Friday, August 28, 2009

IT'S FRIDAY !!!!!!!!

Hi everyone, it's FRIDAY!!! Yes I am excited. It is my weekend off and that includes today. I am sorry that I have not gotten my new stamps uploaded. This week has been very busy for my family. I have both of my children going into 6th grade. As you can guess that means registering at a new school, buying school supplies and going back to the school not once but twice to practice locker combinations and run thru schedules. lol

I think that I am more nervous about school than both of the kids. I did want to share with you a really cool thing that happened to me this week. I was at work about 3 weeks ago when one of my customers was getting her meds to head out on vacation. I just had to ask where she was going and she told me Yellow Stone. We started chatting about it and I was telling her that we my parents would take us they always let us buy one of the stuffed black bears that they sold in their gift shop.....Well on Tuesday she was back in the pharmacy, and the next thing I know she was giving me a little red bag. I am sure you can guess, Yes it is a little black bear......I could not believe that she remembered me while she was on vacation. He is so CUTE I just had to share him. I decided to name him Sloan after the lady that was so nice and gave him to me. Thanks again Mrs. Slone. Have a great weekend everyone, Lisa

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