Sunday, November 1, 2009


And Mango was his name-O........Good morning all..I hope you had a great Halloween. I didn't get my card made yesterday as I was hoping, but we had three parties to go to yesterday and the first one started at 10am..It was a fun, but very busy of the parties that we attended was at a local church that is open to everyone in town. They have games to play, food to eat and bingo for everyone. They also have a couple of artists that draw pictures. We have been taking our kids there for about 3 or 4 years now, and they just love it. It is soooo fun and you get to wear your costumes without any coats..The kids ended up with a ton of candy! While we were there I met a lady that had this awesome bird named Mango. He sings his name just like the song BINGO. Well for some reason Mango and I hit it off really well. His Mommy wanted to know if we would ever be interested in babysitting him when they head south..Of course our answer was, YES....Isn't he just beautiful? I just had to share him with you. Have a great day. Lisa G

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Amy said...

Mango is a very pretty bird, and what a wonderful Halloween you had, Lisa! :)