Monday, November 12, 2012

I need a little help...

Good morning all.
     Can you believe that once again it is Monday?  Everyone here is off today except for me.  lol... Yes, I am heading off to work soon.  That's ok though as this is my three day weekend, so come Thursday at 1pm I will be off.  lol... That's just how it goes right?
     I am going to make this a quick post as I really need to get myself going.  I didn't adhere to our morning schedule what with the M&Ms sleeping in, so here we go. 
     One of my bosses' Sons is getting married this coming weekend and I really debated as to whether I felt a handmade card would be good enough.  I have to confess that the card I did come up with took me all of yesterday just to get it done.  I remember when Jerry and I were married we enjoyed the cards, but not as much as we do now (19 1/2 years later) when we look at them.  So with that being said I am sure the happy couple won't put as much stock into the whole thing as I do, but I am sure you all understand my totur on the whole to make or buy.  :O) 
     Ok, so here is where I need your help.  Please let me know if you think this is an ok Wedding card.  The couple are both in their early twenties and both are very energetic wonderfully in love.  They are both religious and believe in being honest hard working people.  I wanted to capture their free young spirits, but I really felt that I wanted the card to look elegant as well.  I desided to use a colored base for my card to keep it a little on the youthful/fun side.  I then used this very shiny cream card stock along with some soft satin ribbon and bling to bring out the more elegant traditional wedding side. 
     Well, there you have it.  I really do appreciate you opinions on this one as I only have until Friday to make them a different card.  heehe.. Have an awesome Monday everyone and I will talk at you tomorrow.
Hugs, Lisa G

stamp-Lunar Lights-LawnFawn
cs-ocean tides-PTI & Crafter's warehouse
Cuttlebug embossing folder-Swiss Dots-PC
pearl spray-Zva creative
big pearls-Studio112
satin ribbon-stash
computer font


Rachel Parys said...

I think it's gorgeous! Wedding cards always seem a little more difficult for me to make. Image, no image, I never know. This is very classy, and not too feminine that the groom can enjoy it too. Great job!

Barb said...

this is beautiful! these are the kinds of cards that people keep forever. i wouldn't be surprised if the newlyweds take these out 19 years from now to relive that happy day all over again. handmade is always better...this card shows why :)

Aura Vahtia said...

It's perfect! If it were me receiving the card, I'd put it in my scrapbook of 'Special events'. Not all cards make it in there, but gems like this would.

Nancy Thomas said...

It's beautiful and classic - perfect for a wedding.

Denice said...

What a wonderful wedding card...I wouldn't change a thing!

CAS is always the hardest for me because it doesn't seem right that something so easy and simple could look as good as it does.

Congrats to the couple.

My Dollies 3 said...

If they don't love it, there is something wrong with them, It is beautiful!!!! Anybody would love to get a card like this.....young or old.

My Dollies 3 said...
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Amanda R said...

Ok, I am late chiming in but ABSOLUTELY YES! this is a beautiful wedding card! This is very elegant. Definitely give it to them!

Jennifer Mckingley said...

What a lovely card! This is perfect for the young couple. I'm pretty sure they'll love this.