Friday, November 13, 2009


Wow, I know what you are thinking....Three posts in one day, is she sick? Well the answer is yes, I am coming down with something so I was sent home from work. My DH was outside and decided that I needed to know that it is snowing. I doubt that it will stick, but it was so cute to see our Lucy checking out HER very first snow. So-NO, that is not dandruff on my pretty black kitten, it is snow..You can kind of see that her Daddy is holding her. She is an indoor kitten all the way and very spoiled by all of us. Have a great day, I am heading to bed to hopefully get rid of this massive headache. Smiles , Lisa G


Amy said...

We woke up to our first snow too, today! My Yorkie, Duke, loves the snow (as long as he has his coat on...) ;)
Hope you are feeling better soon Lisa!

Kris said...

i so have to come and visit you so we can play in snow! =D Hope you feel better sweetie! not fun at all... =( get well soon so you can play again! hugs, Kris