Monday, November 26, 2012

Sew cute...

Well hello there.
     I originally had this post ready to go on Saturday morning, but when I went to load my pictures I was not able to.  As most of you already know from my pitiful plea for help I had run out of space on my google account.  Well,  I finally caved today and spent the $2.49  a month in order to have extra space.   It's either that or make my pictures smaller so they use the free space allotted, but I honestly have not idea how to do that and rather than just get irritated beyond belief I decided to just cough up the money and get on with my life.  :O)  No complaints really as my blog is now back in order and hopefully without issue for a little while. 
     So, let's get to today's card.  This little darling has actually been colored up now for over a week and I just haven't gotten around to putting her onto a card.  However last week I pulled out my sewing machine to sew Madison a straight skirt for the wedding and I figured while I had it out I should give sewing on a card a go.  I was basically playing around with all the stitches that my machine will do and  have to tell you I really like how this turned out.   lol
     I made this card for the fun of it, so even though the sewing is not perfect I still put it together as mostly a trial run on the whole sewing on paper project.  I just might become addicted to it, so watch out.  hehee...
     Well guys I am off to bed.  Have a great night and I will talk at you later.  Due to the fact that I am using my laptop and I don't have my supply list right at the moment and I am exhausted from a very bad Monday (we wont even go there) I will have to add that later.
     Thanks to all of you that tried to help me with my problem.  You really have no idea how much you all mean to me.  It is just a wonderful group of ladies that I have met through blogging that I can't even imagine my life without it. Talk at you later.
Hugs, Lisa G


Chrissy said...

I'm so sorry I missed your help post, I could have saved you a few bucks a month by helping you delete old photos etc...I just got mine down to 50%, so have 50% more space without paying a cent..
but...such a gorgeous card, look at that hair, so pretty..if you want to know how anyway flick me an e-mail and I will forward the info to easy once you get in..


Rachel Parys said...

Ughhh, pixel size, camera terms, all foreign languages to me too! I need a class.

This is adorable! I love the stitch you used! I am always afraid to experiment with a new stitch for fear of screwing everything else up! lol! This turned out great!

Amy said...

The sewing looks so cool on here Lisa, super cute card!
Sorry you had to buy more space, I know that will be what I do too when I get notice I've used all my space!

Amanda R said...

Love your stitching and what a great idea to use the scallop, I never tried that before. I know I will probably have to buy more space eventually too but small price to pay for all the enjoyment we get right?