Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day...

Good Morning All.
     I am late getting this posted as we went on yet another walk this morning and I have to say that the weather has been just perfect for it this weekend...  It is nice and sunny yet not at all HOT...  :O)  Just perfect. 
     When we got back I was looking at all of our pretty flowers that are blooming in the front of our house, so I decided to share them with you.   I have a huge rose bush that has been here since we moved in over 4 years ago.  Mind you I have tried to dig it out each year only to have it come back bigger and prettier, so I have decided to embrace it's beauty as well as all of it's nasty thorns. (A whole other story. lol) Anyway we also have a whole bunch of  beautiful purple irises (I think that's what their called). that run along the front of our house.   On the other side of our porch we have a very small rose bush that the roses are about the size of a dime or small.  The wind is of course blowing a little, so Jerry had tried to  hold one for me to get a good picture.  I wish it had come out better, so I deleted the picture of that one.  They are however just the perfect little roses I have ever seen.  I snapped off one of the irises and took it in the house to prove to the M&Ms that they smelled like purple to me.   lol...
Yes,  purple.  I know, I am weird. 
     I hope that you all have a wonderful Memorial Day and if you are traveling home today or tomorrow be safe.  Have a great day and I will talk at you all tomorrow.
Hugs, Lisa

This is the only vase I have.  lol... It was a very small little bottle of Sparkling grape that we drank
with the M&Ms in celebration of my Birthday last week.  Mitchell and I enjoyed it, but Jerry and Maddie
both just didn't get the goodness of it.  lol... What do they know?  :O)

Supplies:   Mother Nature and Sunshine. 


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Danni said...

Beautiful flowers!!