Saturday, August 31, 2013

I need a little help...

Hiya everyone.
     I hope that you are all having a great weekend and if you are one of those lucky people that have Monday off I hope that it is just as much fun as the rest of your weekend.
     Anyway, I have been busy trying to get some mojo going and make a couple of cards to share for the up coming week.  Of course I got a little side tracked with the need to rearrange all of my stamp storage.
     You see,  I purchased a couple packs of the 'Avery Elle'   pockets a couple of weeks ago and for some reason I decided (while in the middle of cleaning my desk top)  that I really needed to start working on it.  lol... What can you do?
     So,  getting back to the reason for my post.  I always put labels on my stamps if they don't already have the stamp's name on it.  However while working on my new storage system I came across this cute little Bean that for whatever reason I didn't put her name on here card stock that she came packaged with.  I went over to 'The Greeting Farm' shop in hopes that I could look her up, but as you might have guessed she isn't little there anymore.
     That is where you all come into the picture.  I am hoping that someone is as OCD as I am and can tell me what little Bean's name is.  
     I really can't tell you how much your help would me to me as I so want to get her labeled up and put in with her fellow Bean sisters.  lol...
     Well, I am off to work on some other stamps and then head to bed after awhile.  Have a great evening and an even better Sunday everyone.
     Talk at you later.
Hugs, Lisa G

Isn't she just adorable?  I can't believe I don't know who she is.. :O( 


Amy said...

LOL, I can totally relate Lisa and luckily I can also help you out... that little cutie is Glisten Bean. :)
And about the enamel dots I've been using lately, some have been a mix of the newer My Mind's Eye but I'm in LOVE with the new Doodlebug colors. They call their enamel dots Sprinkles and they are fantastic!
Have fun cleaning, organizing and hopefully crafting this weekend! :)

Tress said...

Amy beat me to it, lol! Have fun organizing!

Rachel Parys said...

Great, now you have my OCD kicked in, gonna have to get all of their names written on the packages! lol!