Sunday, September 7, 2014


CAUTION:  Picture and word heavy post!!!

Hi guys.
     I hope you have all had a great weekend.  I am heading into a super busy week at work and at home, but before that I really wanted to stop in and share with you all what a wonderful weekend I had both last weekend (Sunday & Monday-due to the holiday) and this weekend (three day weekend for me. YAY !!!)
      So, I am pretty sure that I mentioned the fact that I have become addicted to Instagram.  In case I didn't or you just didn't catch it I am an Instagram addict!!  It's so much fun and a lot like blogging, but really all you have to do is snap a picture on your phone and post it.  You can comment a little, but you don't even have to do that if you don't want to.  lol...
     I mention my new found addiction only because of all the great people and shops I have met on Instagram.  One of the shops/persons that I have met is Lara.  You can find Lara on Instagram HERE! She has an Etsy store called The Ink Road and for month of August Lara  hosted a 'color a day challenge'.  She put up a list and you were to take a pick of that color for that day and put it on Instagram.  I found out about it around the 15th of the month and I have to tell you, I was hooked.   It was so much fun! Other than following what the color of the day was I didn't see any other directions, so I decided that I wanted my things to be pulled from my addiction to card making. , So, most of my pictures were just that.  I even went back and did a couple of the earlier days just for the fun of it.  What I didn't know (UNTIL I WON!!!) was that she was giving away $100 to spend at her Etsy shop (The Ink Road).   I could NOT believe that I won, and I sure couldn't believe I had $100 just to spend on myself and not feel guilty about it. Let alone on things like stamps and dies and any other thing that she sells at her Etsy store.  I was so excited it took me a couple of days just to make up my mind. lol..
     I still couldn't  believe that I won, not even when this huge box showed up at my door on Saturday!  Not only had Lara sent me what I had ordered, she had sent me a ton of other goodies as well.  I thought I would share a few pictures that I took of all of this wonderfulness.  :O)
     Lara even sent me a few journals and one of them happens to be a Moleskin journal!  I have wanted one of those for over a year and I can't believe I have one now. lol... Most likely it's going to sit inside of my desk for a bit until I decide exactly how or what I want to use it on.

See the solid pick journal under all the other ones? That is my Moleskin Journal!  I love it!!!

     So Lara, if you happen to read my blog I really want to Thank You again for all of this.  For such a fun challenge, for such an awesome price and for being such a sweetheart and sending me even more wonderful goodies as well. You don't know just how much you have made my whole year. :O)
    Ok guys, if you haven't left by now I totally appreciate it.  I really wanted to share in my excitement and let you all know about Lara's great Etsy store.  She has awesome prices and she ships like speed of light fast.  Ok, maybe not that fast, but still FAST!!!!
     Hope you all have a great day.  I will be back again tomorrow with a new card as I was able to spend my weekend crafting.
Hugs Lisa G

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Sammy said...

Wow! That's a fantastic prize, and even better if it came as a complete surprise. I won the first ever blog hop I took part in. I didn't even know what a blog hop was, much less that there was something to be won, and was over the moon when they told me...
I imagine you're feeling somewhat like that, multiplied by 10! lol.

Looking forward to seeing your card tomorrow! x