Sunday, December 8, 2013

Hello Devan...

Good morning everyone.
     I want to introduce my Great to you all.  His name is Devan Lee and he was born Friday night on Dec.6th.  He weighted in at  7lbs & 14oz, and  he also happens to be a little red head just like his Daddy (my oldest Nephew) and his Mommy. As you can tell he is just adorable, even if I do say so myself. lol...
     His temperament is just wonderful as well.  He really doesn't cry much as all and he loves to be held already.  This little man is going to be an easy little guy as our family,  when we all get together can be pretty loud and I tell you with all the talking and phones ringing he just sleeps right through it so far.
     So,  as you can see for some reason I am up VERY early this morning, so I thought I would  share a few pictures we took of Devan and his second cousins holding him for the first time. I also thought I might as well try and get some card making in before I get tired and need to take a nap this afternoon.  lol....
     It sure has been a fast weekend so far. I slept in yesterday until 9am and before I knew it it was 3pm.   We are also hoping to get my car fixed Monday as the mechanic is back from vacation and he will be able to pick it up and work on it in the morning.  I for one can not wait as I am getting so tired of having to pour in  50/50 anti-freeze before I go anywhere.  It is -3 at the moment and it couldn't be a worse time for my water pump to go out.  My Dad and even my Brother-in-law as well as my youngest Nephew and oldest Nephew have all offered to fix it for me, but with the weather the way it is I just could not in all good consciousness let anyone of them work on my car.  At least the mechanic will be in a heated facility when he works on it. :O)
     Ok guys, that's enough gab from me for one day.  I hope you all have a nice warm day and I will talk at you all later.
Hugs Lisa G

Madison had a wonderful time holding Devan.  She is a natural with babies. 

Mitchell holding a newborn for the very fist time.  He wasn't too sure he wanted to, but once
he sat down with Devan he just kept holding him. I loved watching my 16 year old looking
at all his fingers and toes.  At one point Mitchell asked if he was ok as he was making little
cooing noises and Mitchell just didn't know what to think of it.  He was worried he was hurting the baby.  


Sammy said...

Oh what an adorable young man. And a red-head is the best thing to be! (ok, so I may be a little biased, lol)
Hope you get your card fixed soon! x

Sammy said...

card? I have cards on the brain, lol. I meant car!!

Amanda R said...

Guess I should have read further down, I thought you got a new kitty! He is adorable, love Madisons hair btw!

Amy said...

Awww... what a sweet little guy and the world needs more gingers if you ask me. :)

Tell Madison that I recently got my hair cut very similar to hers... kinda asymmetrical and edgy, I love it!