for Lucy to play with but Joe has threatened divorce (he is allergic to them) so I will just have to drool over yours. I would leave Sunday outside, she should be fine as she will acclimate to the weather if she stays out but if she comes in and out she won't adjust as well when it gets cold.

Leanne said...

pretty card, love ur imagination in the story telling Lisa.
love the name boo!! she's so cute!! love the story behind her coming home with you guys.
have a fabulous weekend, can't wait to hear more. Hugs,

Amy said...

Your card is so cute Lisa, but Boo is super, super cute! What a sweet addition and I love her name! I'm looking forward to hearing about the adventures all three of them provide for you guys on Sundays! :)

Cindy Haffner said...


mousekemom said...

What a cutie! love the color of her dress. I am still collecting copics and don't have those yet. just darling!

Angela said...

Oh Boo is too adorable and I love the name.
Your card looks great too by the way. The orange and blue looks great together.
Sorry I have not been by in a while and left a comment. I am trying my hardest to get caught up, but I think It's going to take me awhile.